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Agents of SHIELD - Season 3 - Brett Dalton on Grant Ward

Now that you are calling Ward the Big Bad, is there any end for his story other than death? Is that too morbid?
[ Laughs] It's not too morbid. It's something that's certainly the fear of any actor. I've had that fear since I started "SHIELD"; it's a Joss Whedon [show], and I know not all his characters survive. That's just the reality. I would much rather have him come to end in an interesting way rather than have him just be a fixture on the show that is just kind of there. If it serves the story and it makes the most interesting story, then maybe that's it. But they've been teasing the whole idea of if he's a good guy or if he's a bad guy for so long. He is, I guess, officially a total bad guy now, and the head of the bad guys, but I think there's always that chance. I think what keeps you tuning in every week is there's still that chance that he might still be a good guy underneath all of that.

What do you hope for Grant Ward in Season 3?
I feel what we have now is someone who really has crossed the line, who has nothing to do anymore. That's a really fascinating place to be. One of the things that the director was talking about was [Ward's] so far gone that his pulse doesn't even change. ... He has a plan, he knows how to execute it, and there's a kind of coldness in there that is scary that I'd like to really explore in Season 3; somebody who doesn't have those questions, who isn't in a relationship with someone else, who is just a man with vengeance on his mind. I think that's fascinating to play, and that's where I think Season 3 will hit the ground running. This is just the beginning of a whole other chapter, and that's what I think is so exciting. When you do have a character that is this far gone, to see a glimmer of maybe he is still a good guy, that would be fun too just to remind people -- or just to confuse them even more.


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