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2 Broke Girls - And the Look of the Irish - Review: "Not a Dry Seat in the House"

4.19 - "And the Look of the Irish"
Directed by Fred Savage
Written by Patrick Walsh and Karen Kilgariff
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

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'And the Look of the Irish' Recap and Commentary

For the second episode in a row, the show opens with a truly great opening with one of the funniest lines of the episode - I loved the disgusting-ness of the "not a dry seat in the house" haha. Max and Nashit continue to love it up at the diner and be all cute, which Caroline notices, but Max wants him gone from the diner but it seems nobody ever truly leaves the diner (maybe they forgot the Russian prostitute from the very first episode which meant Caroline got the job?). Anyway, Oleg is unhappy because he is practicing celibacy because of a Polish tradition before his wedding to Sophie while Han unveils a fancy new dishwashing device for the diner. It's mainly for Nashit as he washes dishes, but while handling the device, the water sprays all over Nashit's white shirt and, well, you can see everything - the whole body. I really want to be Nashit. Or be with him, I'm happy either way.

Nashit goes outside the kitchen to the gasps of the Sad Lady Book Club, which was hilarious. They fawn over him and hand him tissues which sparks an idea for Caroline to get him hired as a supermodel. At the High, Joedth has joined a new dating site, hilariously called "Le's Meet Up" and her suitors are not what she was hoping for. Caroline gets a notification of interest about Nashit but he'll need some photos taken. Oleg sets it up in the diner where they want Nashit to have a hook for the modelling photos by making him a sexy dishwasher. Sophie also arrives and is just as horny as Oleg. Nashit isn't doing a very grand job at the modelling until Caroline starts hosing him down with the dishwasher device. Which, let me just say, is hot. Han comes in and stops it. Later, they see if Nashit can do the "acting" side of it for commercials and whatnot, but again, not so good. Max seems to really get into the coaching thing and even gives acting the part a go which she does with ease. Actually really good at it haha.

Sophie comes to the girls' apartment as the celibacy thing is really taking its toll on her, especially since Oleg is now cleaning the apartment. They show her how bad Nashit is at the modelling tricks, such as the runway walk, to keep her mind off sex but hearing the noises of the vacuum upstairs keeps distracting Sophie. She caves and goes to the upstairs apartment to have sex with Oleg. At the office, the talk of modelling quicky turns to porn as it turns out, and Max and Caroline don't feel comfortable letting Nashit do it - until figures come into it. They debate it, but eventually decide otherwise when gay-for-pay comes into it. Also important to note there's a Lustin Beaver around - great name.

At the High, Caroline feels a little sad about Nashit. A woman named Marie comes to the diner, who looks so familiar to me, to meet Joedth. Marie spots Nashit and loves him instantly as she is a senior VP of marketing and speaks to Caroline about having Nashit go into her office to talk modelling. Nashit worries Max is upset but, as we all know, she's not really as she really wanted him out the diner, and apparently the apartment too? I didn't realise she really wanted to break up with him altogether, but never mind. It seems Nashit is moving on to bigger and better things all thanks to Max and Caroline.

Cupcake Total: $1,211.00 (up from $711.00)

Funniest Quotes

Max: The Sad Lady Book Club is reading Fifty Shades of Grey again. There's not a dry seat in the house.

Caroline: You two are so adorable, like Romeo and Juliet... except without the bright future.

Earl: (about never being able to leave the diner) It's true. I came in here in 1962 for a cup of coffee. Someone asked me to break a dollar and I never left!

Oleg: Pick up. Or don't. Who gives a crap?
Caroline: Well someone's in a bad mood. What's the matter Oleg? Did they discontinue Axe Body Spray?
Oleg: Don't even kid. No I'm really cranky 'cause I'm not having sex right now.
Max: Yeah I thought it was weird seeing both your hands while you were talking.

Oleg: Apparently the something blue at the wedding has got to be my balls.

Oleg: I feel like a bull in a vagina shop!

Han: Here ye! Here ye! I'm unveiling a major improvement to the diner.
Max: Well we'll miss you Han.
Han: Nice try Max but like Ryan Seacrest, I'll be here forever.

Earl: That is the worst gift I have ever received and last year my son bought me a coffin.

Han: If you work hard, I'll die childless with my mouth frozen in shock!

Caroline: Aw, there's nothing cuter than a hot guy holding a baby.

Han: Now grab that thing and squeeze it 'til it sprays.

The Sad Lady Book Club gasps.
Nashit: Oh, pardon me ladies, I'm all wet.
The Sad Lady Book Club gasps.

Caroline: He can be the future bulge of Calvin Klein.

