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Gavin's TV Show Graveyard - R.I.P. Reviews to Lost, The Secret Circle, Buffy, Charmed & So Much More

If you read my mid-season review for the 2014-15 television season, you may know that I watch a lot of television shows. What you may already suspect is that I used to watch a lot of television shows that are now gone from television, now resting in the TV Show Graveyard. I thought it would be pretty cool to share all of them as I have watched a huge variety of different types of television shows that never get covered on this site anymore because, well, they're dead. Stone cold dead. Some of them were given dignified deaths with announced final seasons and time to wrap things up, others were brutally murdered way before their time.

The list is alphabetical but because there are a lot of shows here and this article is very long, it could be handy to use the CTRL+F option to find any particular television shows you are looking for. If not and you just want to take a stroll through my television show graveyard, enjoy the walk and reminisce on the shows we have lost. May they rest in peace.

Date of Death: May 24, 2010

This little ABC Family sitcom gem premiered on July 7, 2009 and lasted only one season and 20 episodes. Like most ABC Family sitcoms, it died not long after it premiered. It's a shame, too, because I felt like this show was pretty good. Not great by any standard, but a good little show nonetheless. I'm not sad this is gone as I really don't miss it but I would have liked to have seen more of Kat (Lindsey Shaw) and Bianca (Meaghan Jette Martin). I liked their sister-dynamic and I am a big fan of the 1999 film starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger (may he rest in peace) so it was a weird concept to adapt it to a sitcom but I think it worked. It was also great that they carried the same father (played by Larry Miller) over from the film to this show. Some laughs were had, but not enough to keep people tuning in.

Best Episode of the Series: "Don't Leave Me This Way"

Date of Death: January 31, 2013

One of NBC's best comedies of the past decade premiered on October 11, 2006 and had a very healthy run of 7 seasons and 138 episodes. I didn't watch the show when it first premiered, I instead binge-watched the show in January 2011 while season five was on air. I loved Tina Fey beforehand, especially her work on Mean Girls, so that's what attracted me to the show. It truly was a great sitcom and one I will miss. I loved the setting being in Rockefeller Plaza and being 'behind-the-scenes' of a writers' room and backstage on set. Jenna was my favourite character for her sheer vanity and insane moments, for me she delivered some of the most funniest moments of the show. I loved the first live episode with Julia Louis-Dreyffus as Flashback Liz, it was amazing. I also loved the Queen of Jordan episode (the first one too) for some of its most quotable moments. Overall, 30 Rock had more great moments than not-so-great moments and the show ended at just the right time.

Best Episode of the Series: "Black Tie"

Date of Death: July 13, 2013

Premiering September 30, 2012 (on the night of the second season premieres of Once Upon a Time and Revenge, an amazing line-up), this show became one of many one-season flame-outs from ABC which is a huge shame considering I actually liked this show. Set in a very fancy hotel with John Locke (called Gavin, best name in the world if you ask me) and Wilhelmina Slater at the helm, what was not to love? A little bit campy but some of my favourite shows are. I believe there was still more to give with this show as it was really just getting its groove. I especially enjoyed the episodes around the Halloween season of 2012 which I found fun and fast-paced. Maybe if more episodes were like that, the show might have survived. But I enjoyed the episodes we were given and it ended in quite an intriguing way. It ended on a sort of cliffhanger as I would have loved to have known what happens next, but at the same time it tied some things up and had a very good send-off.

Best Episode of the Series: "A Crowd of Demons"

Date of Death: May 13, 2013

I watched about a season and a half of the original Beverly Hills, 90210 but I couldn't manage to keep going (no time, I enjoyed what I saw though). So I never really watched the original before jumping into this show on the recommendation of a couple of friends. To begin with, I wasn't too sure because it didn't appeal to me but once I got going, by the end of season one, I was loving it. The season one finale was amazing, then the start of season two continued the momentum. Naomi was a fantastic character and definitely ended up being the saving grace of the show when it started to go downhill around season four. I really lost interest by season five that I was pretty glad the show was cancelled before more seasons were produced. Five seasons and 114 episodes is definitely a good run, and it couldn't quite reach the 10 seasons and 293 episodes of the original, it was a good enough effort. It definitely fared better than the 2012 reboot of Dallas. All in all, this was an enjoyable teen soap that shone during its brightest parts, and really stunk during its darker days.

Best Episode of the Series: "One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer"

Date of Death: March 26, 2012

FOX didn't have a very good time in 2011-12 after both Terra Nova and Alcatraz premiered - and both ended up lasting only 13 episodes. This show premiered on January 26, 2012 and started out very promising, in both storyline and ratings, but fell apart thereafter. If I'm honest, I'm having a hard time remembering very much from this series, but I did love the concept. I guess I just wasn't as drawn in to the sub-plots and characters as I would have liked, so my investment in this show was very minimal. It wasn't a bad show in the least but I can see why it wasn't renewed, even though it ended on an awful cliffhanger (that I do remember) so some kind of warning would have been nice. Can't fault the acting but this just wasn't a memorable series.

Best Episode of the Series: "Pilot"

Date of Death: December 20, 2006

I haven't watched this show in years but the recent Orange Is the New Black helped me to get in the mood to dig this show out. This was a British drama that premiered on June 1, 1999 and lasted 8 seasons and 107 episodes. A great run for a British show. Again, I can't really remember too much about the show but I do remember some of the more disturbing parts, like an inmate getting her fingernails ripped off. Also, Yvonne being locked in an underground room by Fenner, a guard, who leaves her there to die. Fenner's death too, where he got stabbed in the neck by a knife made of ice was gruesome that led to a very scary Christmas special that involved his ghost haunting his killer. I actually couldn't sleep after watching that one, and bare in mind I was in my early teens so I was easily scared. This was still a fantastic prison drama and with Netflix's own show, I would love to see more prison dramas involving women. I never watched Prison Break but that might have to go on my list of shows to watch.

Best Episode of the Series: "Series Five, Episode Sixteen"

Date of Death: January 22, 2015

The show lasted one season and 13 episodes. If you would like to read my thoughts on this show, visit my mid-season review article.

Best Episode of the Series: "Judge and Jury"

Date of Death: July 26, 2014

I loved the film starring Cameron Diaz and I don't think there's enough shows that focuses on teachers in television right now, so I thought I'd give this little comedy a shot. I realise it wasn't a particularly fantastic sitcom and the audience agreed, leading to CBS shifting this show to the summer after premiering on April 24, 2014. There were laughs to be had here and I must say, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I liked the cast, including Sara Gilbert and Kristin Davis of Sex and the City, so I think I tuned in more for the cast than the show's material. I do that a lot actually, I usually only watch a show for an actor but lately I've been kicking that habit. Bad Teacher wasn't bad, it just didn't offer anything really new in the sitcom landscape and it's a pretty rough landscape to try and crack. A for effort.

Best Episode of the Series: "Fieldtrippers"

Date of Death: September 29, 2013

Even though this show premiered on January 20, 2008, I didn't start watching the show until after it was over. In May 2014, I bought all the Blu-rays because the hype and word-of-mouth of this show was incredible so I gave this show a shot. If I'm honest, at first, I wasn't entirely sucked in. The first season was good but in my then-current television show schedule, it wasn't standing out for me. But, I had all the Blu-rays and I had finished college so I had the time to plow through the episodes. I do not regret it. Once I got through season two, I was getting really excited for more, so I kept watching and watching and... it was over. I couldn't comprehend that such an excellent television show completely escaped me while it was on the air and now I had finished it and I didn't know what to do with myself. I loved a lot of the episodes and season five has to be the best final season of a show I have ever watched! The last few episodes, from "To'hajiilee" to "Felina" it was non-stop and I loved it. Instead of doing drugs, I prefer to marathon amazing television shows like Breaking Bad.

Best Episode of the Series: "Ozymandias"

Date of Death: May 8, 2011

I hated the pilot that aired on September 24, 2006. Well, I didn't exactly hate it, I just found it a bit boring and it didn't really suck me in. It was under the recommendation of a friend to watch this show so I still went ahead and watched the entire first season. It definitely got better and the entire family aspect of the show was becoming more and more my favourite thing about this show. I liked the direction of the story, how there was another Walker and at first we think it's Emily Thorne, I mean Amanda Clarke, I mean Rebecca Harper. The characters develop and we have the wonderful Sally Field as the matriarch of this very diverse family. By season two, I was completely drawn into the Walker family drama and it quickly became one of my favourite dramas by season three. Season five wasn't a picnic and the show was definitely showing signs of early retirement so when this show put down in May 2011, I was sad but mostly relieved. Five seasons and 109 episodes was a great enough run before this family really turned stale.

