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Chicago PD - Season 2 Finale - THR Post Mortem

Erin has been struggling with Nadia’s death for several episodes. Why do you think she went so far as to quit?

Sometimes it's the strongest people who fall the hardest. They're the people who you don't expect to be knocked off their game. This kind of a thing, what it brings up for Erin is where she comes from. The way that she grew up told her who she was going to be, what she was going to be able to do and then by luck, hard work and the grace of being arrested by the right detective, she made it out. It was against all the odds and she's been a tough woman who's been able to push forward no matter what. Erin's motto is always a forward march and she always gets the job done. This just ruptured her. It sliced the parachute and then she's just falling and she doesn't know how to get out of it and how to get away from it. This notion, for her, is that maybe she's not as strong as Hank. Maybe she wasn't able to save someone the way he saved her. Maybe she should have never tried. If she hadn’t fought so hard for this girl, maybe this girl would still be alive. The notion that you caused a death or put someone in the line of fire is so brutal. That all really informed just how much this would make Erin lose her mind.

We've seen her quit P.D. before just earlier this season when she took another job. She ended up coming back pretty quickly. How will this be different from that?

The initial storyline for Erin going to the task force was supposed to last for eight episodes. The way it changed the chemistry of the show – everyone hated it. They pulled the plug on it really quickly, but there's something about this that's different. … This left her, emotionally, in a way that I think will not be so easy to have a quick turnaround from. Leaving the task force is simply about, "I don’t like the politics. I don’t like being surrounded by a bunch of misogynistic assholes." This is getting to the very core of who she is as a person and it slays her vulnerability open in a way that I don’t think she knows how to cope with. I'm hoping at least that that's not something that when we come back in season three, everything's OK. I think she's going to have a lot to deal with when the next season of the show picks up and we'll have to figure out how to tap back into her strengths.

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