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The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel - 1st April *Updated*

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  • 20:00 - Gotham - Edward Nygma Featurette

  • 18:56 - Undateable - Episode 2.03 - An Imaginary Torch Walks Into A Bar - Bloopers

  • 18:33 - Justified - Episode 6.12 - Collateral - Promo

  • 17:34 - Orphan Black - Season 3 - New Promo

  • 17:31 - Salem - Episode 2.03 - Synopsis
    Episode 2.03 - From Within

    Mary receives help from a former foe to keep Salem in the grasp of the witches.


  • 14:40 - The Middle - Episode 6.18 - Operation Infiltration - Promo

  • 14:27 - The First BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer Is Attached to MAD MAX: FURY ROAD
    Ever since Warner Bros. announced its Man of Steel follow-up, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I’ve been waiting to see a trailer. Obviously those at Comic-Con last year got to see a tiny bit of footage from the film, but WB never officially released it, so most people have yet to see anything. Which brings me to today’s update.

    After speaking with a few sources, I’m happy to report the first Batman v Superman trailer is on the cusp of being released. I’m told it’s absolutely attached to all copies of Mad Max: Fury Road, which is an obvious place for it to debut seeing as how Mad Max is WB’s first big movie of the summer. What I’ve heard is that Warners isn’t sure it wants to release the trailer while Avengers: Age of Ultron is destroying records and driving all social traffic during the end of April and early May. If they wait until the weekend Mad Max opens on May 15th, Avengers will have already been out for two weeks and they can take over the conversation at a time when everyone is ready to talk about Batman and Superman. The bottom line is: we will absolutely have seen the first Batman v Superman trailer by May 15th.


  • 14:11 - Orphan Black Season 3 Insider - Art’s Loyalty

  • 13:52 - Heroes Reborn - Filming Has Started, Zachary Levi Tweets BTS Cast Photo

  • 13:43 - American Crime - Episode 1.06 - Press Release
    "Episode Six" - Following Carter and Aubry's failed attempt to flee the country, Barb becomes more dogged in her fight for justice and turns to media outlets to bring more attention to her son's case. Aubry is held in hospitalized care and continues to push her family and the authorities away. Back behind bars, Carter's situation worsens and Aliyah is desperate for contact with him. Elsewhere, Tony takes drastic measures to find out who attacked his sister and make him pay. With pressure mounting, Detective Palmer and DDA Soderbergh turn to Hector for the damning testimony they are looking for. However, a significant piece of evidence is uncovered that changes everything for the prosecution, on "American Crime," THURSDAY, APRIL 9 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network.

    "American Crime" stars Felicity Huffman as Barb Hanlon, Timothy Hutton as Russ Skokie, W. Earl Brown as Tom Carlin, Richard Cabral as Hector Tontz, Caitlin Gerard as Aubry Taylor, Benito Martinez as Alonzo Gutiérrez, Penelope Ann Miller as Eve Carlin, Elvis Nolasco as Carter Nix, Johnny Ortiz as Tony Gutiérrez and guest starring Regina King as Aliyah Shadeed.

    Guest Starring David Hoflin as Mark, Jesse Borrego as Oscar, Brent Sexton as Tommy, Lili Taylor as Nancy Straumberg, Gleendilys Inoa as Jenny Gutiérrez, Joseph Julian Soria as Luis, Brent Anderson as Palmer, Ricky Catter as Sanchez, Cedric Duplechain as Timothy Little, Jim Flowers as Joseph, Edgar Ivan Garcia as Carlos, Christian Gallegos as Joaquin Montoya, Garrett Graham as Brian Taylor, Bob Hess as Michael Taylor, Shane Jacobsen as Detective Quinn, Matthew James as Stevie, Crystal Martinez as Rebecca, Robert Moraga as Adrian, Joe Nemmers as Rick Soderbergh, Susan O'Rourke as Sara Burnley, Kira Pozehl as Gwen Skokie, Jennifer Sydney as Jessie, Todd Terry as Jackson, Leticia Trejo as Esperanza and Emily Warfield as Lisa.

    "Episode Six" was written by Davy Perez and directed by Nicole Kassell.

  • 13:00 - Backstrom - Episode 1.11 - I Like To Watch - Promotional Photos

  • 11:26 - Sirens - Episode 2.12 - 2.13 - Promotional Photos + Synopses
    Episode 2.12 - NO LOVE (TV-14-L-D-V-S)
    After Johnny sees how much respect Theresa gets on the job, he gets the guys to revive an old program in order to get a little respect for EMTs.

    Episode 2.13 - SUB-PRIMAL FEARS (TV-14-D-L)
    After the guys treat a man with a deep fear of hospitals, Brian confronts his own fear of moving out. Meanwhile, Johnny has a fear realized when Billy temporarily moves in with him and Theresa.