Best Episode of the Series: "Matriarchy"

Date of Death: May 20, 2003

This classic show premiered 18 years ago on March 10, 1997 and despite being staked 12 years ago, this show still shows signs of strength through the amazing fandom that is keeping it alive. This is among my top favourite shows of all-time for so many reasons. Hundreds of shows have premiered after Buffy but none have quite been as ground-breaking or inventive as this. Buffy could have survived many more seasons and 144 episodes just doesn't sound like enough to re-watch every year. Like a lot of '90s television shows, Buffy did have a lot of bad episodes and you can see its age through many DVD rewatches, but those stinkers don't detract from the phenomenal hours of television this show produced - the silent episode of Hush, the musical episode of Once More, with Feeling, etc. There's just so much more right with this show and to this day it still proves influential on other television shows and movies. I don't read the comics but Long Live Buffy!

Best Episode of the Series: "The Gift"

Date of Death: January 31, 2014

I loved the original Sex and the City series so when The Carrie Diaries was announced to premiere on January 14, 2013, I was ecstatic. Not only that, I was a little weary about it because it was going to be a prequel and I wasn't sure how they'd pull it off. Can I just say, AnnaSophia Robb makes an amazing Carrie Bradshaw. I think I ended up liking the Carrie Diaries version of Carrie more than I liked the original version with Sarah Jessica Parker playing her (but she is still the classic Carrie). I was immediately drawn in to this wacky show set in the '80s. Period dramas interest me as it's always fascinating to see how things were in the past and I don't think I could really call this a period drama as half the time I couldn't tell it was set in the '80s, but it was still enjoyable to watch nonethess. Some storylines were fantastic - I enjoyed Carrie's move to the Big Apple and Walt's sexuality and Larissa being Carrie's boss. Also, the introduction of Samantha Jones (the best Sex and the City character) made season two more than just great. The music used was very time appropriate and gave the show some authenticity. I just loved the characters and Carrie's quest to being fabulous. I was very heartbroken when this show was cancelled over Beauty and the Beast and I don't think I've fully recovered yet. I still find myself longing for more Carrie Bradshaw and the gang as there was so much more they could have explored with season three and beyond. Damn you CW! Despite all odds, this show still managed to air 26 great episodes.

Best Episode of the Series: "Express Yourself"

Date of Death: November 10, 2011

When this reboot began airing on September 22, 2011, I really wanted to watch it. I never watched the original (though I may one day) but I love the two films starring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Lui so I desperately wanted to like this show. I gave the show the first five episodes before I dropped it as I really didn't become invested in this. I did enjoy episode 4, "Angels in Chains", but as far as I'm aware it was a remake of a classic episode of the original. The show was quickly cancelled to the surprise of nobody so I just caved and watched the following three episodes to complete the show. This is definitely not a show I wish to resurrect. Maybe I was a bit too harsh upon first airing and I may give the show another rewatch but I can't bring myself to do it. I didn't like the change for Bosley to be an attractive man, but I thought with developers having worked on Smallville, I thought this show would have been so much better. I ended up disappointed. The show aired 7 episodes, but its 8th episode aired internationally.

Best Episode of the Series: "Angels in Chains"

Date of Death: May 21, 2006

Favourite show ever right here. This monumental show began on October 7, 1998 and ended 8 years later with 178 aired episodes (179 including the unaired pilot with Lori Rom instead of Alyssa Milano as Phoebe). I cannot say enough good things about this show. This show was the first show I ever really got addicted to watching and I waited with bated breath for every single episode. I think I could write an entire article on how much I love Charmed. There were some rotten episodes (the main one that comes to mind was the awful The Wedding From Hell episode of season one) but there were so many fantastic episodes, much like Buffy in that respect. Out of every show, Charmed is the one I have re-watched the most. I can name episodes off-by-heart and know exactly what each one was about - I was that obsessed. The main draw here was the witch aspect as I love anything to do with magic and witches. The Charmed Ones were fantastically portrayed in the first three seasons by Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano, later joined by the insatiable Rose McGowan for the final five seasons. So many demons and warlocks and bad guys that these girls had to battle but they did it incredibly. Piper and Leo are probably my all-time favourite television couple, and the Halliwell sisters are the best sisters too, in my opinion. I love that the show is continuing in comic-book form but it would be so, so good to have a television movie or something with all four Charmed Ones. The series finale was perfect though (minus the fact that Prue didn't have a photo on the wall though I understand why, it still hurts) and I don't think I'd change anything else about it.

Best Episode of the Series: "All Hell Breaks Loose"

Date of Death: April 17, 2014

R.I.P. Robin Williams. I really, really wanted this show to be a success for him, and for Sarah Michelle Gellar, but alas, it wasn't so. It's a shame because there was quite a lot to enjoy about this sitcom. I really enjoyed the pilot with Kelly Clarkson and I was looking forward to so much more. This wasn't the most ingenius sitcom ever and there was a lot of reliance on Robin's style of humour which was fine by me. Premiering on September 26, 2013, it looked like this show would be another CBS hit but it wasn't to be. 22 episodes later, the show ended and it would also be Robin Williams' final television role when he died four months later. So sad. I don't think I can rewatch this show just yet as it would be a little emotional considering, but it definitely wasn't a bad show and I enjoyed most of it. The cast did a wonderful job here.

Best Episode of the Series: "The Monster"

Date of Death: February 22, 2013

Along with the 2004-05 new hits including Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, etc. CSI: New York premiered on September 22. That television season was very good for new shows and the New York spin-off of CSI is my second-favourite CSI series, behind Las Vegas. I always thought New York would be the first CSI to be cancelled though so I was pleasantly surprised when Miami was cancelled (could never get into Miami). For starters, I love the city a lot. Never been but it's number-one in my places to visit so to have a CSI set there was something I was invested in before I even watched the show. Secondly, the characters were so watchable, including Mac and Stella who led a very great cast. Like its CSI-sisters, the show featured a lot of sensational episodes that it actually was hard to remember which one was my favourite. The show went at the right time too with 9 seasons under its belt and a total of 197 episodes (I do wish there were 3 more episodes to hit that landmark 200). Season 9 was a little too dry for me so it went out with a whimper, but the show was once great and I'll always remember it for those early days.

Best Episode of the Series: "Snow Day"

Date of Death: September 22, 2014

For years I wanted to watch the original Dallas that aired from 1978 to 1991 but never thought I'd get into it considering its age. Fortunately, the reboot came along on June 13, 2012 so I could get a little taste of the show I was missing. I may speak for some minority but I loved this reboot. Much like I did with 90210 in its heyday, I really got caught into Dallas from around the end of season one to much of season two. The show stumbled a little after the death of Larry Hagman that made the first half of season three a little dull, but things heated up in the mid-season finale to the end of season three. Storylines were picking up and we had intense moments that were a little over-the-top but completely amazing to watch. I just always remember a few lines, including the crude "now go home and kiss your wife" to the jaw-dropping "may I join you?" And then the show had to end on its biggest cliffhanger of all - the death of Christopher. Damn, I really wanted to see how the characters would have reacted to that. So much goodness set up for Season 4, damn you TNT!

Best Episode of the Series: "Boxed In"

Date of Death: May 13, 2012

Along with Charmed and Buffy, Desperate Housewives rounds out my top three. I usually can't decide between this show and Charmed for my top spot, but either way this show is just incredible to me. The main reasons are the addictive characters that lead this show - Susan, Bree, Lynette and Gabby - that makes every episode, even the poorer ones, enjoyable to watch. Also, the fantastic writing behind most of the show too, led by genius Marc Cherry who gave us this wonderful show. Season one is, of course, the best season with quality from start to finish and a mystery so inticing it made Housewives the hottest show of 2004-05, but I actually prefer the show's fourth season. Housewives featured a lot of fantastic episodes, including the disaster episodes like Bang, and season finales and premieres that always delivered a tantalising dish, and it's another show I could talk all day about. Be sure to check out my 10th anniversary article if you missed it.

Best Episode of the Series: "One Wonderful Day" / "Something's Coming"

Date of Death: January 29, 2010

Dollhouse is a show I wasn't sure I was going to like, I only checked the show out because Joss Whedon was behind it as well as Buffy's Eliza Dushku. I wasn't totally convinced to begin with but I persevered and I am so glad I did. I haven't watched this show since it aired though I own both seasons on Blu-ray so I definitely need to refresh my memory, but I do remember loving the concept of the show and how the people within the dollhouse are implemented fake memories to carry out missions of all kinds. I mean, what a totally cool concept, and I thought the execution of that concept was perfect. Eliza Dushku played a great main character here and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her lead the cast of characters we had, including the Adelle DeWitt who I always remember saying "I would no sooner allow you near one of our other actives as I would a mad dog near a child. Given that you’re a raping scumbag one tick shy of a murderer. I can't recall, do you take sugar?" That quote has stood the test of time with me and it shows exactly the great humour this show had as well as mesmerising action sequences.

