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Gavin’s 2014-15 Season Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Empire, Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, Outlander, Revenge & So Much More

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From June 2014 - May 2015
Total Shows: 67 Complete + 14 to Catch-Up
Written by Gavin Hetherington

I don't know about other people, but I consider a television season (as I watch so many summer shows) to span from June to May. So any show that premiered in June 2014 (or sometimes late April/May if there will be more episodes airing after June) will be a part of my complete 2014-15 review. That means quite a few shows that ended before December 2014 that were included in my 2014-15 mid-season review will reappear here, but to avoid repetition I've included new thoughts and feelings, and the shows that were still in the middle of airing now have a complete season that I can properly review. I will keep reviews shortish too as I watch a bazillion shows (overstatement).
But to also differentiate from the mid-season review, I have sorted the shows out so they will be in sections of my absolute favourite shows of the season, to the middle and finally the ones that I perhaps didn't enjoy so much. I don't watch shows to hate on them and I do love a lot of the shows here, but I know even my favourite shows have some rough patches and a couple of shows found that rough patch here. I also found it hard to sort comedies into these sections so they get their own section.

Remember these are all just my opinions. I love differing opinions so let me know your thoughts in the comments, whether you agree, disagree, or have your own thoughts - I'd love to hear them! My mini-reviews are only there to spark discussion, so no doubt I'll have a lot more to say in the comments.

The orgasm-inducing shows of the 2014-15 season.
(In alphabetical order, not preference order)


Hakeeeem! I wasn't going to watch this show at first. I already had so much to watch and I wasn't sure I would like it as it didn't initially appeal to me, but when I would check out the Nielsen ratings every week, I would always be so impressed. The rise of Empire fascinated me so when about 3 or 4 episodes aired, I took the plunge. Do. Not. Regret. Once I got started, I got so addicted that I had to tell all my friends to watch so I could talk about it. I love a good drama and the representation of family and the struggles of acceptance resonated nicely with me. Cookie has to be the best new character of 2015 with some of the best lines - "if you want Cookie's nookie, ditch the bitch." I also felt really connected to Jamal too and his story, and I loved his coming out moment. The songs were pretty great, some of my favourites being You're So Beautiful and Conquerer among others, and I hope season two will have more catchy up-beat songs. Also, really loved Raven-Symone's appearances too. The actors did a fantastic job in this by creating three-dimensional characters in a pretty crazy world. All-time favourite moment? Cookie's and Anika's fight - "Tell me why I shouldn't throw this drink in your bitch-ass face." "'Cause you'd never get up off the floor, bitch."


There are so many words to describe The Flash's premiere season that I just don't think I could fit them all in this mini-review. First of all, there was quite a fast-paced momentum building which, as I write this, I realise suits the very theme of speed from within the show, but still, first seasons can be so hit-and-miss. The Flash mainly hit though, and only had the odd one or two sore episodes. The storylines reached, for me, a satisfying climax, though the death of Eddie Thawne was very sad. Heroic and sad. I also loved the crossover episodes to begin with but felt they became unnecessary by the end of the season (though Oliver's appearance in the penultimate episode was awesome). Grodd was so well done too, and I felt the show handled its heavier storylines very well. I liked that every buggar basically knows about Barry being the Flash, whereas Arrow took 3 seasons for everyone to find out and Smallville took a lot longer. All in all, a very stellar first season, one that excited me from the very beginning and kept it up until the end.

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Maybe season five hasn't been the absolute best of the show, but I'm still loving it. I usually can't keep my eyes off the screen and I'm still enthralled by all the conflicting storylines going on. Characters just get more and more interesting and I can never predict what they're really thinking or going to do next (I haven't read the books yet). I loved season four so I went into season five with high hopes. So far it hasn't really blown me away but the show continues to deliver despite being at a slower pace. Everything is so interesting - Arya's independence has been awesome, Sansa's storyline has been painful yet enchanting and I really want her to break free and Tyrion's has become pretty orgasm-inducing since appearing before Dany. There are many other storylines obviously but not enough to cover right now. And, after five years, I'm still finding it hard to remember some characters' names. I'm just really bad with names.


Season one of How to Get Away With Murder was a never-ending escalation of insane goodness. I thought once the mid-season finale aired, it would just be downhill from there as the mystery of Who Killed Lila was pretty much solved as we knew Sam did it. Then the show started playing with our minds, making us think Rebecca could have had something to do with it until, shock horror, Frank did it under Sam's orders. It was a really neat wrap-up of Who Killed Lila and I wonder if Annalise is ever going to find that out - and her reaction when she does will be priceless. Was a shame Rebecca died, but I am so intrigued by who and how it happened! So many questions and I hope season two can continue that. The lawyer-procedural aspect of the show is so very enjoyable too as I love to see the team crack the case, and the Keating 5 - Wes, Connor, Michaela, Laurel and Asher - have great chemistry. They're all fantastic to watch and I like seeing how they handle cases. But out of all new shows that were renewed this season, I worry more for HTGAWM for season 2. I worry that they set the bar high in season one, one that won't be reached in its 2nd season because the main mystery was basically wrapped up. It will take a lot for the show to keep up the momentum but I'm hoping it will.


The biggest surprise for me this season was how much I ended up loving Outlander. Really wasn't sure about this one but it intrigued me, especially due to how popular the show is on this site. Decided to check it out in January and caught up with the first half of the season and oh my, I felt like I'd been pounded multiple times. This show plays on my emotions so much because I absolutely adore Claire and Jamie. They are amazing. The writing of this show is stellar and the acting is, well, there are no words at how amazingly portrayed these characters are. Even at its most shocking, such as the events inside Wentworth Prison, the show manages to handle it all beautifully. I loved the witch accusation storyline and Claire being imprisoned with Geillis was so exciting. There is so much I want to say about Outlander that I simply cannot here but this really is one of the best shows I've watched in such a long time, especially in terms of quality. And I cannot end this without saying I have a deep love for Jamie. That is all.


I might get some grief for putting Revenge in my elite section of the 2014-15 review. I do apologise to those who were let down by Revenge in its final year, but to me, I never stopped loving the show. Season four gave me basically everything I could want from the show before it ended, including a happy ending for Emily/Amanda and even Nolan, continuing the cycle of revenge that gives this show a unique infinity-times-infinity quality by series end. Sure, if you compare season four with season one, there's a discrepency in quality. But I got to see Amanda reunite with her father and even come out to the world that Emily Thorne is actually Amanda Clarke. Moments I had been waiting for years to see happened. I was shocked to my core when Victoria blew the manor up with her inside, until it turned out that was just a trick. Even then, I was still reeling from being deceived in such a huge manner and I loved it. It was so over-the-top and made Revenge a pretty much kitchen-sink drama. I was never bored with season four at least and I don't think they could have handled the season any better. I am so going to miss this show now. I was hoping for a short 5th season but the way season four went down, I'm glad this was the last season. No need to drag it out any longer, Revenge can now rest in peace.

