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Finding Carter - Shut Up And Drive - Advance Preview + Dialogue Teasers

Hi guys! Hope you liked the season premiere as much as I did! I'm back now to preview the second episode.

Disclaimer : English is not my first language therefore, there may be mistakes.

Before beginning, let's remember what happened in the premiere:
Lori was arrested -- Max and Taylor got back together -- Carter was able to go home -- We now know why Lori has been so obsessed with the Wilsons -- David is definitely hiding something.

Episode 2, season 2 "Shut Up And Drive

The first person we see in the episode is Taylor while Carter is still sleeping. She seems still a little shaken up because of what happened the day before... But can we blame her? No. Carter wakes up and says that they both should take a day off but Taylor really wants things to go back to the way they were before and insists on going to school. 

Before going downstairs to eat breakfast, Carter goes to her parents' bedroom to ask David about something that's been bugging her ever since she heard Lori talking to someone on the phone. 

After leaving the house, Max and Carter have a conversation about why Elizabeth didn't tell neither Taylor nor Carter about Lori being their parents' egg donor sooner.

Bird throws a party to celebrate Carter's return and someone we know pretty well comes back and... let's say that Carter is surprised. Once Taylor finds out who showed up at this party, she's going to be really mad because she's afraid Carter might go back with him. (I guess you've figured out who it is). What's weird is the person who's supposed to be the most affected by this return is the only one ready to forgive him.

The last five minutes of the episode is all about Carter asking about David's secrets and his relationship with Lori while Lori is being questioned at the police station. We hear both their stories which of course, are different. Carter keeps asking her dad to tell Elizabeth because if she heard from another person, she would be devastated.

After their serious conversation, Carter and David go to the police station to see Lori's questioning. 
I can tell you that the episode ends with a twist... a really good one.

That's it for the preview! Like my previous one, I didn't want to give big spoilers away. 

Dialogue teasers time! Tell me below in the comments who you think said what.

1) "I feel like you're not telling me something."

2) "This is the lie that's going to destroy us."

3) "I don't know what made Lori the way she is."

4) "It's hard to believe for me that the nightmare's over."

5) "I don't know who you are anymore."

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