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2 Broke Girls - And the Grate Expectations - Review: "Girl, You Nasty!"

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4.21 - "And the Grate Expectations"
Directed by Fred Savage
Written by Michelle Nader
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

Season Guide

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4.21 - "And the Grate Expectations" (May 11, 2015)
4.22 - "And the Disappointing Unit" (May 18, 2015)

'And the Grate Expectations' Recap and Commentary

The episode begins with Big Doug and Soncho ordering salads which Max finds bizarre as they always order junk food, and lots of it. I'm currently trying to eat healthier so I really feel Big Doug's and Soncho's pain here, and Max makes them realise they're passion for food. Sophie later comes in with a message from Oleg's brother in Ukraine, though she literally brings the answering machine to the diner as the message is in Ukranian. It turns out he can't make the wedding even though he was Oleg's best man, so Oleg asks Han to do it who accepts. That means Han has to plan the bachelor party for the next day and Oleg wants it to be disgraceful. I seriously can't imagine Han ever planning a party that will be up to Oleg's standards, or should I say, down to Oleg's standards as his filth is far lower than Han's height.

Max and Caroline are at the new High airport store where they are about to have their grand opening. Little John is also there and is excited about opening the store. I see his comic stick is sort of on Oleg's level of filth but in a fun, gay way. Anyway, they open the store but no one seems to be coming in. Han texts Max asking the girls to attend Oleg's bachelor party though Caroline just wants to cry. Poor Caroline! Just then, a hot guy, Josh the pilot, walks in as their first customer and flirts with Caroline. "Do I get a prize? Is it you?" Amazing flirting skills. It's almost like one hot guy leaves and another comes on the show - aka one door closes another one opens. He would have been a great love interest for Caroline, but like everything in Caroline's life, this turns south - and not in the good way.

Han's bachelor party isn't exactly the amazing, rude time Oleg was wanting as the place is pretty much dead. Han acts as the M.C. and starts with some dirty jokes that are just cringey for Han to say as he feels the need to explain the joke. Caroline gets a text from Josh who says "what's up, you!" which Max correctly analyses that he forgot her name. I once got a text like that, turned out he had forgotten my name. Han is pretty upset about the whole thing and takes a couple of shots of vodka. Oleg is sad that his party is boring and Max promises to liven it up, just as Oleg's cousin Yuri comes. Turns out Yuri couldn't bring the fake papers for Oleg to get married, or renew his fake green card. He can't seem like he's marrying Sophie for his green card.

As the party seems to liven up, Oleg is still depressed. Caroline tells Max she sent Josh a boob pic. Turns out she sent it with her face in the picture - a very smiling face. So basically she sent a very bad boob nude. Sophie arrives in a happy mood and completely trusts Oleg - mentioning about how men have lied to her in the past which made me suspicious - until Han interrupts for his best man speech. This part is hilarious, and I love when he addresses the almost bride and almost groom and they love it. Until Han mentions the green card situation and Oleg is forced to come clean. Sophie takes it badly and calls the wedding off. I was quite taken aback by Oleg just letting this happen - surely he really does love Sophie and that's what we've seen all this season despite his lust for her, so why doesn't he say that?

Oleg tells Sophie at the diner that he will marry someone, anyone, to stay in the country and win her back - even looking at Max and Caroline as the scuffle away. Han, who is evidently hungover, accepts Oleg's proposal of marriage to help him stay in the country but Sophie thinks it's a trick. To prove it isn't, Oleg kisses Han on the lips. This was the most shocking thing to ever happen on 2 Broke Girls (that I can remember) and I absolutely loved it. It knocks some sense into Sophie though as she finally believes Oleg. "Han, you're not marrying Oleg. 'Cause Oleg's marrying me." Awww. This is one of the cutest things a romantic pairing has ever said. I am so touched by this, and I love when Sophie and Oleg get more cute than dirty. To end the episode on a sour note for Caroline, the boob pic she sent was made into a meme. That Josh guy sure was a dick, perhaps to overcompensate the small one between his legs! (I'm just defending Caroline's honour, I still think Josh is gorgeous.)

Cupcake Total: $3,261.00 (up from $2,261.00)

Funniest Quotes

Caroline: They said they want to lose weight, and no matter what you order it's easier to throw up here than at home.
Max: I don't get why no-one wants to be fat anymore. The fat seasons of Oprah were the best.
Caroline: You're right! Every other year of Oprah was the best years.

Max: Max Black. Bringing smiles to men's faces since puberty.

Max: I just talked to this guy at... I think it's table 3, I still don't know the numbers.

Max: You know who's going to be a terminal virgin?
Han: You can make all the death threats you want, but you know what will keep me alive? You two working at the airport!

Sophie: Here comes the almost Bride. Have you ever seen a prettier almost bride? You know, besides Jennifer Aniston?
Earl: Sophie, it's only one week 'til the wedding so this is your last chance to take a run at me. Now you won't be disappointed, I'm still very sexually active for the first five minutes.
Sophie: Oh Earl. If I took a run at you, you'd go right through that wall like Wile E. Coyote.