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Hands down my absolute favourite show of this season. I am currently reviewing the second season for SpoilerTV and I am having so much fun doing so. Somehow, the bar rises every single episode and there is never a dull moment in Salem. I don't know how the writers do it but they make me froth at the mouth at the end of every single episode. The way it is portrayed on screen too by the actors and the settings are incredible and they make me believe I'm seeing Salem in the 17th century. I love Mary, she is my favourite character, and to see her struggles as she tries to keep everything in control is a delight. The introduction of Lucy Lawless as the Countess truly elevates season two over season one as she is a foe just as fantastic as Stephen Lang was as Increase (and his 2-episode appearance in this season was brilliant too). The sense of betrayal behind every corner, danger threatening every single character makes this season so edge-of-your-seat that I just cannot anticipate what is to come next. I love the prospect of the witches opening the gates to Hell and allowing the Dark Lord to emerge and with 7 episodes down so far, I just know the last 5 are going to solidify Salem as my favourite show of 2014-15.

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I can't tell everyone how perfect I thought Witches of East End was. Season two of Witches built on the great first season the show had and went so much further. I loved that more mythology was being implemented as well as deeper characterisation of the characters and a stronger sense of family. Not only was this just a fantastic season all round, but there were also some really amazing standout episodes too, such as The Brothers Grimoire, When a Man Loves a Mandragora, For Whom the Spell Tolls, and my favourite - Smells Like King Spirit. This show managed to be so deliciously good throughout and I just wanted way, way more episodes. Like 100 more, at least. I sound like a broken record but I still hate, hate, hate, hate, hate that this show is cancelled. Just no Lifetime! No! We are never ever getting back together Lifetime, I'll continue watching Devious Maids but me and you are over. Anyway, without the black spot of the cancellation ruining things, this was a great sophomore season that promised so many brighter things for the future. I love you Witches of East End.

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The still-entertaining shows of the 2014-15 season.
(In alphabetical order, not preference order)


I really preferred Agent Carter over Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. at the time this aired, mainly because I was starting to get bored of S.H.I.E.L.D. at that moment. I loved that this was a show with a small episode count as it felt like more action was condensed and the story was told better in 8 episodes than it would have been with S.H.I.E.L.D.'s 22. Hayley Atwell as Agent Carter was perfection. I loved her in the Captain America: The First Avenger movie so when this show was announced I was thrilled. I'm glad she got more development and her character really elevated with her own show. She could hold this show on her shoulders and I am very happy we are getting a second season (10 episodes too so not too long and not too short).

EPISODE SPOTLIGHT: "S.O.S. Parts 1 and 2"

I really was starting to become quite bored with this show around the middle. Well, I enjoyed the first several episodes, then I fell out of it a bit, then I loved the mid-season finale, started to become bored again, but then the show came back in its last string of episodes which also elevated this show to the Delightful Division rather than the Tasteless Treaty. I fell behind on the last 5 episodes too so being able to watch them back-to-back was quite a delight and I felt I enjoyed it more as a binge show rather than a wait-one-to-twelve-weeks-for-new-episodes kind of show. I do love the characters - though I really missed that sense of unity this season. Of course that can't be helped as Ward betrayed them and it scarred them all, but still I missed the fun chemistry that Leo and Jemma had in season one and I hope they can return to that (though the cliffhanger of season 2 was quite shocking - if someone wants to explain what the hell happened, please do). As much as I do have reservations, I do really like this show and things did pick up by the end of the season.


Had this been the mid-season review and I had these little categories, this show would have made the Elite Expeditioners. Unfortunately, the second half of the season kind of let me down. I loved the first half, though it was a little disproportional. The second half came back pretty strong but there was a string of episodes in the middle to end that were a bit rocky, then I started to enjoy it again, then the finale kind of let me down again. I think episode 22 would have been the better finale as I wasn't a big fan of ending the season with Oliver and Felicity driving off together. I have nothing against the couple, I do kind of ship them, but it's not how I wanted to end the season. I don't focus on romantic relationships in this show and I like it better when this show focuses more on story and action, so to end the season this way was a little disappointing. I was sad when Sara died, but was shocked when it turned out to be Thea (though she was under Malcolm's control) and I loved that Laurel took her place to become the Black Canary to honour her. I love seeing her early struggles as she gets to grips with her new role so I'm looking forward to seeing her develop. I hope they develop Felicity more too. They started to at the start of the season - such as when she sort of saved herself when she and her mum were kidnapped - but she fell back to being a little whiny. I understand why though as the situations were presented to her, but I hope moving forward she will break out a bit more. As a side note, I kind of love her friendship with Laurel - I need more of that please!


Until the last half of the season, I was seriously considering putting this in one of the lower ranks, but boy did this season turn itself around. I wasn't the biggest fan of season two as a whole, and even the start of season three didn't interest me too much. But, having said that, I was totally hooked by the time the characters got some hugely-driven development. When Norma snapped and left her family, I think that was a huge turning point and something the show needed. It meant that Norman became a little more psycho, and when he dressed as his mother and started making breakfast for Dylan, I really got chills. Season two stalled, I thought, but season three revved things back up to what made season one so great. I couldn't have really cared too much about the flash drive storyline but as a B-side, it was decent enough. I just loved the focus on our main characters and how much they've developed since season one. I was glad to see Bradley back too, though I am so sad Norman killed her - the only person she had left in the world. So tragic, but what a great moment too. I am hoping this show is renewed soon so I can look forward to a fourth season.


Chasing Life is the best show on ABC Family, for me at least. I caught up on the first half before the second half aired (and the Christmas episode) and I literally sat there for 10 hours watching non-stop. This isn't an adrenaline-pumping show by any means, but what this show does best is the drama and how the characters deal with the drama. April Carver is a brilliant main character and, after that fantastic season one finale, shows just how powerful and strong females can be, especially in dire circumstances. I honestly can't get that scene out of my head when she has the sledgehammer and she just lets it out. Perfection. The cast do a wonderful job here and I am anticipating the second season so much. So many storylines moving forward that are going to be interesting to watch, such as April's and Leo's engagment and how they both deal with that.


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the third and final season of Dallas:

Another show where I am totally furious it's been cancelled. I thought Season 3A was pretty boring, but 3B aired during the summer and really picked up the pace. It involved the drug cartel and I think some people criticised it but I enjoyed it. After the cliffhanger of 3A with the burning of Southfork Ranch and Rebecca catching John Ross and Emma having sex, only to say "May I join you?" then be revealed to have overdosed on drugs and began a reaction while in the middle of some sexy stuff with her husband and his mistress. Juicy! There hadn't been anything so juicy since early Desperate Housewives. Season 3B really got going when Ann and Emma got kidnapped and John Ross ended up saving them. There is so much I want to talk about this show but can't. Maybe a full series review is in order. But that ending. That god-damn cliffhanger where Christopher got killed in a car explosion, now we will never ever ever ever see the reactions of his family. I wanted to see reactions. Come on, do you know how great Season 4 could have been. TNT, why?!


I missed this show out in my mid-season review for some reason, and I have included it here because it aired half the season in what I consider my 2014-15 season. Devious Maids is my guilty pleasure and I have a deep love for Marc Cherry's work, especially since I always gush about Desperate Housewives at every given opportunity. I found that the mystery of season two was weaker than season one's, but I felt like season two had more direction and the writing became tighter this time around. I preferred some things over the first season, and vice versa. I wasn't sure what they wanted to do with Marisol and at first, I thought her storyline was a little forced. But she also found her footing by the end of the season. The show continued to be funny and Evelyn was, of course, on point throughout. The finale was quite the episode too and the cliffhanger was huge. I was fortunate enough to see the season three premiere before airdate and knowing what happens next makes me so excited for season three which could potentially become the best season yet. Season two still stumbled a little but I believe Devious Maids may have found its voice.