Best Episode of the Series: "The Attic"

Date of Death: June 22, 2014

In 2009, I didn't know much about a network called Lifetime, only that it had a show called Army Wives that I never watched. I saw an advert for Drop Dead Diva and thought it looked pretty cool, so I checked it out after the show premiered on July 12, 2009 and thought it was such a fun, cute show. The whole idea of a model dying and her spirit entering a plus-sized lawyer was incredible and opened the show up to very relevant themes and messages important to today's society. Brooke Elliot as the insatiable Jane Bingum was always, always a joy to watch. I found myself crying at the end of some episodes because the content would always have a moral and a lesson to be learned and I loved that about this show, it became a great guilty pleasure. The show was really finding its feet when it got early cancelled at the end of season four. I didn't think I would have cared so much but I really did. It ended on a cliffhanger that would have made a perfect season five, and then Lifetime came to their senses and renewed the show for two more seasons and gave the writers a chance to wrap things up in season six. It was a very perfect ending and it makes me so happy as a fan. I still miss these characters on my television but at least I know they all ended up happy, and Deb and Grayson finally reunited. Also, I miss the "see that aspiring model there? That's me, Deb!..." introduction as I can recite that off-by-heart.

Best Episode of the Series: "Change of Heart"

Date of Death: February 14, 2010

Anybody who knows me knows I love Maggie Friedman's Eastwick. I also loved Witches of East End, but there's a whole section for that coming up. Eastwick was the first show where I would literally stay up all night to wait for the episodes to come online just to watch it - I was obsessed. The story was fantastic and the characters were so entertaining, all of them, seriously all of them. I loved Rebecca Romijn's hilarious Roxie, Jaime Ray Newman's grounded Kat, Lindsay Price's dorky Joanna, Paul Gross's sexy Daryl Van Horne(y), and even Sara Rue's amazing Penny. Just all of it. Every single episode was a thrill ride for me and I couldn't get enough. I still can't. I re-watch this show every year and just 13 episodes is definitely not enough, especially when it ends on a cliffhanger and we have no idea what happens next. Oh how I wish we knew. I never realised such a small show would have this big an impact on me. Out of every single cancellation in the history of cancellations, this show is my #1 most hated cancellation. I would cancel a hundred shows to get this one back. So much potential lost here. I can quote characters and remember what happens in every episode. I can remember the airdates off-by-heart and the episode titles. Honestly, I don't think you'll ever meet a bigger Eastwick fan than me.

Best Episode of the Series: "Tea and Psychopathy"

Date of Death: February 5, 2013

Emily Owens, M.D. is another show I need to rewatch as I find it hard to completely remember what happened. The show premiered on October 16, 2012, and I think if the show had of premiered on The CW this year, it would have been renewed with its ratings. It's really funny to see how cancelled shows on The CW from a couple of years before would have been decent performers now. I do remember liking this show and thinking it was a cute little medical drama, perfect for the CW. I liked that there was some competition between the nice Emily and her school rival Cassandra (who we can now enjoy in How to Get Away with Murder, love Aja Naomi King), and the sexuality storyline of Tyra who is the daughter of the chief of surgery (we can also enjoy Kelly McCreary in Grey's Anatomy, both stars moving to Shondaland). I wasn't really fussed about the love triangle between Emily, Will and Micah, I really just watched the show for its characters and how they interacted. I remember thinking this show was Mean Girls meets Grey's Anatomy. Alas, the show only lasted 13 episodes, ending on a cliffhanger to who Emily chooses but the show creator let us know what happened next which was an awesome thing to do for the fans.

Best Episode of the Series: "Emily and... the Perfect Storm"

Date of Death: May 1, 1998

This is a show my father would watch constantly as I was growing up (not really age appropriate) and I ended up loving it. This is a hilarious British comedy that began on April 25, 1995 and lasted 3 seasons and 25 episodes. British shows have weird episode counts and I wish there was more, but unfortunately the actor of the titular Ted passed away literally 24 hours after finishing filming the third and final season of the show. This might be my second-favourite British comedy, after The Vicar of Dibley. Something that's rare these days lives in Father Ted - each and every character is hilarious. Every episode has something funny within, unlike current sitcoms where some episodes are just so unfunny it's hilariously bad, but Father Ted is something I could rewatch and still laugh at. It's an old show now but still a classic. If you haven't seen this show, I'd definitely recommend it - go on. Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on...

Best Episode of the Series: "A Christmassy Ted"

Date of Death: May 6, 2004

Now this show is my favourite sitcom of all-time, American or otherwise. September 22, 1994 was a monumental day in which this sitcom superstar premiered and lasted an impressive 10 seasons and 236 episodes, ending one day before my birthday on May 6, 2004. Friends has a plethora of standout episodes that proves this as one of the best sitcoms of all-time. The characters - Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross - each bring their own unique sense of comedy that makes this show a memorable one. The Ross and Rachel aspect of the show wasn't annoying for me like other show's on-and-off relationships and it just made the inevitable reunion at the end all the more sweet. Speaking of the end, what a perfect send-off. Funny from start to finish yet it still manages to make me cry like a baby when the gang hugs and heads to Central Perk for one last coffee. Part of me really wants another episode, or movie, but a bigger part knows it could potentially ruin the amazing wrap-up of the show's final season that I'd rather have the fond memories of a truly great show than have something come along and taint it. Friends had the best run and I'll always love it.

Best Episode of the Series: "The One Where Everybody Finds Out"

Date of Death: January 18, 2013

FOX struck gold on September 9, 2008 by welcoming the world to a truly inventive, genius sci-fi. The pilot was pretty epic and season one featured some insanely entertaining episodes revolving around the crazy, wonderful world of sci-fi. Before Fringe and even Lost, I was never really interested in that genre but this show changed my outlook on it. In its heyday, Fringe was one of the best shows I was watching (and I do watch a lot) which really showed me how special this kind of show was. I absolutely loved John Noble as Walter Bishop and found him extremely funny yet wise - a total genius. Anna Torv was also fantastic as Olivia and Joshua Jackson as Peter, and every season featured some mind-bending development that kept me watching through all 5 seasons and 100 episodes. FOX were extremely kind to fans for keeping this on air despite its ratings decline and we did get the perfect run. I never would have thought this show would reach 100 episodes by the end of season 2 when things were looking desolate, but I'm so glad it did. Season 3 is probably my favourite season.

Best Episode of the Series: "Over There, Part One" / "Over There, Part Two"

Date of Death: May 6, 2012

I don't think I've ever had so much fun watching a show as I did with Good Christian Bitches. I knew from its very first episode that aired on March 4, 2012 that I would love watching this show. You know when you just need a totally silly kind of drama to watch that doesn't take itself too seriously? GCB had that and I loved it. There was a lot to love here, including its colourful cast of characters, including the delightful Kristin Chenoweth as Carlene Cockburn, the "Queen Bitch". One thing I always remember from this show was the hilarious "This Little Light of Mine" audition between Carlene and Cricket. Man, the whole cast were great in this. I really do wish there could have been more than just 10 episodes because I don't think this show would have lost that southern charm.

Best Episode of the Series: "Pride Comes Before a Fall"

Date of Death: May 21, 2010

Oh man, how I used to adore this show. Back in 2007, I only kept up with about five or six shows including Ghost Whisperer and I couldn't express how much in love I was with this show. Premiering September 23, 2005, Ghost Whisperer will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year and I can't quite believe it's been that long. The first season - with Melinda, Jim and Andrea - was an amazing premiere season. The characters had fantastic chemistry and Melinda and Jim had to be the best television couple since Ross and Rachel, and Piper and Leo. The first season finale with the plane crash was incredible, resulting in the death of Aisha Tyler's Andrea (whom I truly loved) in a shocking twist. It was hard to warm up to Camryn Manheim's Delia to begin with because I didn't want anybody to replace Andrea, but by the end of the show I really liked her. Season 2 and 3 continued the show with fantastic storytelling and ghost stories that really separated this show from others. I would always find myself crying alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt's Melinda when she'd cross a spirit over into the light. Without fail I'd cry. The only downside came with the introduction of Jamie Kennedy's Eli who I really, really didn't like, and for me, he dragged the show down into cancellation. I didn't like season five but I was still hoping there'd be a sixth season to wrap things up and hopefully fix the problems (Eli) the show had. The death of Jim was also shocking but I'm so glad things worked out by the end. I'm hoping to do a 10th anniversary article at the end of the year so keep an eye out on that for my complete thoughts on this show.