Sophie: Nah, I don't speak Ukranian. I mean, what am I, a plumber in Queens?

Han: [after being asked to be best man] Well Oleg, I need to think about it... yes.

Caroline: I haven't seen that much change on a lady since Chaz Bono.

Max: Don't worry, I'm making friends in the TSA. Judy, big gal, little beard? Having lunch with her at the Wok N' Roll near Malaysia Airlines. It's pretty quiet over there these days.

John: Hey ladies. Opening day, I'm so excited my nipples have been shooting daggers since I woke up. Seriously I haven't been this excited since my parents sent me to military school.
Caroline: God, does everything have to be fun when you're gay.
John: If it isn't, you're not doing it right.

Max: Ooh, you go gate! [laughs] Yes, I'm drunk with power! Also, a little drunk.

Max: [pulling phone out of pocket] It's Han. He wants us to come to Oleg's bachelor party tonight. I've gotten a call like this before but usually it's through a service that involves making some tassles spin in opposite directions.

Caroline: I'm on board now, I love this job.

Han: Welcome everyone. I'm your M.C., Han Lee, gonna get the crazy party started here with some dirty, racy jokes.
Earl: This is the deadest place I've ever been to and I once woke up in Heaven.

Caroline: I took off my underwear last week and a coyote howled.

Oleg: This party is worse than the communist party and they killed half my family.
Max: Oleg, don't worry, I'll get this party started. I'm making a call to some girls I went to school with. The Slut Academy on Seventh. Commonly known as NYU.

Yuri: [to Caroline] Are you the stripper? [looks at her bum] Nyet.

Max: Since when do you care about expiration dates? You cook with eggs so old they fight back.

Oleg: Sophie will never believe that I'm not marrying her just for a green card. She has major trust issues since one day her father went out for pierogies and... came back without pierogies.

Max: I'm really enjoying the stylings of Camel and Toe up there.

Caroline: Max, I just did something I've never done.
Max: Told a story about someone else?

Max: Sometimes the truth is ugly. But she knows that, she's seen you naked.

Sophie: I mean, this party couldn't get any sleezier unless you invited Robin Thicke.

Han: It's time for the traditional best man speech. So listen up, bitches. [accidentally smashes glass] Ow, damn it. [into mic] I am bleeding. Repeat, I am bleeding.

Max: You suck, next act!
Han: Says the lady who works at the airport.

Oleg: Sophie, wait!
Sophie: [hisses]

Sophie: Aw look who it is. My dearly deported. I worked on that the whole way over.

Max: Just upfront, it can't be me. 'Cause everybody knows I'm married to my work.
Caroline: And it can't be me. It just can't.

Han: [after being asked to marry Oleg] I'll need to think about it... yes.

Earl: Thank God he picked Han!

Caroline: Wow, Sophie. Oleg must really love you. That had to be hard for him. And from what I can see, a little hard for Han, too.

Sophie: I believe you now. 'Cause you kissed Han, and asian girls aren't even your thing.

Episode Verdict

Oh. My. God. What was that kiss? My life! I expected to see a lot of things on 2 Broke Girls, but never a kiss between Oleg and Han! It was a hilarious moment and, just wow. I'm still pretty speechless over that, what a pairing those two make! Imagine if they really did go through with the wedding in the finale - turns out it's Han's and Oleg's wedding, not Sophie's and Oleg's - and season five would have Oleg trying to win Sophie back. I do like that they sorted out their issues though and the wedding is back on - this season finale is going to be intense!

I was really hoping Han would pull the rug out from under us and deliver the best bachelor party in the history of the world to defy the expectations of the others. It was funny that his party was so weak and boring, but at the same time, I was rooting for the little guy. His drunk bachelor party speech was hilarious, again, and it's just his reactions and delivery that makes it so funny.

I thought the opening of the High in the airport would have been given more screentime, rather than just one scene there. It seems Max and Caroline were pushed into the background in this episode to accommodate the others as they seemed to have more important storylines. The cupcake business has been on the downlow so Max and Caroline just seem to be floating in suspension until some progress is made there. Caroline's very temporary love interest was a good aspect and I liked the boob pic element which reminded us of Caroline's funny innocence when it comes to the sexual. I do wonder, now that it's out there, if this will damage the reputation of Max's Homemade Cupcakes further since the Cupcake Captor incident.

Overall it was a good episode and had progression in the Oleg and Sophie department as we head into the finale. It's giving me hope that the wedding is going to be amazing to watch and the finale will deliver. I liked seeing the characters in the pub and removed from the usual settings, all together not just apart (as we have had tons of new settings for Max and Caroline this season and with the High). I'm sad Joedth wasn't in this episode, but I hope she's in the finale.

I'm planning a huge, mega, awesome amazing review for next week's finale including the best moments of the show's fourth season, best lines, best episodes (and worst episodes) and all that special stuff. It is going to be one huge reflection of the season as a whole so be sure to check it out next week as we end another season of 2 Broke Girls.

What did you guys think of 'And the Grate Expectations'? Let me know in the comments and be sure to watch the season finale of 2 Broke Girls on May 18th on CBS!

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