Caroline: Good afternoon, welcome to the High. I'll have somebody get you some water. Not me 'cause I'm past that. You know, here.

Joedth: Apparently I had more issues about Rosie leaving The View.

Joedth: If you told me 10 years ago I'd be on a dating site called "Le's Meet Up", I would have told the youth pastor I was married to "you've lost your mind."

Oleg: Let me just change the settings. This camera is used to taking pictures 800 feet away.
Caroline: And we want those pictures back Oleg!

Sophie: Hey everybody. Just call me rush hour traffic 'cause I sure am horny.

Sophie: Oh Caroline, I don't know how you go years and years and years and years and years and years without doing the nasty.
Caroline: It's only been years and years.
Max: Come on!
Caroline: And years!

Sophie: Yeah my sister is a model in Poland and she has a hook. It's her left hand! It's also great for kebabs.

Sophie: Oh. You are sweating like an old knockwurst that has been left out in the sun. It's really breathtaking.

Oleg: Now I'm gonna start shooting.
Sophie: Yeah, shoot baby shoot!

Oleg: He's like Susan Boyle without the star quality.

Oleg: Yeah, yeah!
Sophie: Yeah yeah!

Max: This is a commercial for breakfast cereal, ugh, every actor's dream.

Max: I just can't with these rank amateurs Caroline.
Caroline: Max, calm down. It's a fake tryout for a cereal commercial, not Dance Moms.

Caroline: I'm tearing up and it's not just the black mold in here.

Sophie: Oleg's up there trying to seduce me by cleaning the apartment and it's... oh... so dirty.

Nashit: (after doing his runway walk) That was it.
Caroline: Oh, I thought you were going to pick up a pen.
Sophie: That's perfect. Now I'm completely turned off. Oh, watching that potato cross the room really did the trick.

Sophie: (after Caroline does her runway walk) Oh, even better. I mean, after that, they could film the sequel to Frozen on my lady parts.

Nashit: You know you like it. Bend over, bitch!
Max: Am we missing a page? Cereals have changed since I was a kid.

John: Did I hear Nash is going gay for pay? 'Cause I got four dollars burning a hole in my pocket.

Max: You're thinking of me Caroline. You know how much I love lady-tail.

Nashit: Well I'm a dishwasher. I'm from Ireland. Oh, I was trying to become a model but I almost did porn an hour ago.
Marie: That is the best story I've ever heard. Tell it to me again standing up but this time don't talk.

Joedth: (about Marie) She's obsessed with me.

Episode Verdict

I didn't realise how much I put in the favourite quotes bit until I just scrolled through there. Wow! It was a very quotable episode and I enjoyed it very much though not to the same extent as other episodes. Not a side-splitting episode but there were plenty of laughs here and there.

This episode really was about Nashit (or just Nash as I'm gonna call him now). I wonder then, is Nash leaving the show? I didn't expect Max to want him completely gone - out the apartment, out the diner - so was this his swan song? The scenes with him and the water hose were incredible, I have to admit, even though his modelling skills definitely needed work. It was a funny moment when they realised the modelling gig was actually for porn. I was urging him to do it to be honest.

The other main storyline was Sophie and Oleg's celibacy which was a silly idea for them to do. Did they realistically think they could do that for 30 days? Really? I did want them to make it but I think I speak for everyone when I say I expected them to not last very long. It was very funny to see their struggles though, especially during Nash's photoshoot at the back of the diner and Oleg is like "yeah, yeah" and Sophie's looking at him saying "yeah, yeah".

Max and Caroline really just facilitated the other storylines without any emphasis on themselves - though they still got great quotes in. I especially loved the opening with what Max says about the book club women, so funny. But there was actually zero mention of the cupcake business. Zero. I don't think that's ever happened before, even when episodes never focused on their business, it was still always mentioned, right? But nope, nada. I still enjoyed Max's "acting" in this when she was helping Nash and then getting him to move out and stuff. Caroline had a bit of a rocky start in the episode but I found her funnier as the episode moved along.

I do worry about Earl but at the same time, I think the "too old" and "close to death" jokes are his thing, like Han has the "you're not working" thing and Oleg has his "sex sex sex" thing, etc. Earl has been on top form this season though, delivering some truly wicked one-liners. Nice to know he's been a dedicated worker at the diner since 1962 though.

Overall, not a bad episode. Focus was shifted entirely from the main two characters which probably hindered the episode, but I guess it can't always be about them or that burden would be too heavy. Still funny.

What did you guys think of 'And the Look of the Irish'? Let me know in the comments and be sure to watch the next new episode of 2 Broke Girls on May 4th on CBS!

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