Best Episode of the Series: "Free Fall" / "The One"

Date of Death: December 14, 2001

This show is definitely one of the most side-splitting comedies I have ever seen and that is largely due to Kathy Burke's amazing character of Linda La Hughes. This is definitely the British version of 2 Broke Girls except with an overweight ginger sex-craved woman and a gay guy as leads. Gimme Gimme Gimme is definitely grittier and funnier than 2 Broke Girls though as it really pushes the envelope for the dirty kind of humour 2 Broke Girls aims for. I can laugh and laugh at this show all day long and I can still remember a lot of the hilarious things that happen in this show. Linda is probably one of my favourite sitcom characters ever, she really thinks she's the sexiest woman alive and her ignorance to that fact is just funny to watch. There was also only 3 seasons and 19 episodes of this show (as I've said, British shows have very weird episode totals) so not really giving us a great deal of episodes to watch.

Best Episode of the Series: "Glad to Be Gay?"

Date of Death: March 20, 2015

The most recent casualty in my TV Show Graveyard having died two days ago. I very recently watched the series finale so I'm still a little emotional while writing this. After premiering on May 19, 2009 and lasting 6 seasons and 121 episodes, Glee passed its prime sometime during its fourth season, so its recent end was very much welcome but the sting of it actually being gone is going to be hard to get over. Glee, during its early years, was a fantastic show. It moved me to tears a lot of the times and it introduced me to new artists I had never heard of while providing an updated sound to a lot of music I already loved. A lot of songs from Glee I listen to almost every day and I bet I still will for years to come. A bit more personally though, Glee helped me to come out while season one was in the middle of airing so this show will always have a special place in my heart for that purpose. It's also helped me to really try for my dreams, something I learned from Rachel Berry, my favourite character. I learned so much from this show which might sound corny but I really did. Unfortunately, I didn't like the show's fifth season though I enjoyed episodes here and there and I found the final season to be an improvement with some very sweet moments and a great, great finale (minus Marley who I would have liked to have been there). It was also very emotional when actor Cory Monteith died which meant Finn Hudson died also. The Quarterback episode was just an emotional rollercoaster and it's very hard to watch, but it's still beautiful in its tribute to the late actor. May he and the show now rest in peace.

Best Episode of the Series: "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle"

Date of Death: December 11, 2014

The show lasted one season and 10 episodes. If you would like to read my thoughts on this show, visit my mid-season review article.

Best Episode of the Series: "Episode Ten"

Date of Death: July 11, 2009

One by one. That phrase still rings in my head today and it's kind of annoying to be fair, but I loved this little murder mystery mini-series. I'm glad it was only a one-season deal though I'm sure there was an option to extend if the show did well enough so even though I wish it did do better, I'm glad this didn't drag on. The weekly deaths were such an exciting part of the show and I feared for a lot of characters. Katie Cassidy did a fantastic job as Trish and I didn't expect her fiancé, Henry, to be in cahoots with the killer which made her death scene all the more devastating. The best and most heart-breaking death scene was the double-death of Cal and Chloe. Lovers in life and died in death with the most tear-inducing soundtrack in the background. The best thing about this show was how different and unique a lot of the death scenes were which made this feel like a mega-horror-movie.

Best Episode of the Series: "Splash"

Date of Death: February 8, 2010

I don't think I've watched a show that flamed up its creative potential as quickly as Heroes. The first season that began on September 25, 2006 showed so much promise that continued through those first 23 episodes. It was riveting stuff watching these diverse characters connect in unimaginable ways, each with special powers. I especially loved the Claire and Sylar stuff in the first season, but that kind of went dry fast. I don't think I was as critical of the second season as a lot of people were as I still liked the show, and I really did enjoy most of season three but I could tell the storytelling was getting strained. I wasn't the biggest fan of season four, but the way it ended made me want a fifth season so I was crushed when it wasn't granted. Fortunately, Heroes Reborn is coming so hopefully that can live up to the original quality of this show, but my expectations are staying somewhat low until I see it with my own eyes.

Best Episode of the Series: "Homecoming"

Date of Death: February 14, 2004

On January 12, 2001, Lizzie McGuire premiered and brought Disney Channel some great success along with it. Lizzie is far from being my favourite Disney Channel show (that accolade is held by That's So Raven) but this show was a great show to watch while growing up. Not an awful lot is coming back to me about this show but I remember how much I loved the friendship aspect of the show and that it was set in a school where people could wear normal clothes (being in England we wear uniforms) so Lizzie McGuire made me want to attend an American school so much. I should be glad I didn't because I used to wear the most awful clothes as a kid (thanks mum), but I digress. Hilary Duff was a great role model to tweens and the show was so much fun. The movie that followed (that I went to see in the cinema, no shame) was a great film too. "Hey now, hey now, this is what dreams are made of." Yeah, I'm really not helping my image of being cool here.

Best Episode of the Series: "Clue-Less"

Date of Death: May 23, 2010

We all have this show to thank for DarkUFO and SpoilerTV, and for that, this makes Lost the most influential show on my list. Premiering September 22, 2004, Lost so rightly blew its way onto television with record ratings and kept an insanely dedicated following for 6 seasons and 121 episodes. I didn't watch this show until 2009 after the first five seasons aired, so I ploughed through them on DVD, making me so grateful I never had to wait weeks or months between episodes and seasons. It made it hard waiting for season six, which I enjoyed looking back on it, but season five is my favourite. Even though Lost isn't one of my favourite shows, I always appreciate the quality of the various episodes of the show, including the epic two-part premiere. And the three-part season one finale. And so many more episodes. I think this is the show I have said "wow" to the most while watching. There's always things I would have loved more of but I can't really say I'd change anything about it. Things could always be improved in regards to the end but it was the best I could have asked for considering there was so much to wrap up and I do believe they did the best they could.

Best Episode of the Series: "Pilot, Part One" / "Pilot, Part Two"

Date of Death: March 12, 2013

ABC Family usually has hit and misses when it comes to its scripted outings and this one I wouldn't really call a hit either. The Lying Game premiered on August 15, 2011 and I initially overlooked the show even though it was related to Pretty Little Liars in a way by same authorship of the book series it's based on. But again, a friend pressured me into watching and so I gave it a shot. There's only 30 episodes to watch spread over 2 seasons so not too much to catch up on and I really enjoyed binge-watching this show. There isn't too much originality to be found here and it's by no means a great TV show, but it was fine. I liked it. I loved Charisma Carpenter in this and I was hoping for at least a wrap-up but yet again, another show bites the dust before it's allowed the time to end on its own terms. It's a shame but I don't really miss this show.

Best Episode of the Series: "The Grave Truth"

Date of Death: May 14, 2012

Before I got sucked into Pretty Little Liars, Make It or Break It was the ABC Family hit I enjoyed the most. I really didn't think a show revolving around girls doing gymnastics would entice me but boy, it did. My heart would be in my mouth every time the main characters performed a routine with that fear that something could go wrong, and sometimes things did go wrong. I enjoyed the dynamics between the characters too; I loved that Lauren was such a bitch. The show was doing great for the show's first two seasons, but things fell apart when Chelsea Hobbs left the show. It was a shocking direction for her character but necessary due to the actress's real life situation but season 3 just felt so odd without her. I didn't enjoy the last season much so I was glad it ended with the 8 episodes it was ordered. I liked how the girls succeeded in achieving their goals and dreams that we've rooted for since the beginning of the show, but it still left a sour taste in my mouth that Emily Kmetko was the only main character who didn't. Sorely disappointed in that.

Best Episode of the Series: "Are We Family?"

Date of Death: December 24, 2012

Ahh, Merlin. My favourite British show. It had everything I love about a show with magic in it and I didn't think I'd be so taken by it. I love the legend of King Arthur so to see this whole thing play out in 5 seasons and a healthy 65 episodes was a delight. The show wasn't great all the time and I found the first season to be a little cheesy, but season two picked up the pace that carried right through seasons three and four. The story with Morgana, who began the show as a good guy, turned to the dark side as we all know by legend, and I couldn't help but root for her and hope she'd go back to the lightness we knew she was capable of. She was a great foe but was dispatched of far too easily in the series finale. I loved the Merlin and Arthur relationship too. The show ended at the right time, even though the show was pulling in fantastic numbers for the BBC so at least the network also knew it was best to let the show go out on a high rather than keep it running until all of its creative juices were squeezed right out of it.

Best Episode of the Series: "The Fires of Idirsholas"

Date of Death: August 27, 2014

The show lasted one season and 10 episodes. If you would like to read my thoughts on this show, visit my mid-season review article.