    Episode 2.12 - No Love

    Episode 2.13 - Sub-Primal Fears

  • 10:39 - Battle Creek - Episode 1.06 - Cereal Killer - Promo

  • 10:10 - Backstrom - Episode 1.09 - Inescapable Truth - Sneak Peeks

  • 09:52 - Mom - Episode 2.18 - Dropped Soap and a Big Guy on a Throne - Sneak Peeks

  • 09:35 - MOVIES: Last Knights - Promotional Images

  • 09:09 - The Odd Couple - Episode 1.05 - The Wedding Deception - Sneak Peeks

  • 09:02 - The Middle - Episode 6.20 - Food Courting - Promotional Photos

  • 21:57 - The Boys of '67' - History Developing Scripted Drama

    THE BOYS OF ‘67


    New York, New York – March 31, 2015 - HISTORY® is in development on THE BOYS OF '67, a scripted series about the First Platoon of Charlie Company, 9th Infantry Division; the only division raised, trained and deployed en masse to service in Vietnam, it was announced today by Dirk Hoogstra, EVP and General Manager, HISTORY & H2. THE BOYS OF ’67 will be produced for HISTORY by A+E Studios in association with Head First Productions and Muse Entertainment.

    A+E Studios is producing THE BOYS OF ’67 in association with executive producer Jim Head (RICOCHET) of Head First Productions and executive producer Michael Prupas (Being Human) of Muse Entertainment. Award- winning screenwriter Jeb Stuart will pen and executive produce the series based on the book of the same name by noted historian Andrew Wiest. Stuart penned the screenplays for films including DIE HARD, ANOTHER 48 HOURS, THE FUGITIVE and SWITCHBACK. Over the past 25 years his features have grossed more than $2.5 billion. Dirk Hoogstra and Julian P. Hobbs are executives in charge of production for HISTORY.


  • 21:51 - ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5′ Filming Delayed by Johnny Depp Injury
    Production of “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” in Australia was halted Monday due to the hand injury sustained by Johnny Depp earlier this month, a spokesman for Disney confirmed.

    Last month, the actor flew to the U.S. following an injury he suffered in Queensland, though not while shooting.

    Filming on “Pirates 5″ had continued on scenes not involving Depp, but on Thursday, some 200 crew were told that they would not be working for the next two weeks.


  • 21:48 - The 100 - Kira Snyder on Clarke’s bisexuality and if Lexa will be back for Season 3
    Kira Snyder is a writer and co-producer of The CW’s dystopian hit, The 100, and this past weekend she spoke on a panel at Binder Con in Los Angeles as part of a panel called The Revolution Will be Televised, Kinda: The Changing TV World is a Win for Writers. I was able to grab her after the spirited discussion about writing content for web and television to ask a few questions about Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), the 100 pairing we affectionally refer to as Clexa, and what we can expect for Season 3. Were you part of creating the Clexa relationship?
    Kira Snyder: The stories are all collaboratively written. Lexa was introduced in the episode that I wrote. It just happened to be where I came up in the writing assignment series. It was something we talked about and [creator] Jason Rothenberg was supportive of and the CW was supportive of so we’re really happy to have that storyline and really gratified that it’s sparked the fan response and press response that it has. It just goes down to the issues of representation and seeing [bisexual] people on screen. But that’ something I’m very pleased to be involved with.

    AE: Do you see Clarke as bisexual?
    KS: I believe, yes, officially Clarke is bisexual.

    AE: That’s so rare—to have the female lead being bisexual.
    KS: And that not being her defining characteristic, it’s just something we also wanted to do and have so it’s not, “Oh my gosh! It’s a big revelation!” It’s like, she loves boys, she love girls, and she wasn’t ready to be with anybody at that point. The way in which that unfolded was something we were committed to treating responsibly in a grounded kind of way.

  • 20:41 - The Slap - Episode 1.08 - Ritchie (Season Finale) - Sneak Peek

  • 20:11 - MOVIES: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje to Play Killer Croc in 'Suicide Squad'
    The “Lost” actor is switching sides from Marvel to DC and reuniting with his “Concussion” co-star Will Smith
    After playing dual roles in “Thor: The Dark World,” Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is switching sides and moving from Marvel to DC, as he’s set to play Killer Croc in WB’s “Suicide Squad,” TheWrap has learned.

    Representatives for Warner Bros. and Akinnuoye-Agbaje did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


  • 20:06 - MOVIES: Scott Eastwood Joins ‘Suicide Squad’
    Scott Eastwood has joined the cast of Warner Bros’ “Suicide Squad,” an individual with knowledge of the project told TheWrap Tuesday.

    His role is being kept under wraps, though he is said to be playing a DC comic book character named Steve Trevor, who fans recognize as the main love interest of Wonder Woman from the comic books, according to Latino Review.

    There’s no word yet if Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman in this shared cinematic universe, will appear in “Suicide Squad,” but Eastwood is joining a cast that includes Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and Cara Delevingne.


  • 20:01 - The Night Shift - Episode 2.08 - Best Laid Plans - Promo

  • 19:58 - The Goldbergs - Episode 2.19 - La Biblioteca Es Libros
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