See also: I had the chance to preview the season three premiere before its original airing, be sure to check it out.


Way back to the month of Jan, I had a crazy plan, to watch a funny show called Gaaaalaavant. If I was that creative, I would write this whole paragraph to the theme of Galavant, a song that I really do love, but unfortunately I am not creative enough. This show gets major brownie points for being one of the most entertaining shows of this season and I really wasn't sure what to expect from this when I saw this advertised. I managed to see the first six episodes through screeners and watching them back-to-back gave me so much joy. I always feel happy watching this show, and the characters truly make it one of the funniest shows of the season. King Richard was just magnificent and Madalena was wickedly delicious. The main trio - Galavant, Sid, and Princess Isabella Maria Lucia Elizabetta of Valencia - had electric chemistry and their songs together, such as "A Hero's Journey" and "Togetherness" were both funny and catchy. And I can't leave Gareth out either who surprised me at every turn - "EVERYBODY SING!" Also his knock-knock joke was hilarious and we don't even get to hear it all. Mixed with bizarre humour in a crazy medieval world, I would truly recommend Galavant to anybody in need of some happiness in their life.


Hands up if you watched Good Witch? Those who didn't raise their hands, I would definitely recommend this show if you fancy something very feel-good and enjoyable. This isn't a show where there are evil witches and demons and situations where you need a spell to get out of it - rather this about a mother, who happens to be a witch, living in a small town and applying small touches of magic to the people in her life. Cassie Nightingale has to be the wisest character I've ever known on television, and I love her relationship with her daughter, Grace. The family and friendship aspects of this show make this a pretty unique experience. They are indeed witches but that's not all they are and the show is about more than that. I never watched the Hallmark Channel movies of the show (and it's not through lack of trying, it's hard to find them when you live in the UK) but I really hope I can, though I managed to jump right into this show without ever having seen them and still enjoy it. I think you can count this as a sort of seperate entity without the need to see the movies. If you have seen the movies, let me know in the comments about what you thought of them!


I am so useless, I haven't seen the last 4 episodes of the season. Come on Gavin, get your head in the game! But I have enjoyed Gotham this season and thought it was an awesome first season of a show. A bit patchy here and there but so captivating at the same time, so interesting. I really enjoy the portrayals of Penguin and Fish, I think they're both just amazing. Not sure I want to watch season two to be honest, I mean as much as I liked the first season of this show, not sure I want to commit to another season. Not just because Fish isn't going to be in it anymore but I feel like in the middle I was starting to lose a little interest. Not sure if it turns it around at the end but it was getting so good when I stopped watching for time issues.


I really enjoyed this season of Grey's Anatomy. I don't think I've liked a season overall as much since the first 6 seasons as I found season 7 quite boring, season 8 to be inconsistently good and not-so-good, season 9-10 decent enough, but season 11 I thought was a great season. I loved the Dr. Harmon storyline with Geena Davis who is incredible, and the resolution of her storyline was pretty awesome - both happy and sad. I want to see her again, see how she's coping with her blindness. The biggest thing to happen though was the death of Derek Shepherd. Must admit, wasn't a big fan of the way he went out and the doctors in that other hospital were stressing me out. While I didn't really like how he died, I did love that Ellen Pompeo had some great, raw material to work with. She gave Meredith a whole new depth - a feat I thought was impossible after 11 years playing the same character. Loved how Amelia handled it too and the resentment she showed Meredith. I liked the finale and that they made up. I thought this was going to be a bad season with the absence of Cristina but it was the complete opposite.

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I knew as soon as I finished watching the screener for the first two episodes I was going to love this show. And I really do. Unfortunately I'm a little behind on this show but I've seen most of them, just need to catch up on the last few, but I do really love what I've seen so far. I love the whole zombie situation and how normal it can be, and I sometimes get lulled into that false security until the show reminds us that these zombies can be dangerous. I feel like we're building to something big and important though so I look forward to seeing what comes next. I was worried the show wouldn't be renewed after the CW hastily renewed most of their shows at the beginning of the year but they saw sense here. Not only is this show respectably stable in ratings with or without The Flash, the show is just so enjoyable.


This show is just crazy good fun. I find myself enthralled with the mythology introduced in each episode and their own modern take on it. The cast of characters are fantastic and I really do like each and every one, though I have a soft spot for my Rebecca Romijn (Eve). I enjoyed the finale quite a lot and found it very exciting with the alternate realities and seeing these characters in different environments and ways. Cassandra's alternate reality was bewitching and Ezekiel's was terrifying! I hope in season two they develop Jake a little more - though with each of the librarians doing their own thing, I wonder how season two will work. It was a perfect finale that could have been a perfect series finale too but I'm glad TNT renewed this show to sort of make up for cancelling Dallas though they haven't been fully forgiving.


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the second season of Mistresses:

The second season of Mistresses aired this summer and I began reviewing the show from episode nine for SpoilerTV when I joined the site in August (be sure to check them out if you haven't already). Mistresses is the perfect little summer show and the second season continued that. It's nowhere near the sheer perfection of one of my all-time favourite dramedies, Desperate Housewives, but I do like a lot of the storylines and developments that happen on the show. The characters can be enjoyable though in this season, Savi was on the backburner due to her pregnancy. It makes it all the more devastating that she will not be returning for the third season where she could have had a bigger presence and returned back to top form. Dammit! I was so hoping for a Season 3 and when I got it, I was overjoyed. Now? Not so much. I do want to see what happens next with Joss and Harry as I have conflicting emotions about that couple even though they can be so cute together and find they have great chemistry, I just wanted to see Savi's reaction to it. Karen had more of a juicy storyline this season while April had a half-decent one, but her situation definitely heated up by the end when her daughter found out her father was really alive all this time - a secret April had been keeping. Season 2 has set some big things in motion for Season 3 so I hope, even with Savi's absence, the show will keep up the momentum.

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I surprised myself when I didn't put this show in the Elite Expeditioners category, especially with how crazily in love I am with Once Upon a Time. I was starting to like the split-season-arcs until this season showed just how inconsistent it can make the structure of the season as a whole. I loved the Frozen-arc and I loved the Queens of Darkness-arc but they kind of both didn't live up to their full potentials. I feel like both could have done so much more with the material they had. But I still did love each arc, so this show just confuses me because I don't know how I'm supposed to feel sometimes. Now I wrote in my mid-season review that I thought the Frozen arc didn't disappoint and I don't feel disappointed but reflecting on the season made me realise it wasn't perfect. The Queens of Darkness arc, including the story of the Author, is similar where I enjoy it at the time but looking back I think so much more could have been done. I loved that the villains were given such big stories and I cannot stress how perfect Victoria Smurfit was as Cruella de Vil. I also really enjoyed Merrin Dungey as Ursula and it was great to have Kristin Bauer back for a visually-improved Maleficent. All in all it was a great season with so much going on and I liked a lot of it, but it still leaves me with a not-perfect-enough taste in my mouth. Great finale though and I look forward to seeing what happens next in season five.