Best Episode of the Series: "Sister Issues"

Date of Death: April 11, 2014

This wacky show began on September 26, 2012 and I remember everybody thought it was going to fail right out the gate. I expected it to fail too and I am very glad it didn't really. Sure, ratings crumbled throughout the first season and the move to Fridays didn't help, but it still lasted longer than a lot of people thought with 2 seasons and 44 total episodes. The Neighbors was actually a funny sitcom that never tried to be more than its silly premise. Jackie Joyner-Kersee was my favourite. There were a lot of meta-moments and popular culture references that made this show quite relevant and funny to me. I always remember the season one finale when the show's renewal wasn't yet confirmed and Larry Bird says something like "we have at least six, seven more seasons, I mean years" to George Takei who was also amazing in the show. The move to Friday wasn't meant to last though I kind of thought it was doing decently enough for a third season. Goodbye Weavers!

Best Episode of the Series: "I Believe I Can Drive"

Date of Death: December 27, 2013

September 9, 2010 brought us the CW's retelling of La Femme Nikita, a show I never watched and I wasn't going to watch this either but, again, a friend recommended I start. Partly why I am so glad I did was because Maggie Q was glorious in her role as Nikita. I loved Lyndsy Fonseca from Desperate Housewives so it was awesome seeing her kick some ass too. I don't really watch spy thrillers or shows of this genre until Dollhouse but Nikita is what really sold me on the genre. It wasn't just about kicking ass but I loved the characters and they had stories to tell. The villains, first Percy then Amanda, were fantastic villains. They were perfect foes and obviously Xander Berkeley and Melinda Clarke played Percy and Amanda beautifully. 4 seasons and 73 episodes later, Nikita ended very satisfactory to me on December 27, 2013. I kind of do wish season 4 had more than just a meagre 6 episodes but it did make the final season fast and thrilling. Miss you already Nikita!

Best Episode of the Series: "Clean Sweep"

Date of Death: April 5, 2011

Oh man, this show had so much potential!! ABC, always bloody cancelling. First of all, Julie Benz. What's not to love about this show when it has her in it? Also later on, Lucy Lawless! AND Rebecca Mader. The show was getting so, so good before it ended too that it made its cancellation feel like a super-punch to the gut. A super-hero show but with the heart of family. I do love super-hero shows and The Flash is doing great right now and I love it, but what made this one different was that it was very much about this family, first and foremost. It could get a little silly and weird, but I loved it and man, that ending. There was so much story here. Only 1 season and 20 episodes to enjoy re-watching.

Best Episode of the Series: "No Ordinary Powell"

Date of Death: April 6, 2011

Off the Map, associated to Shonda Rhimes who acted as executive producer, I expected to be a bit of a hit. Alas, it was not, but it didn't make this little show any less enjoyable. I kinda liked it, though it hasn't made a lasting impression on me as character names have escaped me and I can only remember parts of what happened in the show. I do remember Rachelle Lefevre's character had a disease that affected her heart which was a good storyline. I remember a helicopter crash and snakes and other bizarre but entertaining cases that separated this medical drama from Grey's Anatomy. Not a bad show but not very memorable either with just 1 season and 13 episodes.

Best Episode of the Series: "Es Un Milagro"

Date of Death: April 3, 2014

I automatically assumed Once Upon a Time in Wonderland would be just as good as its parent show, Once Upon a Time. I was wrong. I wasn't a big fan of the show for its first few episodes but I found it was gradually getting better as the show progressed. Jafar is a fantastic Disney villain, one of my favourites, but I didn't think Naveen Andrews had what I loved about the animated version. There was nothing wrong with his take on the character but I much prefer the Disney original. I liked some of the twists and turns in the later episodes and I really rooted for Will and Anastasia. I really liked them as a couple but with the addition of Will in Once Upon a Time without Anastasia, I feel like it's undone the perfect ending this show had. And oh, it was a perfect happy ending that I wish kept intact. 1 season and 13 episodes is all we get though, and that's fine because it was a nice little mini-series, darrrrrling.

Best Episode of the Series: "And They Lived..."

Date of Death: April 4, 2012

When it comes to teen dramas, One Tree Hill has to be one of the best and possibly my favourite teen drama of all-time. This show had a very healthy 9 seasons and 187 episodes, so close to 200. The show would get a little crazy sometimes (hello Nathan's kidnapping in season 9) but there were still a lot of fantastic and very relevant storylines throughout its run. I'm one of those people who doesn't really care for ships so I never focused on the love octagons on the show, but I did quite like the Lucas-Peyton-Brooke triangle mainly because both Peyton and Brooke were great characters and they both got a turn of Lucas. I can't write about One Tree Hill and not mention a couple of standout episodes that made the show shine. The hostage in season 3, for instance, had one of the most jaw-dropping moments I had ever seen when I first watched it when Dan kills his brother. That was an adrenalin-rushing episode. Also, the prom episodes where Psycho Derek held both Brooke and Peyton hostage. There were a lot of hostages on the show. I thought the show did go a little downhill when Lucas and Peyton left as I really didn't enjoy Season 7 until the end, but I thought Season 8 was a big improvement over season 7 and the final season was great. I just wish Peyton returned for the final season and Lucas had more than just 1 episode. I'll finish by saying "I don't want to be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately! All I have to do is think of me and I have peace of mind! I'm tired of looking 'round rooms wondering what I've got to do or who I'm supposed to be. I don't want to be anything other than me!"

Best Episode of the Series: "With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept"

Date of Death: December 25, 2003

Au contraire! Another show my father watched all the time, his favourite show ever, and it rubbed off on me. I don't watch the show unless it's on television but I can appreciate why this show would be a lot of people's favourite British sitcom. Del Boy's dream of "this time next year we'll be millionaires" was a recurring, seemingly impossible task but David Jason portrayed Del Boy in a way that we have to believe he's going to get there someday, and surprisingly they do. This isn't just a sitcom that's hilarious but there's also a story there and you can't help but be overjoyed when Del Boy does become a millionaire. The moment it happens in the auction house, while ridiculously funny, is also touching because he made it! Del Boy has a plethora of catchphrases and zingers that defy time, like "you plonker", "oh shut up you tart" and "you saucy old git". Iconic scenes such as Del Boy and Rodney dressed as Batman and Robin running, Del Boy falling through the bar flap and the Trotters dropping the chandelier proves this sitcom is an absolute British treasure. Lovely jubbly.

Best Episode of the Series: "Heroes and Villains"

Date of Death: February 24, 2015

I literally only started watching this show because of one scene I saw on Facebook a couple of years ago when Leslie and the others are walking on ice. I couldn't stop laughing at it and so I decided to give the entire show a watch. I wasn't disappointed. Parks and Recreation began on April 9, 2009 and lasted 7 seasons and 125 episodes. The main draw for this show was the hilarious star Amy Poehler and her wacky character Leslie Knope who so happens to be one of my favourite sitcom characters ever. In its prime, this show was an absolute hoot and I'd find myself enjoying the situations in Pawnee, though a lot of the people who lived in that town were terrible! 7 seasons is such a good run and Parks ended at the right time. I feel like the final season sacrificed laughs by making it a complete send-off, playing more on emotion rather than comedy. It was a very sweet way to say goodbye but I didn't laugh very much during the show's final outing which is a huge shame considering I know this show was capable of great things. I will still miss those characters though and I'm glad they each got their happy ending.

Best Episode of the Series: "Harvest Festival"

Date of Death: November 12, 2012

The only reason I started watching this comedy was for Sophia Bush. I wanted to drop it but when it was cancelled, I didn't really need to. Partners premiered September 24, 2012 and aired only 6 episodes on CBS before being pulled. The rest of the episodes, totalling 13, aired in other countries and I have yet to see the last 3 episodes actually, so I still haven't completed this show 2 and a half years later. I'm not in any rush as it wasn't a particularly good sitcom. It had its moments for sure but this was just another show I watched purely because I like an actress in it. I may need to re-watch the show to pick up on more of the funnier things I may have forgotten about but the fact I've forgotten doesn't leave a very good impression. I do remember a funny moment with Sophia Bush's character and a fan. That's about it.

