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Devious Maids - From Here to Eternity - Advance Preview: "Beginning of the End for Valentina?"

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Directed by David Warren
Written by Curtis Kheel
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

Beware: Some spoilers ahead (but nothing major)!


Episode two basically starts where the premiere left off, and Evelyn was found by the gardner and given mouth-to-mouth (which we don't get to see but that would have been hilarious by the sounds of it). Evelyn finds out pretty quicky about Adrian's visit to the Velvet Whip and she has quite a funny reaction to it, but at the same time is intrigued by it. As you can see in the picture to the left, Adrian takes her to the place and things don't really go according to plan. Evelyn and Adrian always get the funniest scenes together. Marisol and Carmen are now living together and it's pretty easy-sailing so far. Marisol decides to begin a Maid Placement Agency business, where she can find jobs for maids. Carmen desperately needs money and asks Marisol to help her find a job, but Marisol knows how much of a bad maid she is and hilarity ensues when Carmen realises Marisol isn't doing her best to place her and so tests her. There's a 'twist' in that storyline at the end though and it's quite hilarious to think about moving forward.

I can't really say much about Zoila's and Valentina's storylines without ruining too much for you guys. Zoila manages to keep the con running about the baby and manages to tell Valentina that she's pregnant. Valentine doesn't react too well to it and she has a very good and sweet reason for it. Remi and Valentina are in a better place moving on from their storyline in the premiere and Remi has some big news for Valentina that could move both of them away. Since it has been announced that Edy Ganem is leaving the show, it seems like they've set the wheels in motion with this episode. In regards to both Valentina and Zoila, they both get new challenges presented to them that they have to overcome and while they fall out, all hope is not lost. Unfortunately, the wonderful Susan Lucci does not appear in this episode though you hear her voice on the phone.

The main mystery moves along slowly without being explained head on. As seen in the sneak peek, Taylor told Blanca that a burglar had broke in and Taylor stabbed him before he could get away. Obviously this didn't happen as there was so much blood that Blanca could not have believed, though she did. I think Blanca is just a trusting person so whatever story Taylor told her, Blanca would leave it at that. But Blanca does start to see the holes in Taylor's story, especially when she tries to avoid topics about her husband, leading to Blanca siezing the opportunity to get something out of Taylor. I never expected Blanca to do what she does to Taylor in quite a straight-forward, manipulative way. It seemed so easy for Blanca to do that she succeeds in doing it.

Rosie's storyline hasn't been very... lively lately. She still spends the episode in the hospital and isn't seen that much to be honest. Spence actually has more screentime than her as she asks him to do something, but he lies to her about doing it. Rosie does get out of the hospital by episode's end so hopefully things improve for her. The cliffhanger isn't very exciting, at least not in the scope of episode one's cliffhanger. It's unrelated to the main mystery plot, but it does promise a bit more life in Rosie's pretty comatose storyline. If you've seen the coming up promo that I've also attached below for what's coming up this season, it's revealed - and spoiler ahead if you have not seen - that Rosie's ex-husband (or is he her ex?) is on his way to see her.


Not a bad follow-up episode and it relied heavily on comedy more than substance of storyline. I am enjoying the new direction for Marisol and I like the idea of her living with Carmen as the two of them make a pretty good pair on screen. Rosie wasn't used to her full potential here but I expect things to get better for her judging by the end of this episode. Zoila and Valentina are going to be an interesting pair to watch moving forward as we speed towards Edy's departure which will happen in the next couple of episodes I'd imagine. The main mystery didn't get a whole lot of attention in this episode but seeing how Blanca and Taylor deal with this growing problem is going to be great fun to watch, and Evelyn and Adrian are, again, simply wonderful that the more scenes they share together, the better.

Now enjoy some dialogue teasers:

- "Don't tell anyone what happened here. You know how people gossip."
- "I'm glad you guys moved back, it's like nothing's changed."
- "Well I will have to remember to clarify that in our holiday newsletter."
- "I was just thinking about all the men I could have married."
- "Define obscenely large."
- "You do not have my blessing and you never will."
- "He's dead, isn't he?" ... "Yes."
- "I don't want to be involved in any of this."
- "This poor sweet man has been through enough, the least we can do is lend a hand."
- "Who cares about being a good maid?"
- "What are you doing in that house?"
- "Sometimes a problem is just an opportunity in disguise."

Got any questions about 3.02 of Devious Maids? What are you looking forward to most? Let me know in the comments and be sure to watch the episode when it airs on June 8th on Lifetime!

Episode 3.02 Promo

Devious Maids Coming Up Trailer

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