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the second season of Orange Is the New Black:

Totally excited for this to return, especially after the great second season. And what a great second season it was. I thorougly enjoy this show so much. The characters are totally insane but in a way that's watchable and makes this show a truly unique experience. The last prison show I watched was Bad Girls so I like how different this show is compared to other shows right now. Season two was great with the introduction of Vee. She was evil!! Was glad she got her commupence. I really missed Alex Vause in season two though, I was totally shocked she got out in the premiere and Piper was left inside jail. Totally unexpected. I loved the conflicts and occassional teams this season. I was actually scared for the safety of some of them, so I hope season three can remain funny but dramatic.


I haven't watched any of season two yet so this is a mini-review of the first season that ran from May to June last year, so I'm taking you all back a bit here. I'm still not entirely sure what to make of Penny Dreadful as it's so crazy and weird but I loved watching it earlier this year as a binge. I'm a huge fan of Eva Green and I think she is perfect in the role of Vanessa. I really like Reeve Carney's portrayal of Dorian Gray as well and I think the cast does a wonderful job. I really don't have a lot to say about Penny Dreadful other than it was a good first season that drew me in and I'm glad I don't have just one episode to watch next.


I still love Pretty Little Liars. Yes, it gets a little weird and yes, it's going around in circles but I am still always wanting to tune in. I feel better knowing there's an end in sight too with season seven being confirmed as the final season, so it's nice to know we have answers coming. Season five was pretty mixed. I felt it had an alright start, got a little boring, then got really exciting in the mid-season finale, trailed off a little then slowly returned to being really good by the finale. The finale was awesome too, I loved the whole dollhouse aspect and that it's going to continue into season six. It was definitely one of PLL's best cliffhangers. Once Hanna got arrested, the show got more interesting and I was so glad to see Mona was still alive! I was a bit disappointed when the Big A Reveal was that Charles is A when we don't even know who Charles is. Love the theories though and if you have any, let me know. I am looking forward to season six.

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There were a lot of problems with the second season of Reign though I don't believe the criticism this show has had has been entirely fair. I much preferred season one, but even so I still looked forward to seeing the next new episode. The show went a little weird with the Catherine seeing the ghosts of her children and Henry, even if it did serve a purpose it was still a little bizarre, and I wasn't a fan of the love triangle with Conde as I felt it was dragged out far too long. Mary's rape was so well done though, I thought, and her pain and suffering afterwards felt very realistic to Mary's character. I really enjoyed the last several episodes and the strained relationship between Mary and Francis but they both overcame it to come out a little wiser. It's going to be so good to see Catherine working with Elizabeth to take down Mary - Mary better watch her back!


I'm disappointed that I physically couldn't put Scandal into my Elite group. I debated it but I knew in my heart that it didn't belong up there, to me. There was a point in this season when it could have but I felt the show seriously derailed a little after the Lawn Chair episode. Who really cares for B613 at this point anymore? I felt they put too much emphasis on it in the second half of the season that I got a little bored. They brought it back round for the final few episodes and made it pretty good to watch, but it was a storyline that needs to buried. I liked that Olivia finally won over her father though. I did enjoy Olivia's kidnapping even if it was so melodramatic but it was written beautifully and I have no complaints there. Just a shame Scandal seems to have peaked, but I hope season five proves me wrong.


I'm quite taken back how much I enjoyed Scorpion. I thought I would like it, that's why I started watching it in the first place, but I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I loved Katherine McPhee from Smash so I kind of started watching for her but I stayed for all the characters. I love their brilliant little team and even though it follows the same kind of CBS procedural, it feels so different at the same time. The characters bring something different to the table and when they come together, magic really does happen. The situations they get put in can be a little too much melodrama (Walter's cliffside crash for instance) but it keeps the show exciting so I hope that does continue into season two. Also, I love Happy, I find her hilarious.


Oh Sleepy Hollow. How did you deteriorate so quickly? Why are you still in my Delightful Division then? Well, I still enjoyed watching this season and I always enjoy watching the amazing due of Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills. Their relationship did lose a bit focus this season which was a shame but they brought it all back by the end. Some really standout episodes within this season, some great gems, but amongst them are episodes that really drag the season down. I was beginning to like the Dark Katrina storyline until its resolution which left a sour taste in my mouth, and I feel weird knowing that Orlando Jones isn't going to be in it anymore. I'm seriously wondering how this show is going to save itself because it's in desperate need of fixing right now. A lot was wrong with this season but it still remained interesting and entertaining, just sometimes not the right kind of entertaining.

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Why was this show cancelled (besides rubbish ratings)?! I really liked watching Stalker, not just for the case-of-the-week but for the main storyline with Beth, Perry and Ray. I was surprised they resolved that a few episodes before the finale which was all kinds of crazy good in the woods, but then the show decided to end on an unresolved cliffhanger. I probably wouldn't have minded the show being cancelled as much if it didn't have that cliffhanger. I don't feel like this show changed my life in any way so I won't really miss it but it bugs me with that ending now. Best thing about this show though was the music and the creepy covers of popular songs at the end of each episode - those were brilliant.


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the first season of The Strain:

The pilot felt like a thrilling movie and it made me glad this wasn't made into a movie as there is so much the show explores to this mythology of these ancient creatures. I was on the egde of my seat a few times and I love the whole take on these creatures. I was shocked by Samwise's, I mean Jim Kent's (Sean Astin) death. The show is sort of like the demonic spawn of The Walking Dead and True Blood. There is some dark humour to be had here too but so far I'm taken by the tension of this show. Corey Stoll does a great job leading the show and I hope we get some more interesting characters. I can't wait to see where this pandemic takes them. Just how much worse can it get? Plus, the Master is pretty ugly. Good luck defeating him!


I still put The Walking Dead in my Delightful Division even though this is my least favourite season of the show. The premiere was fantastic and the follow-up episode was great, still kept pretty interesting but I was really bored by the second half for a few episodes in the middle. It got better by the end with the group at Alexandria but I already feel a little bored of that environment. I was a little bugged by Beth's death and how it happened, and then I was so very bugged by Tyreese's death and how it happened, all because of flaming Noah, but he got what he deserved so yay! That was when I started loving the show again. I am disappointed because Walking Dead is one of my favourite shows and I just felt like this season just didn't quite hit the mark of 1-4. I can never criticise the writing for this show though because it's still unreal and the characterisation is still of a very high quality. I feel attached with the characters more than ever that I even felt a little attached to Rick's beard. I can't wait to see how Morgan incorporates into the group, as well as seeing who will live to see the end of season six. Still really excited for season six though as the season did have a very good last string of episodes.


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the first season of Z Nation:

I never thought I'd like this show, at all. I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead and this just looked like a total knock-off to cash in on the zombie genre, but this show is probably more entertaining than The Walking Dead is right now. It's so hard to take Z Nation seriously which is a very nice change but it can be pretty dramatic when it wants to be. The show does a fantastic job at the comedy mind, I never expected to ever see stoned zombies on television, or a zombie bear, or zombies that had been taking viagra. Just bizarre but totally enjoyable. There have been some really captivating storylines and the main characters have come across some interesting people and gotten themselves into some very tricky situations. I've also been surprised by a couple of deaths too. I also love the Murphy storyline and that he's literally turned into this Zombie God who has control over Z's. That's a cool power.