Best Episode of the Series: "2 Broke Guys"

Date of Death: January 22, 2013

Ah, the ultimate Grey's Anatomy spin-off that was an actual joy to watch. Private Practice, which premiered September 26, 2007, retained the charm of its parent show Grey's Anatomy. That was largely due to the fantastic cast the show managed to maintain throughout though we had a couple of departures and returns, but the majority were constant. Focusing on Kate Walsh's amazing Addison Montgomery who I loved in Grey's Anatomy, the show toned things down from the hectic goings-on in a busy hospital to a very nice set of a small practice. That didn't mean storylines were any less big because they really were. The first major one I can remember is when that crazy woman thinks her baby is inside Violet in the season 2 finale. So excited by that. Not just that, but the rape of Charlotte King by Xander Harris was a brutal episode, one that was gorgeously written by the Queen, Shonda Rhimes. I felt myself cry more than I did smile, especially during the show's darker moments. Amy Brenneman's Violet was a favourite of mine and I loved the introduction of Amelia Shepherd so I am over the moon Caterina Scorsone joined the cast of Grey's Anatomy last year. She was not a character to be wasted. I do miss Private Practice, but 6 seasons and 111 episodes ended the show on just the right note.

Best Episode of the Series: "Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?"

Date of Death: February 4, 2014

I firstly apologise because I really didn't like this show. I love Pretty Little Liars but this spin-off, Ravenswood, never should have happened. Ever. Caleb seeing and interacting with ghosts? This show basically zapped any realism from its parent Pretty Little Liars which was a very, very bad thing. If this show had of just been on its own and not associated with PLL in any way, then fair enough, it wasn't that bad. But ABC Family should have never let this show move into development. I like Caleb but he couldn't lead the show and the supporting characters were very two-dimentional. I'm already flushing the memories of this show out of my brain and pretending like it didn't happen. This show came mid-season 4 of PLL when I was starting to lose interest in PLL anyway, so Ravenswood did not help. I liked that Ashley Benson appeared in the finale and Miranda died in the first episode, that was a nice surprise, but the show needed stronger characters and a bit more believability to actually be good. Unfortunately it was not to be, and neither was this show when it was cancelled after only 10 episodes.

Best Episode of the Series: "My Haunted Heart"

Date of Death: February 7, 2015

The show lasted one season and 13 episodes. If you would like to read my thoughts on this show, visit my mid-season review article.

Best Episode of the Series: "What I Did For Love"

Date of Death: May 21, 2014

Another confession, I still haven't seen the last half of season 2 so I haven't quite finished this show yet but I wasn't very much impressed with the first half of the season that I don't feel in the mood to finish this show just yet. I enjoyed the first season which premiered on September 17, 2012. Another show that showed promise very early on but ratings couldn't quite stretch the 2 seasons that aired and the 42 total episodes. I love post-apocalyptic shows that offer a different look at the world and how humanity would survive without certain necessities and Revolution was great at displaying that at first. I started to lose interest in the characters and the world when season 2 rolled along but after what I heard about how season 3 was going to go, I'm kinda sad we won't get to see that. It would motivate me to finish season 2. Right now, I'm in no rush.

Best Episode of the Series: "The Dark Tower"

Date of Death: April 17, 2012

Ahh, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Her third appearance in my TV Show Graveyard after Buffy and The Crazy Ones. I really want her to have a successful show since Buffy has been dead for 12 years now and I actually thought Ringer would be that show. I really enjoyed Ringer even though at times it confused me and I was left thinking "what?" sometimes but overall, there was a good story here. I loved the twin concept (before The Lying Game rolled around) and that there was so much more to Siobhan, the twin Bridget ends up replacing when it appears Siobhan has killed herself. Watching Bridget try to keep her secret that she's not really Siobhan was thrilling and there were twists and turns galore that kept me watching the entire 22 episodes this show aired in 1 season. That cliffhanger though where we discover Siobhan wanted Bridget dead and the twins were finally going to see each other. Yet another show on this list with a painful cliffhanger that needs to play out. I want closure.

Best Episode of the Series: "I'm the Good Twin"

Date of Death: March 20, 2012

The very short, 8-episode run of The River began on February 7, 2012 and ended a month and a half later. The promotional posters and promos for the show made me very interested in seeing this show and I enjoyed it for what it was. It felt very Paranormal Activity and the scary atmosphere of the show was exactly what I needed in my mix of TV shows at the time. I loved the setting, its atmosphere and how secluded it made the characters - there was so much potential here! I did find myself genuinely frightened during the baby dolls episode and when characters would be alone. The characters didn't exactly make a lasting impression as names have escaped me again but it would have been good if Netflix actually did pick this show up because there was yet another cliffhanger involving the crazy but exciting changing of the river from a birds-eye view.

Best Episode of the Series: "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

Date of Death: April 24, 2003

This one is for the ages. I used to watch Sabrina as a kid with my sister and I'd point my finger expecting magic to come out but alas, I was no witch. This is a show I have watched episodes multiple times for and I love re-watching the Halloween and Christmas specials when those times of year roll around. Melissa Joan Hart is amazing as Sabrina Spellman and I loved the dynamic she had with her two aunts - Hilda and Zelda. Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick were the most wonderful pair of aunts on television (even to this day) and they make me want to live in that house with the wonderful Spellman family. It was mainly the first several seasons that I love, especially the first three or four. The show underwent several cast changes, and who really remembers the new characters in the show's final season? The best group has to be between seasons 2 and 3. I hated that the Aunts weren't main characters in season seven and only Caroline Rhea appeared for 1 episode. Despite this, the show had a great series finale as Sabrina reunites with her true love Harvey Kinkle and they ride off on a motorcycle together. 7 total seasons and 163 episodes and even the two TV films - Sabrina Goes to Rome and Sabrina, Down Under - were enjoyable.

Best Episode of the Series: "Good Will Haunting"

Date of Death: May 10, 2012

The Secret Circle is probably the one cancellation the CW has ever made that really, without a doubt, should not have happened. Yes, ratings had decreased since the show premiered on September 15, 2011, but it was still one of the network's best-performing shows of 2011-12. They should have at least given us a short second season to see how it would perform because I'm positive the show would have been a good performer had it been given another season. Even if it didn't, I wanted so badly to have more. The season one finale should not have been the series finale! It was such a great episode too, my favourite of the series, which would have led into an exciting season 2. I really liked the characters in this show, even Nick who unexpectedly died in episode 5! I personally wasn't a fan of his brother, Jake, and I would have done anything for them to trade places. Faye was my favourite and I loved the magic in the show. The show started great and I loved the October episodes of the show - including Nick's death and the Halloween episode - but I did find the show lost it a little in the middle but it came back swinging before it ended. Even though cast members have moved on and doing other projects and it's been almost 3 years since the show ended but they could still do a second season, right?

Best Episode of the Series: "Family"

Date of Death: December 30, 2014

The show lasted one season and 13 episodes. If you would like to read my thoughts on this show, visit my mid-season review article.

Best Episode of the Series: "Imperfect Harmony"

Date of Death: February 22, 2004

Before there was Desperate Housewives, there was Sex and the City. Bare in mind, I never watched this show until a few years back when my sister bought me the complete boxset of all 6 seasons and 94 episodes so I binge-watched it all. Totally loved it. The show premiered June 6, 1998 and you can tell how dated this show is now though through re-watching, including hairstyles and fashion and the quality (or lack thereof) of the picture. Fans need a Blu-ray release so we can see Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes in all their glory. The main thing I loved about Sex and the City was its humour, especially Samantha's dirty escapades. I did like Carrie but her relationships, even with Mr. Big, were not the most appealing to me of the show. The two films, released in 2008 and 2010 were both fantastic. I may be in the minority but I loved Sex and the City 2. I do understand why people don't like it and how it really wasn't set in "the City" but it was great to see them in Abu Dhabi and the adventures they went on. I found it hilarious. "Condoms, yes, condoms! I have sex!!"

Best Episode of the Series: "An American Girl in Paris, Part Une" / "An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux"

Date of Death: May 13, 2011

Smallville premiered October 16, 2001 and lasted a beautiful 10 seasons and 218 episodes. For some reason, I hated Smallville without ever seeing it. Honestly, don't ask me why because I cannot think of a reason but I couldn't stand it. A friend of mine was a big fan of the show and they managed to convince me to watch the show by showing me the episode "Spell" because he knew how much I loved witches - and I enjoyed the episode. I thought okay, let's give this a shot. I wasn't exactly blown away by the first season (no pun intended, a tornado happened in the finale) but I did like it and I hated myself for judging the show before I ever watched it - something I don't do now thanks to Smallville. It took me a few seasons to really get into this show and I found myself liking it more than a lot of shows I was watching at the time. I loved the introduction of Lois Lane and I found season 5 to be a fantastic season. Season 6 was great also and I was just getting more and more sucked into the show. I do love the Superman story and how Clark Kent became Superman, finally seeing him in the finale at the end was a glorious moment. There are a lot of standout episodes in Smallville and the villains were always delightful, even Lex Luther and his father (who I would find myself liking one minute but loathing the next). Definitely one of the best superhero shows I've ever seen. My lesson of pre-judgment was definitely learned.

