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Wayward Pines - 1.05 - 1.10 - Synopsis

Episode 1.05
Ethan makes a shocking discovery and uncovers some truths about Wayward

Episode 1.06
Ethan learns the rest of the truth about Wayward Pines. Meanwhile, Theresa does some investigating of her own.

Episode 1.07
A group of insurgents are a threat to the town’s survival.

Episode 1.08
Ethan investigates the insurgent group after they create chaos in town.

Episode 1.09
Ethan’s reactions to the insurgent incident result in a polarizing response in town. Pilcher takes matters into his own hands, endangering the town and everyone in it.

Episode 1.10 (Finale)
Megan has a change of heart and helps Ethan lead the townspeople to safety and the truth.