The funny shows of the 2014-15 season.
(In alphabetical order, not preference order)


As I mentioned in my season retrospective in my season finale review, I thorougly enjoyed 2 Broke Girls' fourth season. Not hating on the show's third season, which was fine, but season four was altogether funnier. I remember so much more from season four, not because it was most recent, but because I think there were more genuine stand-out episodes that filled the season. There were some stinkers hidden among the gems, but even those episodes didn't disappoint me and still had something funny within them. The dissolution of the cupcake business following the "cupcake catastrophe" was both sad and hilarious. The focus on the cupcake business slipped by the end, but the finale promises a fifth season filled with cupcake business goodness. The characters remained on point this season too, despite repetitive comedic traits, it all kept within the still-hilarious world of 2 Broke Girls. I could never, ever, fault Max and Caroline. They are two of the best comedic females on television.

See also: I review 2 Broke Girls for SpoilerTV, be sure to read my review of the finale "And the Disappointing Unit" complete with season four reflections. A season guide is also available on the review to check out my reviews of all episodes of the season.


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the first season of Bad Judge:

I began reviewing this show for SpoilerTV and my first official post on this site was the advanced preview of the original pilot, which I really enjoyed. But then they changed the format of the show and I didn't enjoy it as much. I dropped reviewing the show after episode four but I kept watching and funnily enough, after I dropped reviewing the show, Bad Judge actually got a little better. In fact, episode five was my favourite of the show so that was a big slap in the face after episode four was my last review. I kind of kicked myself for that. The first few episodes were clunky and I wasn't convinced until around episode five or six where I started to get the characters' humour. There would always be random funny moments sprinkled here and there but I think the show finally found its footing when it was too late. I really enjoyed Judy actually. She wasn't a big player in the show but when she appeared, she was usually pretty funny. I enjoyed the wacky court cases too. So much potential was here but I think it just needed better material, and as always, I love Kate Walsh.

See also: I reviewed the first several episodes of Bad Judge for SpoilerTV. Including an advance preview of the first episode, "Pilot", "Meteor Shower" and "Knife to a Gunfight".


I don't think I really have anything more to add about The Big Bang Theory after I said there were better comedies out there in my mid-season review. I do find some enjoyment in watching this show, even though it lost that spark ages ago. I do still really like the characters but at this point - at this late in the game - the show needs to stop relying on their character traits to provide the comedy when it's been all been-there-done-that and start branching the characters out a little. I like when the show does something different with the characters as I do often find myself a little bored by them. I do like that Raj has a girlfriend, and I was so sad when Howard's mother died (and may the actress, Carol Ann Susi, rest in peace). I hope season 9 starts to do things differently and make me excited again.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine continued to deliver the funny in its second half of the season after Christmas. I am in mad love with this show and I am looking forward to season three for more mad antics from the crazy characters at the precinct. The cliffhanger too has me on edge, I seriously need to know who the new Captain will be since Raymond is going to be in a new role. It was a cruel way to end the season but good too. I loved Holt's and Wuntch's relationship too and their petty remarks to one another, and they were extra funny in the last few episodes. I remember Holt saying something like "I never thought I'd see you so high without a broom" or similar and it had me laughing for ages. I'm not yet bored of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and I don't think it will get boring anytime soon.


The Goldbergs is just such an underrated comedy. I love it so much and I am so glad it's found its home on Wednesday nights before Modern Family. This show just never brings out an unfunny episode. There's always at least one bad episode in a sitcom these days where you just didn't laugh at all, but The Goldbergs was just fantastic throughout its sophomore season. Don't think I could emphasise just how much I love Beverly Goldberg and the way she goes on. This show makes me sad that I never lived in the '80s (I'm a '90s kid) but I'm glad we are going to get so much more of this show since we have a season three, yay! Also, one little part that stuck out for me this season that kept me laughing for ages so I ended up doing it in real life - when Erica spends time with each of Barry's posse and they briefly touch and all you hear is "'til now I always got by on my own, I never really cared until I met you." So now whenever I touch someone I crush on, or I touch food, 'Alone' now plays in my head, so thanks The Goldbergs!


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the first season of The Hotwives of Orlando:

This was such a guilty pleasure. I bet nobody here has seen this show but I was so drawn in by the silly comedy. A parody of the Real Housewives series, I love how the melodramatic characters are parodied in this. Seriously, this has some very stupid comedic moments that I couldn't help but laugh at. This included a seance with The Big Bang Theory's Bernadette as the "Ghost Shouter", Kate Walsh as a real estate agent who shows one of the Hotwives a tent as a potential living space when she falls on hard times, a fight between two of them as they prove which one of them is more of a whore, and meetings with each other to discuss how they weren't going to be friends anymore. I don't even know why I watched this show and how I came across it but it was good fun and I can't wait to see more. Plus I love Phe-Phe ("I'm just being Phe-Phe").


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the first season of Marry Me:

Loved the Pilot. I thought it was pretty charming and the characters were pretty funny, especially Carey Wilson as Annie. A couple more episodes were good, but I found a lot of them to be really boring and hardly funny. Marry Me was one of those shows that either had a really funny episode, or a really unfunny episode, nothing between. John Gamberling as Gil is a treat and the other characters can be funny when they want to be but overall, not the best. Ken Marino as Jake was a little unwatchable and I didn't find him very funny. He's handsome and he has a good thing with Annie but I wasn't impressed. This is another comedy I won't miss now it's been cancelled.


Mike and Molly was just beginning when I wrote my mid-season review so there's more I can talk about here. I enjoyed the team-up of Molly and Peggy to write the book and I've found that whole part of the show one of the more enjoyable parts. I like this show though it isn't one of my favourites. I adore Melissa McCarthy so I feel loyal enough to continue watching this show for her. One of the highlights of the season was the bar fight Joyce starts. I loved Kathy Bates too! The season finale was interesting with Carl and I was sad he and Victoria broke up as I quite liked them together.


I am starting to wonder why I continue to watch this show when it barely makes me laugh anymore. I guess I watch the show still because of the characters as I've watched them for a long time now, I want to see how they progress. Not really sure that's enough to keep me watching in the 2015-16 season though so I may have to drop the show if I find I don't have the time to dedicate to this. Lily still shines the brightest of all the characters.


Oh Mom. How did you rise into becoming one of my favourite sitcoms this season. I was impartial to Mom last season and thought it was good, but not brilliant. Season two was actually brilliant. I have loved watching this season and the characters and what challenges the poor family are going to have next. Bonnie (Allison Janey) is fantastic and when Alvin died, the sitcom transformed into something a lot more serious yet still retained some funny elements somehow during that transition. The show returned to regularity but the aftereffects still rippled and leading to Bonnie's relapse. Major props have to be given to Anna Faris too.


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the first season of Mystery Girls:

I know exactly what you are thinking. Seriously? Are you kidding? This show?! What can I say, I do sample a lot of shows and while this show wasn't particularly good or anything, there was just something that kept me watching. It was only ten episodes and the episodes were short and the guy who played the detective was bloody hot (Ryan McPartlin) so I just suffered through it. It aired during the summer when I don't have as much to watch so I just watched it. Sue me. There was some entertainment to be had here despite it being completely cheesy. It is one of my least favourite shows that I've ever watched but it's over and done with now, no going back. Judge me all you want.