Best Episode of the Series: "Commencement"

Date of Death: May 26, 2013

When Smash premiered on February 6, 2012, I was dying to watch it. I was a big fan of Glee and I love Broadway musicals (Wicked is my favourite in case you're wondering) so to see the construction of a Broadway musical was something I was desperate to watch. The first season of Smash was a little rocky but I enjoyed it from start to finish. I really rooted for Karen Cartwright to get the role of Marilyn Monroe in Bombshell and I was very satisfied when she did and I was a fan of her take on Marilyn. The original songs and music in this show was what gave it the edge over Glee in the 2011-12 season for me, including the phenomenal "Let Me Be Your Star" and "Touch Me". Season 2 I wasn't a big fan of. I didn't like a lot of it but some of the songs were fantastic again, like "I'm Not Sorry" and "Heart-Shaped Wreckage", and I did like that there was a new musical that Karen started to headline and leave Bombshell for. Ivy Lynn really was destined to be Marilyn and I do appreciate her version of it. I always thought, since the Pilot, we were supposed to be rooting for Karen so I was a little disappointed she didn't end up with a Tony Award, but the speech Eileen Rand (whose drink-throwing was hilarious) gave her made me feel better about her not winning. Smash was a show that had a big concept in its first season but overstayed its welcome in its second, airing only 2 seasons and 32 episodes.

Best Episode of the Series: "Bombshell"

Date of Death: April 12, 2013

Perhaps the most violent and sexually-graphic shows in my TV Show Graveyard, Spartacus began its 4 season run on January 22, 2010. First of all, I loved that each season had a name, beginning with Blood and Sand in 2010, the prequel Gods of the Arena in 2011, my favourite Vengeance in 2012, and ending with War of the Damned in 2013. The acting and characters in this were amazing, though I did miss Andy Whitfield as Spartacus in the later seasons (may he rest in peace). The main reason I loved Spartacus so much was the bizarre friendship between Lucretia (Lucy Lawless) and Ilithyia (Viva Bianca). "We are friends, are we not?" "The very best!" Both actresses did an incredible job of playing to their roles that I was devastated neither lived to see the final season, but they went out in such a huge, amazing way. I loved the Gladiators too, including Crixus, Agron and Gannicus, and I did wish Lesley-Ann Brandt stayed as Naevia. Katrina Law was another favourite of mine as Mira. The Vengeance finale for me was brutal because I lost three of my favourite characters, but that didn't stop me enjoying the show's final outing with an epic war between the Gladiators and the Romans. I think it's safe to say every season of this show was incredible, including the prequel which had some fantastic episodes in it, even though it was short. Long live Spartacus!

Best Episode of the Series: "Wrath of the Gods"

Date of Death: August 17, 2011

I love Raven-Symoné. I love everything she's been in - from Tinker Bell to The Cheetah Girls 1 & 2 - and That's So Raven is my all-time favourite Disney Channel show. When I heard she was doing a new sitcom to premiere June 29, 2011, I was so excited for it. Unfortunately, State of Georgia wasn't quite the follow-up to That's So Raven that I wanted. I really did want this show to be amazing but it wasn't. I did like it, I was just underwhelmed. Raven was, of course, still amazing in this show and never failed to make me laugh, and I really enjoyed Loretta Devine in the show too. The show wasn't meant to be and it was ended after 12 episodes. Raven deserved much better than this anyway.

Best Episode of the Series: "The Popular Chicks"

Date of Death: September 1, 2008

Along with That's So Raven and Wizards of Waverly Place, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was one of my favourite Disney Channel shows. It's a shame shows ended after 3 seasons usually back in the day (until Raven broke that record of 65 episodes) but we were blessed with 87 episodes of this show. I was watching this the other day and I forgot how funny this show actually was. The Sprouse twins were delightful in their roles and I loved the interactions between Ashley Tisdale and Brenda Song. I didn't follow the show to The Suite Life on Deck but I was very fond of this one. The cross-over episode with That's So Raven and Hannah Montana was my absolute favourite of the series and of the three-episode crossover on the other shows too. I never watched Hannah Montana but this was still a great episode as pre-twerk Miley Cyrus was barely in it.

Best Episode of the Series: "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana"

Date of Death: February 19, 2014

Pitch Perfect was a great film and it's clear Rebel Wilson only got this show out because of the popularity she had. I loved her in that film so I started watching this show when it premiered on October 2, 2013. Not a very good show in the slightest, but there was some fun to be had here and there. I forced myself through the only season the show had with 17 episodes and it wasn't all bad, but this show really was a blip on the radar. There's shows that ended years before Super Fun Night that I can remember more of so it's a little depressing that I can't really remember much of this show only a year after its end. I still like Rebel Wilson though even though this TV show never should have happened and I look forward to the upcoming Pitch Perfect 2.

Best Episode of the Series: "Chick or Treat"

Date of Death: September 10, 2014

The show lasted one season and 12 episodes. If you would like to read my thoughts on this show, visit my mid-season review article.

Best Episode of the Series: "The Longest Night"

Date of Death: December 19, 2011

The expectations and anticipations of this show was incredibly high in 2011. A show that has dinosaurs in it? People travelling back to the Prehistoric period? Count me in. I think Terra Nova was probably the first sign of FOX's ratings woes when it under-performed big time, premiering September 26, 2011 with a 2-hour premiere. It was a very good premiere though and I liked it a lot, but it kind of went downhill after that. There are great moments to be had here and I enjoyed a lot about this show, but it squandered its potential in its first season and I found myself severely disappointed more than I was excited about this show the more episodes it aired. I just wanted it to be more Jurassic Park than family drama. I wanted more excitement and fear of the threat of dinosaurs but that didn't happen. The 2-hour finale was very exciting though and ended the season, and show, on a very nice high note, one that would have made season 2 very interesting and perhaps resolve the problems I had with the first season. The show ended with potential but never quite achieved it. This is one of those shows that could have been great, but ultimately, it was not.

Best Episode of the Series: "Resistance"

Date of Death: November 10, 2007

My favourite Disney Channel show ever. That's So Raven, the first Disney Channel show to get 4 seasons and crack the milestone 100 episodes, premiered January 17, 2003 and was instantly a huge success for its channel. This is one of the shows on my list that I watched over and over and over again growing up, recording the episodes on videotape so I could watch them again. I can quote this show so much, including Raven's signature zingers "oh snap" and "ya little nasty!" This show is actually my second-favourite sitcom of all-time, after Friends. That's how much I love Raven. I still laugh at some of those moments in the show, including the visit to the dentist, Raven taking over Cory's class, the "Country Cousins" episodes, Raven skate-boarding, etc. So much to remember. Raven's outrageous disguises were another highlight and her friendship with the very comical Chelsea and Eddie truly makes this show the best to ever come from Disney Channel. Even during Raven's less-funny episodes, there are always laughs to be had. As long as Raven-Symoné was in the lead, there was absolutely nothing this show couldn't do.

Best Episode of the Series: "Cake Fear"

Date of Death: May 13, 2014

I really wish we had more than just 1 season and 22 episodes of Trophy Wife. This show didn't make a huge impression right out the gate when it premiered on September 24, 2013 and I always preferred The Goldbergs over this show, but as the episodes kept coming out, the more in love I was starting to become. The characters totally made this show as each were wonderfully different to the next. Among my favourites were Diane (Marcia Gay Harden) who played a cold but at times genuine surgeon, and Bert (Albert Tsai) who was probably the funniest kid on television in 2013-14.

Best Episode of the Series: "Twas the Night Before Christmas... Or Twas It?"

Date of Death: August 24, 2014

For around 2009 to 2011, this show was my favourite show on television. True Blood premiered September 7, 2008 and lasted 7 seasons and 80 episodes. I actually didn't watch the show until after season 2 finished airing so I watched the first 2 seasons non-stop and I was completely enveloped in the world of Bon Temps. I thought Anna Paquin's Sookie Steakhouse was one of the best heroines on television and this show was definitely the best Vampire show ever. The characters, including Pam who was wonderfully hilarious, were all so interesting and I loved a lot of them. The stories were fast and exciting and it felt so fantastic. Seasons 1-4 were definitely the highlights as I really did love the witches in season 4 and there were a few standout episodes including "Cold Grey Light of Dawn" and the finale with that shocking ending. Then Season 5 came along which, after watching again on Blu-ray, wasn't all that bad but was still not great, and Season 6 was a bit of an improvement with the Vamp Camp, but damn did Season 7 let me down. There were glimpses of amazingness in the show's final season and I thought "Death is Not the End" was a great episode, but things went downhill for the finale. I loved how haunting the scene felt when Sookie stakes Bill in the grave - the atmosphere was fantastic and spooky - but Bill's slow-suicide was so unnecessary that it really took away from the show by the end. What a shame for a show I once considered a favourite. I still love the earlier years but it could not sustain that for its final three seasons.

