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The Flash - Fast Enough - Review

Wow...please tell me I wasn't the only one left breathless by this episode? You really have to praise a show that keeps upping its game week in - week out and in my opinion, this week The Flash went above and BEYOND anything else this season. Playing to the casts strengths, we had an emotionally packed season final that played up and echoed many of the relationships established throughout this season. So much happened in this episode that I know I'm going to miss something, but I'll try and touch on as much as I can!

Lets start with one of the most fascinating characters introduced in the 2014-2015 season, Harrison Wells. Or as we now know him as, Eobard Thawne. His relationship with Barry and Cisco was played up to the extreme this week and despite being this seasons villain, I could almost feel bad for him. Every interaction pulled at a heart string as our speedy manipulator pulled the strings once again, this time from his cell in S.T.A.R. Labs.

Barry has already run into issues with trusting people he shouldn't and this time he thought on the matter. This opened a whole new can of worms as Barry questioned if he should erase his current life and lose all the relationships he treasures so much. Compared to many other shows on television in recent years, I found that the conundrum raised this week really pushed the bar to new heights. Many shows have villains that try to take over the world or do harm for one reason or another, but to really push the relationships and the human aspect really makes one think on the situation.

In fact, I'm sure many of us have pondered Barry's situation at some point in life. "If I could change just one thing, would it be worth the risk?". It's this humanising aspect that really pulls us into Barry's situation. We've all been there, we've all at some point been Barry. So watching him go through the motions is fascinating to see.

But enough about Barry, every actor pushed far beyond what they've previously shown in this episode. Every single actor put their heart and soul into this. Carlos Valdes in particular had many strong moments as he dealt with the continued trauma of his death along with the revelations that he too was affected by the particle accelerator.

Rick Cosnett was a bundle of surprise this week. Eddie has always been a bit of a sour note, just being there waiting for a bigger purpose. That has been completed and utterly changed these past few episodes and it took me by surprise. With Eobard manipulating Eddie and bringing him down he was on the cusp of spiraling into a darkness that would have truly left him as a nobody. However with the aid of Martin Stein he chose to step up and truly be the hero, someone that will be remembered.

Eddie was truly the one that could choose his future, make his own story. Despite beginning to carve his own path with Iris, he made a gamechanging move. He defied the future to save those he cares for most. Potentially an amazing and powerful exit for the character, but as always with time travel and the multiverse...anything is possible.
On the other end of the spectrum I was somewhat disappointed at how Caitlin was used this episode. While she had some nice moments and the actress put her all into it, nothing really stood out like everyone else (except of course Killer Frost). The wedding also seemed a bit out of nowhere like the writers wanted her to get some focus but couldn't decide how.

On the topic of Killer Frost though, WOW did my comic book reading heart stop at multiple points during this episode.

Jay Garrick's Helmet - Check
Killer Frost - Check
Cisco's first hints at Vibe - Check
Hawkgirl in human form - Check
And so much fact did the singularity seem a bit...Cobalt colored anyone? Perhaps a little...Cobalt Blue? Could Eddie...nah it couldn't be.

But out of everything what really tore my heart open was Barry witnessing his mothers murder. No one should have to go through that and every cry of agony, every teardrop was chilling to the bone. Barry stopping himself from acting was a powerful moment which led to his talk with Nora. It was understated and unexpected, and capitalized on a recurring important theme during this episode. Relationships. Whether its a parent-child dynamic or a friendship dynamic, it was all pulled together into one heart pounding moment after another.

In the end though, this was a father episode focused on Barry. We had Barry's 3 father figures each giving him advice in very powerful scenes that put everything into question. Leading to Barry's ultimate decision. I just hope that decision pays off next season. When toying with time travel, the potential for plot holes is very high. Surprise me Flash writers, make it all work!

Overall Thoughts:
I don't even know where to begin...but WOW. Everyone brought their A game, we had multiple heart wrenching moments and a dilemma for Barry to face that we've all at some point pondered about in our time. If only we all had such a power to make that change (although considering how the season ended, perhaps that's a good thing!). A potentially powerful exit for Eddie along the doors to the multiverse blown wide open.

Oh and...I'm not the only one who misses Eddie already am I?

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