As with every show, whether I loved them or started to get bored with them, I always get emotional when they finish. Parks and Recreation is no exception. I adore Amy Poehler and the cast of Parks are always fantastic, but to me I found this season really, really unfunny. I can't remember anything that stands out that made me laugh. I think this season sacrificed laughs in order to develop the characters for the show ending and focused more on giving them their own goodbye stories. I definitely felt sad during this season more than I felt happy, which is both good and bad. Good because I cared enough about the show to feel something like that, and bad because I really wanted the final season to be funny.


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the first season of Selfie:

I have to admit, this show is cute and a total guilty pleasure. I really didn't think I'd be so taken by the show when it first premiered but I was wrong. I think they could have done more with some of the secondary characters in the earlier episodes but I've been pleasantly surprised at more of their involvment in the more recent episodes. I have really enjoyed the Eliza and Henry relationship so far and I think they've got electric chemistry. I just love their friendship. And the true gem of the show is Charmonique who has delivered some of the funniest moments. Recently, the fight(s) between her and Bryn in episode ten were hilarious. You didn't see them happen, just after when they'd both gradually look more and more beat up but then they trigger another fight and the cycle continued. Plus, Karen Gillan's performance of 'Chandelier' in episode ten was amazing.


Veep is a brilliant little show though so far during this fourth season, it hasn't really been making me laugh all that much like it could do in previous seasons. I guess it has something to do with Selina's ascension to being President, which I honestly thought would end up being the funniest thing ever because she's such a character, but it's kind of let me down a little. I have liked this show more than some of the other comedies I've listed so it's not a bad show at all, I just find season four to be a step in the wrong direction.

The meh shows of the 2014-15 season.
(In alphabetical order, not preference order)


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the first season of Ascension:

I waited until all three parts (six episodes with two airing a night for three days) aired so I could watch it all in one go. I liked doing that actually as Night One had a pretty great twist at the end that totally shocked me. If you can't tell, I usually don't see stuff coming so a lot of stuff shocks me half the time. I had been looking forward to this mini-series event since I attended the Syfy Press Tour in October and I it didn't disappoint, but it left much to be desired. I love the concept. While I would have preferred more sci-fi, I thought the mini-series did a good enough job at setting up this world within the show. I was invested by the time I got to the final night, Night Three. Night Three was pretty exciting though it's unfortunate we're left without a follow-up. Tricia Helfer did a fantastic job in this as did the other cast members.


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the second season of Defiance:

Defiance isn't exactly a show I'm really invested in. The cast are fantastic and I'm a long-time fan of Julie Benz but I just watch this show because it's there really. I might have enjoyed season one more than I did season two and I think season two steeped a little in terms of quality. Like everything, it has its moments but I don't really look back on the season fondly. The highlights of the season included the surprising return of Kenya who I genuinely thought was alive but devastated when it turned out she wasn't. That was good. Irisa played a good villain too but I'm glad she saw sense by the end of the season. It had a good finale too.


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the fifth season of Downton Abbey:

Was I the only person who began watching Downton Abbey for the sole reason of being able to say "Did you catch the latest episode of Downton Abbey? Oh wasn't it marvellous?!" in conversation and sound fancy? Just me? I must admit not a great deal happens anymore and it pretty much proves it when I'm doing this mid-season review and I can't really remember a great deal from Season 5. I do remember the Anna and Mr. Bates murder-mystery saga whether Mr. Bates really killed Anna's rapist or not. I kind of got annoyed by the end of the season when the detectives kept asking questions randomly. Despite not much happening, I still look forward to each episode and the end of season five led to some interesting developments since Anna was arrested. The fire in the premiere wasn't a great big deal as it could have been but still injected a little bit of excitement in this almost anaemic show.


Oh man Glee, I really didn't want you in this category. For the final season, I at least wanted you in the Delightful Division. While parts of this season were pretty delightful, especially the double wedding of Kurt/Blaine and Santana/Brittany, overall it wasn't a very strong final season. I don't know what I expected for Glee's last stand anyway and the actual finale was great and I got all emotional and there were tears, but Glee was already too far gone from the declining quality since the show's peak. I would have put season five in the Lousy League so I did think season six improved over last year. Sue's crazy schemes to get Kurt and Blaine together had me in stitches though, I mean who in their right mind would lock two people in a fake elevator and torment them with a Saw-inspired doll just so they'll get back together? Sue would. The characters were still very good and the season started out well. Glee ended years ago for me.


No new episodes aired (and I haven't caught up) since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the fifth season of Haven:

I'm going to be honest, I've only watched up to episode seven. I haven't been really enjoying Haven this season. I've enjoyed certain parts but overall I'm not feeling it. Some of the troubles have been interesting and I did love the premiere episode. Maybe the season got better once Mara and Audrey got separated so Audrey was Audrey again, but based on the first seven episodes, it hasn't caught my attention. I'm hoping that changes as Haven is my favourite show on Syfy. I'll catch up without any breaks for the episodes I've missed and probably enjoy it more that way. I did enjoy the switcheroo episodes and still found the show could be funny when it wanted to be.


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the first season of The Leftovers:

I did not like this show to begin with. I was kind of bored by it and I was seriously questioning why the hell I was watching. But it was strange. I kept watching. I don't know why but I did. I'd say to myself "okay after this episode I'm going to drop this show", but I never did, and by the end I kinda enjoyed it. It was so intriguing and I was attracted to this somehow. If anybody can explain why I felt this, please let me know because I don't think I've ever stuck through a show that initially bored me to then grow into something I enjoyed. The finale was really good and makes me need to watch season two. I hope now I've gotten into the show that season two will be more consistant. I can't begin to explain what's happened so far so I'll leave it at that, but man this is bizarre.


This wasn't a bad show at all. I may get ripped for saying that but I did actually like The Mysteries of Laura. I liked that Laura was just a regular mum in a high-stakes job and it provided Debra Messing some great material to work with. It was all fun and games until the last couple of episodes but even then the show did manage to entertain me, placing it on the higher end of the Tasteless Treaty - and I would have put this in the Delightful Division but I wouldn't have put this show on the same level as Once Upon a Time and The Walking Dead in terms of enjoyment, so it's here in this division which isn't all bad. Good characters, good cases. Will be interesting to see how this continues in season two.


I don't think season two has been as good as season one (I'm a few episodes behind, nothing new there). I loved the high-stakes adrenaline rush that came with the first season that became like a weekly thing, but season two kind of lost that. It might have to do with the bigger episode count so maybe they should have stuck with the 8 episodes (and kept this in the summer!) so the action would be more condensed and interesting. I haven't seen the last half so I don't know if this improves. Still a good show but didn't quite live up to the first season. The first season also aired in this television season (since it began on May 27 last year) so you can read my thoughts on season one in my mid-season review.

See also: I wrote an advance preview of the season two premiere, "Recovery".


Red Band Society didn't leave that much of an impression on me - I'm even already starting to forget some of what happened in the show. I do remember that I did enjoy some of it and that it was quite captivating to watch but this wasn't a remarkable show in the slightest. It certainly made me weep a little at times and I was so glad 'coma boy' came out of his coma and the finale was truly perfect when he finally spoke. It was a really happy finale though Hunter dying beforehand traumatised me a little. I was so sad. Octavia Spencer was good here but I was so happy when she returned to Mom.