Best Episode of the Series: "And When I Die"

Date of Death: June 20, 2010

When it comes to history, the Tudor dynasty is one of my favourite stories from history ever. I loved learning about Henry VIII and his 6 wives at school and I think Showtime did a fantastic job at retelling the story. It's probably one of my favourite historical shows as the famous people from the dynasty were portrayed fantastically throughout the show's 4 season run and 38 episodes. Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII was a very smart casting choice as he could be very seductive yet scary, and Natalie Dormer's Anne Boleyn was such a treat to watch. The other wives were portrayed fantastically too. The beheading of Anne Boleyn was something I couldn't wait to see in the show and they did it justice - it was a beautiful but haunting moment.

Best Episode of the Series: "Destiny and Fortune"

Date of Death: April 14, 2010

From just the title, I knew I wanted to watch Ugly Betty. September 28, 2006 birthed the beginning of a soon-to-be fantastic show as season one really was funny and addictive, growing with each episode. This is another example of a show with a fantastic cast that you can't help but fall in love with. I especially loved Vanessa Williams' Wilhelmina Slater (it took me forever to learn how to spell her first name but I can do it now without looking it up, yay) who wasn't a very nice person but she was so funny. A lot of the characters were funny but I loved Wilhelmina's cold demeanour and witty tongue. I never thought Betty was ugly though, but I can imagine she wasn't what men found attractive in the beginning with her poncho, braces and glasses. I'm currently wearing braces so I've never felt more relatable to Betty than I do right now. Her transformation over the course of the show as she starts to see herself as beautiful was very moving for a first-and-foremost comedy. That said, this show was very good at dealing with drama too. The main thing I can remember for that was the season 2 premiere when it's revealed Hilda's (Ana Ortiz) love Santos died in the season 1 finale. That was a twist but it was dealt with beautifully. Justin's (Mark Indelicato) coming out was also touching.

Best Episode of the Series: "East Side Story"

Date of Death: March 15, 2011

The 2009 adaptation of the classic 1983 miniseries, V, started with quite the epic pilot on November 3 and was actually a riveting start to a great sci-fi series. "We are of peace. Always." I called bulls*t straight away but there were moments when I actually thought the aliens were of peace, but we learn the hard way they are not and it skyrocketed the show into more excitement. I never watched the original so I'm not sure what this show took from it, but I loved that the aliens had been infiltrating Earth for years. I always love Elizabeth Mitchell so I thought she did a great job as Erica and I also loved Laura Vandervoort's character and her inner conflict. I don't know why ABC aired the first 4 episodes, then had a three and a half month break before airing the rest of the first season as ratings really crashed and never really recovered. The season two finale ended on a frustrating cliffhanger and as things were getting so, so bad-ass, the show is over. It's times like these that make me never want to start watching new shows ever again and just wait for shows to end, like I did with Breaking Bad, when I know there's a start, middle and end. A proper end.

Best Episode of the Series: "Mother's Day"

Date of Death: January 1, 2007

My favourite British sitcom. Dawn French stars as Geraldine Granger, the best Vicar in the entire world! The Vicar of Dibley premiered November 10, 1994 and ended January 1, 2007 with only 3 seasons and 20 episodes, plus 6 specials. I wish British sitcoms didn't have funny episode orders and huge gaps between seasons (season 1 aired 1994 while season 2 aired 1997-98). This really is a great British sitcom that needs more than 20 episodes but I'm glad the show returned for 2 fantastic specials in 2006-07 that ended the show brilliantly (a recent Comic Relief special featuring Harry Potter's Emma Watson was great too). Dawn French leads an insane group of characters that are each as annoying to Geraldine Granger as the next, but that's where the comedy lies and I love the characters! It's great to watch Geraldine start to fit in to this weird village as the show moves on. Like Only Fools and Horses, the Vicar of Dibley provided some iconic comedy moments. For example, in my favourite episode "The Christmas Lunch Incident", Geraldine agrees to go to three people's houses for Christmas dinner as to not upset them if she declined. Having so many Christmas dinners (including Tripe for dessert) takes its toll so much so that she gets a taxi from one house to right next door, and in the end, she's taken home in the digger-part of a tractor. Hilarious.

Best Episode of the Series: "The Christmas Lunch Incident"

Date of Death: October 5, 2014

The next-best-thing to my long-lost Charmed, Witches of East End was poised to be the witch-filling everybody needs. As I've mentioned, Maggie Friedman's Eastwick was a show I truly deeply loved and that was cruelly taken away from me after 13 episodes, so here I thought Witches of East End would last a lot longer considering the show was fantastic. I absolutely loved this magical show and the Beauchamp family. Joanna, Wendy, Ingrid, Freya - all four women were beautifully enchanting and drew me in from the very first episode that aired on October 6, 2013. Little did I know that one year later the show would be unfairly cancelled by Lifetime, even after the quality of season 2 improved over season 1. Everybody probably already knows my deep affection to the show after the campaigning I did for the show after it was cancelled, but this show was never to be revived. I hate this. I hate that there's no more Witches of East End. Like Eastwick did, Witches ended on a cliffhanger - a much bigger and better cliffhanger with Aunt Wendy in Hell with hers and Joanna's sister! Come on, season 3 was already promising to be an intense, electrifying, amazing season before it would ever be conceived but fans were not granted that luxury. Never will I get over this.

Best Episode of the Series: "Smells Like King Spirit"

Date of Death: January 6, 2012

I probably haven't seen every single episode of Wizards of Waverly Place, but I've seen the vast majority and it was a great Disney Channel show. The show premiered on October 12, 2007, just before That's So Raven aired its final episode so it was the perfect replacement to fill that void, though it never surpassed Raven for me. Selena Gomez was my favourite as Alex Russo but the other characters, including her brothers, were also enjoyable to watch. I liked the magical aspect of the show and it helped solidify this as one of my favourites on Disney Channel. The first original movie that aired in 2009 was a great addition to the series. I love Disney Channel Original Movies (including the High School Musical films, the Cheetah Girls films, Twitches, etc.) so they really did the show justice with the movie.

Best Episode of the Series: "Who Will Be the Family Wizard? Part One and Two"

Date of Death: January 26, 2001

I'm not sure how many people reading this article will know of this show, but it was the first show along with Sabrina that helped magnify my love for witches. The Worst Witch, based on the book series of the same name, began on October 22, 1998 and I'd basically run home from primary school to watch this show. I made my own little spell book (much like how I kept making my own Book of Shadows from Charmed) and my own little witches' hat and broom and I'd pretend I was Mildred Hubble. Miss Hardbroom actually scared me sometimes but she would show, very rarely, signs of being an actual human being. I loved watching this show so much as a kid that I demanded the VHS releases of the show for every birthday and Christmas until I had them all. 3 seasons and 40 episodes aired, and even though there was a spin-off, I never watched it. I don't want to either because I loved the Worst Witch so much that I couldn't taint that memory of it. Apparently there's going to be a reworking of the story for the BBC sometime in the future which should be interesting, but I can always credit this show as being my favourite childhood show.

Best Episode of the Series: "A Mean Hallowe'en" / "Double, Double, Toil and Trouble"

There are several shows I have not included here simply because I cannot remember hardly anything about them or there wasn't much to say, just that I watched them. A lot of them are just British children programmes I watched back in the late '90s and early '00s. Those include All Grown Up, Arthur, AscensionThe Basil Brush Show, Bernard's Watch, Blackadder, Bottom, The Demon Headmaster, Even StevensThe Fairly OddParents, Fawlty Towers, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Footballers' Wives, Kerching!, Mona the Vampire, My Family, My Parents Are Aliens, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, The Queen's Nose, Recess, Round the Twist, Rugrats, Scooby-Doo, The Story of Tracy Beaker, The Wild Thornberries, Will and Grace, and Zoey 101.

There are of course shows that have been long gone that I would like to watch one day, including 24, Dexter, Firefly, House, M.D., The O.C., and The X-Files.

There are several shows that I currently watch that are ending soon or will likely end up in my TV Show Graveyard, which include CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (possible), Galavant (very possible), Hart of Dixie (final season), Hemlock Grove (final season), Marry Me (very possible), Marvel's Agent Carter (possible), The Mysteries of Laura (possible), The Night Shift (possible), Revenge (possible), Stalker (possible) and State of Affairs (very possible).

What shows are in your TV Graveyard? Did any of my shows bring back some long-lost memories? Any dead shows you wish to resurrect? Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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