Katherine Heigl was the reason I watched this show. I might have still watched it if she hadn't been in it and Alfre Woodard was still in it, but Katherine was my main draw. I loved the pilot but I think it was all downhill from there. The overall storyline just didn't really interest me that much and I found myself watching the show and finding it hard to pay attention. I really do wish this show was more successful and better in terms of quality for Katherine's sake but it really wasn't. Had its moments as all shows do but it fizzled out with a very small whimper. A pretty forgettable show.


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the first season of Taxi Brooklyn:

This is another show I have no idea how I stumbled upon. I love Chyler Leigh from Grey's Anatomy so maybe I saw her in it and decided to watch it? I don't know. I had never seen the film Taxi that this show is based on and I have no idea if NBC is renewing this show or not but it was a very good little summer show. Chyler gives a great performance as Cat and we have another great non-romantic pairing with her and Jacky Ido's Leo. I liked the storyline of Cat trying to find out what really happened with her father who also worked in the police force and I wasn't really expecting certain developments that happened by the end. I also enjoyed the episode where the characters were trapped in the police precinct during a blackout with criminals on the outside threatening them. Like a lot of new shows, it took a little while to get going but it was a pleasant watch.


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the second season of Under the Dome:

I loved the show's first season. Season two? Not so much. It started off great with an episode penned by Stephen King (one of my all-time favourite authors) but I guess killing off two main female likeable characters in the very first episode of the season kind of dented the feel of the show later on, even though their deaths were shocking and elevated the seriousness of the situation in the premiere. Not to say the second season was completely bad. It wasn't. It had some glorious moments and I enjoyed some of the twists and turns but I think the writers decided to crank the show from "sci-fi" to "random crazy shit" in the space of a couple of episodes. Things did turn up a notch in the last four episodes which I enjoyed so I am going to watch season three, but the middle was so bitter. I just didn't know what the hell the show wanted to do.

The let-down shows of the 2014-15 season.
(In alphabetical order, not preference order)


I wrote in my mid-season review that Freak Show disappointed me and that I found it pretty boring and was anticipating it being over just so it would be over. There were still several episodes to go at that point, and I must say Freak Show did improve over the bore that happened after the Edward Mordrake episodes. The bodies started to pile up and things got a little more dangerous which was a lot more exciting than what we were given before that. I still see Freak Show as my least favourite season, which is such a shame knowing that this was Jessica Lange's last. Elsa Mars wasn't her best character and I'm disappointed she couldn't go out with a bang. I liked the massacre of the freaks by Dandy, who was wickedly evil. Even though this season let me down, I'm still looking forward to Hotel which I'm sure can't get any worse than this. So much promise, so little follow-up.


Okay I haven't seen the last 7 episodes of this season and I will catch up now I know the show is cancelled, but as I was watching the first 8 episodes I just didn't really want to keep watching at all. The season was starting to improve and it was difficult for me to find time to keep watching this when I couldn't have cared less about it, so I'm sure the episodes did continue to improve, I just didn't want to keep watching. I like the cast, and I loved the addition of Jessica Stroup and they all still did a great job this season. I haven't read any spoilers of how the series ends so I don't know if everything gets resolved or whatever, and I hope that it does even if I'm not too bothered at this point. I loved The Following in season one, found season two to be a mixed bag, then season three was just not that enjoyable. Let me know if the last 7 episodes improved and if we get closure if you watched this show!


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the second season of Gracepoint:

I never watched Broadchurch, the show that Gracepoint is based on so I can't make comparisons and I never did during the show's run. I was absorbed in the mystery of this boy's death and I thought the show had some shining moments. One of the most memorable was when Susan told Kathy "I know men who'd rape you". I was totally shocked by that. I have to admit I only wanted to watch the show for David Tennant and Anna Gunn as I love both and they both did an incredible job here. I was disappointed by the end though. The way Danny died was totally idiotic really and it could have been a better and more intriguing death after all that build-up. The ending was interesting though and I would have liked to have seen what happened next but I'm not sorry this show wasn't picked up for a second season.


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the second season of Hemlock Grove:

It took me ten episodes to get into the first season of Hemlock Grove and the show gave us a fantastic end to season one. I had high hopes for season two but the season kind of disappointed me. The mythology was barely explored and it just felt like half of the writing was last minute. I wanted more of the creatures, not drama with a new girl. I do admit though that things did get interesting, especially with Roman's baby. Overall though, not convinced. I was glad that season three was announced to be the final season. I didn't want season two to be the last but I don't think I'd want more than three seasons, so I'm glad they're going to wrap things up. Let's get more creature stuff in this final season, shall we?


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the fifth season of Rizzoli and Isles:

I've been in love with Rizzoli and Isles since it premiered over four years ago. The show doesn't have those truly amazing cases seen in the earlier seasons, but there's still fun to be had here. Jane and Maura's friendship is my absolute favourite female pairing on television that's non-romantic. They just have the perfect screen chemistry and they work so well together. It was devastating when Lee Thompson Young passed away last year and they wrote it into the show this season. Episode two was simply heartbreaking as the characters deal with the passing, but when Jane is talking about Frost at his funeral, there was so much emotion that it sounded like Angie Harmon was speaking to Lee Thompson Young. Honestly a great cast that don't get the credit they deserve. Some good episodes here but not as much as previous seasons. I hope the show gets its mojo back.


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the fourth season of Teen Wolf:

I didn't enjoy season four as much as I did season three but I think that's because I miss Allison. I still can't believe she died. Season four introduced this Benefactor storyline complete with a hitlist that our heroes and heroines are on because, well, everybody is a supernatural creature in some way, shape and form. Wasn't sure I'd enjoy the season at the beginning but it got interesting. I liked the new character Liam too. Dylan Sprayberry does a great job as the newbie and I like the cast a lot. I've always loved Lydia and it was good to see her take charge in some parts. The female characters bounce well off the male characters and we have this overall chemistry between everyone. Season four was alright, not the best, so I hope season five is better.


No new episodes aired since my 2014-15 mid-season review, so this is what I said about the seventh and final season of True Blood:

I feel like crying when I remember how the show's final season developed. Sookie had the right idea by crying blood in the poster as that's what I think a lot of fans felt watching the final ten episodes. I love the show, I'm a Trubie to the end, but I'm still allowed to feel like the final season just wasn't that good. I thought season six improved over season five so I was hoping season seven would continue that momentum, and the idea of the Hep-V virus was inspired but the execution was such a let down. Things annoyed me this season. They killed Tara in the opening minutes, which was an exciting opener I must admit but the overall season suffered for it. They killed Alcide for absolutely no reason even though I wasn't the biggest fan of him anyway. Bill killed himself when he refused the cure. Sookie had the right idea of slapping him. There were moments I enjoyed in this season as it wasn't totally hopeless and there were some beautiful moments, but I was a huge fan of the show's first four seasons, I felt like I deserved more. Sookie is still one of my favourite heroines and I'll miss a lot of the characters - Eric, Pam, Jason, Arlene etc. - but they needed a better send-off for such a defining show.

68 television shows in 2014-15 that I've stayed caught up with (or mostly caught-up with in terms of Gotham and Haven and such), so that's 67 seasons I've watched. I hope to catch-up on the 14 shows I'm behind on, which will make a grand total of 81, but the main shows I love I've kept up-to-date with. I honestly didn't think I'd stay on time with half of them considering I have so much going on in my life since starting University in September but I've somehow managed. Next season will be the real test and I feel I may have to drop some already existing shows to accommodate the new shows.

The 13 shows I have to catch up on are:

1. The 100
I have not yet begun to watch The 100. I said in my mid-season review that I wanted to start it along with Penny Dreadful and Outlander and I have watched both of those shows. I think I'm going to marathon the first two seasons of The 100 during the summer, so that's 29 episodes I have to watch.

2. Better Call Saul
I have watched the first two episodes of Better Call Saul but didn't really have time to finish the season. Nothing wrong with it, I just couldn't keep up with everything at once, so this will be one of the first shows I catch up on, which means 8 episodes to watch.

3. Bones
I don't have any intentions of catching up on Bones any time soon, though I have heard good things the past few months. I have quite a bit to catch up on too as the last episode I watched was season 9 episode 4. Grand total of 40 episodes to watch.

4. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
The last episode I watched was the third episode of season 14, so I have 37 episodes to watch. With the series finale airing on September 27, I'm going to try and catch up as I will be reviewing the special movie event for SpoilerTV.

5. Daredevil
I really enjoyed what I watched of Daredevil, but the season came out at the end of the Easter holidays when I had to go back to University and struggled to catch up, so I have only seen the first 3 episodes. 10 episodes to watch.

6. Elementary
I've only watched the first season and the first few of season two and not sure I really want to continue watching. Someone will have to let me know if it's worth catching up on the 45 episodes required for me to catch up.

7. Grimm
I've only just recently started watching Grimm as I bought the first season on Blu-ray so I have a ton of episodes to catch up on here, and I hope I'll find time for it soon. So much to catch up on though! 81 episodes to watch.

8. Hart of Dixie
Only watched the first two seasons and the first two episodes of season three, so again there's a load of episodes for me to catch up on, but it's good knowing there's an end goal since the show is now over. 30 episodes to watch.

9. House of Cards
Caught up on the first two seasons over Christmas and I just haven't had the motivation to watch season three yet after the mixed response it has had. I might wait until I've caught up with other shows to be honest, but 13 episodes to watch.

10. The Lizzie Borden Chronicles
Time constraints again kept me from keeping up with this show. I previewed the first two episodes for SpoilerTV and enjoyed them both. Going to catch up during the summer, 6 episodes to watch.

11. Sherlock
Only watched the first season, but the episode orders are so small that it won't take me long to catch up and I look forward to marathoning this. Might wait until the show ends? Might be a while for that though, so 6 episodes to watch.

12. Supernatural
I dropped Supernatural ages ago, but I have promised myself that I will complete the show. When I watch at least 3 seasons of a show, I make a commitment to see it to the end. I didn't think Supernatural would last 11 seasons (maybe more) but I stopped watching at the end of season 7, so I have a whopping 69 episodes to watch.

13. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Like Daredevil, I just didn't have time to watch the whole season when it premiered but I watched the first 2 episodes and enjoyed it, so 11 episodes to watch.

14. The Vampire Diaries
I found season five pretty boring, and I watched the season six premiere and didn't really care for it so I made the decision to not keep up with season six. Now I hear Nina Dobrev has left, I feel the obligation to complete this season, so 21 episodes to watch.

That's exactly 406 episodes to catch up on right there. That's not counting shows that have ended before this season that I need to catch up on. What is my life? I'd still love to hear your thoughts on these shows in the comments if you watch them.

I haven't actually had a look at all the promos for the new season and to be honest, not an awful lot interests me. I feel like 2015-16 will be the year I start watching the least amount of new shows. I don't mind that just as long as the new shows are of good enough quality. There are some I'm really looking forward to. This is what my current 2015-16 season looks like.

New Shows I'm Interested In:
Emerald City
Fear the Walking Dead
Heroes Reborn
Legends of Tomorrow
The Muppets
Scream Queens
Twin Peaks
Wicked City
The X-Files

Shows Not Returning From 2014-15:
Bad Judge
The Following
Hart of Dixie
Marry Me
Mystery Girls
Parks and Recreation
Red Band Society
State of Affairs
Taxi Brooklyn
True Blood
Witches of East End

Shows Not Yet Renewed:
Bates Motel
The Lizzie Borden Chronicles

Returning Shows From 2014-15:
2 Broke Girls
The 100
American Horror Story: Hotel
Better Call Saul
The Big Bang Theory
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Chasing Life
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (for a finale-movie)
Devious Maids (first episode is awesome!)
Downton Abbey (final season)
The Flash
Game of Thrones
The Goldbergs
Good Witch
Grey's Anatomy
Hemlock Grove (final season)
The Hotwives of Las Vegas
House of Cards
How to Get Away With Murder
The Leftovers
The Librarians
Marvel's Agent Carter
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Mike and Molly
Modern Family
The Mysteries of Laura
The Night Shift
Once Upon a Time
Orange Is the New Black
Penny Dreadful
Pretty Little Liars
Rizzoli and Isles
Sleepy Hollow
The Strain
Teen Wolf
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Under the Dome
The Vampire Diaries
The Walking Dead
Z Nation

72 shows for next season, or 75 if all shows not yet renewed are renewed (and I really need Salem to be renewed so badly, and Bates Motel), but that's not counting any potential new shows beyond the ones I've listed above. There weren't that many of my shows cancelled in 2014-15 actually, but some of them hurt so much for being cancelled. Like so, so much. You all know the ones I'm talking about, but fortunately some of the others I don't really mind. I'm mainly looking forward to my returning shows in 2015-16 rather than the new shows to be quite honest. The new shows I'm most excited for are Fear the Walking Dead, Legends of Tomorrow, Scream Queens, Shadowhunters and Supergirl. I'll be reviewing Scream Queens for SpoilerTV when it airs and I will be the previewer for Shadowhunters should we get the screeners, and I'm also back-up for Supergirl. I'm really excited to start this new season with you guys on SpoilerTV so be sure to keep checking out my reviews of the shows you watch.

Questions for you guys:
1. How would you rank your shows using the ranks I have - or if you have your own better ones, go for it!
2. What new shows are you looking forward to in 2015-16? Any suggestions of any I should consider watching?
3. Agree or disagree with my verdicts of the shows you watch? I love to hear all opinions so feel free to comment.


Want to know about all the shows I've watched that are now resting in peace in the TV Show Graveyard? Among the many shows are classics Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends, The Secret Circle, 90210, Breaking Bad, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives, Ghost Whisperer, Fringe, Nikita, Lost, Heroes, One Tree Hill, Sex and the City and many more! May they Rest In Peace.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope we all have a positive 2015-16 television season experience filled with quality shows and renewals for all our favourite shows!

About the Author - Gavin Hetherington
Award-winning author of 'Abyssal Sanctuary: Remnants of the Damned'. Gavin joined SpoilerTV in August 2014 and reviews 2 Broke Girls, Mistresses, Orange is the New Black, Pretty Little Liars, Salem, Scream Queens and Sleepy Hollow. Gavin will write previews for Devious Maids and Shadowhunters, and backs-up Empire, The Flash, iZombie, Once Upon a Time, Reign, Scandal and Supergirl. You can contact him at
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