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2 Broke Girls - And the Zero Tolerance - Review: "Haven't Been This Lost Since the Finale of 'Lost'"

4.16 - "And the Zero Tolerance"
Directed by Fred Savage
Written by Michael Patrick King
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

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'And the Zero Tolerance' Recap and Commentary

Han has gotten a surveillance drone to keep an eye on how Max and Caroline work while he's in the back. It also turns out there's one in the kitchen watching Oleg, but Oleg killed it. Turns out it's Earl who stole the bot off Han and they come up with a plan to get Han to stop spying on them... by having Oleg flash the camera. It definitely works as Han comes out of his office screaming. Later Caroline goes through Max and Caroline's finances and can't work out their bank balance so Caroline uses the ATM to find out. Sophie comes in just as Caroline finds out that she and Max are below zero for their bank balance.

Caroline and Max start to shout for customers at the cupcake shop, desperate for business, when John from pastry school comes by and tells them of a way Max can earn some extra cash. There's a restaurant opening and they want someone pretty to be the day pastry chef. Max and Caroline arrive at the restaurant and meet the manager, Joedth, but the 'dth' is silent. Joedth sits Max down and asks her some questions but it's clear Max doesn't know how to cook the macaroons or anything Joedth asks, but Max keeps unbuttoning her top upon finding out Joedth is a lesbian which is pretty funny. But Max and Caroline get the jobs they wanted and work with John.

It's Max's and Caroline's first day and Max has no idea what the desserts on the dessert menu are. Joedth examins the girls and tells Caroline to put her pearls away while Max is perfect. Joedth informs them a critic from the New York Times may make an appearance so nothing can go wrong. Caroline finds out Max isn't high, which is a bad thing since she "can't bake not baked." Max gets some from Rico and is automatically already better. The girls are surprised by all of their friends visiting - Sophie, Oleg, Han and Earl - to support Max and Caroline. Caroline still tries to get them to leave but retreats when Joedth comes in.

Joedth doesn't like the look of them and asks Caroline to get rid of them though she doesn't know how, especially when they start embarrasing them. Later, Max seems to get the hang of making the desserts and even in getting Sophie and Oleg to calm down, though they go to the bathroom and have sex. A woman stumbles in drunk and Caroline gets rid of her. Han starts speaking with Joedth about Max and Caroline, accidentally revealing that the two girls work at the diner. Caroline also tells Joedth that she threw that "drug addict" out, who happens to be Joedth's girlfriend. Drama at The High people! Joedth decides to keep Max on but fires Caroline as a waitress who attempts to flirt her way out if it. Max says she will quit too but Joedth reveals Caroline is hired as a hostess.

Cupcake Total: $-14.00 (down from $975.00)

Funniest Quotes

Max: Here is your cheque! I didn't charge you for your fries 'cause I at them.

Max: You empty the register five or ten times, suddenly there's no trust.

Caroline: I hate how Han is in the back working his little joystick.

Oleg: If I wanted to be spied on I'd change my name to Achmed and buy a condo near the airport.

Caroline: Worst part is it's moving around so much I can't find my good angle.

Caroline: But first, take off your underwear!
Oleg: Underwear? Come on, what am I, five... inches?

Caroline: Max, zeros are not balls, they're not boobs and they're not googly eyes.

Earl: I was on a three-week fast once. Then I found out my mother wasn't coming home... so I made a sandwich.

(Caroline screams)
Max: Oh God what? Another used condom in the receipt slot?

Earl: Well I better go. A white woman screaming anywhere in my vicinity never turns out well.

Caroline: This is a disaster! I've been at zero but I've never had less than zero!
Sophie: Oh don't say that Caroline. I mean you're forgetting about your dating options.

Caroline: (shouting) BUY CUPCAKES!

Caroline: Whatever it is, she'll do it!
Max: That was my yearbook quote!

Han: Hello (walks away)
John: Who is she? Hold me closer, tiny dancer.

Joedth: Hurry ladies. If I wanted pretty and slow I'd hire Nick Jonas.

Joedth: No thank you, no thank you, and how dare you.

Joedth: Customers love that. I don't, but they do.

Joedth: What's your name?
Max: M-A-X. Nothing is silent ever.

Joedth: You can put those away, I'm not really into big-breasted women.
Max: (to Caroline) You got this!

Max: First day, are you nervous girl?
John: Hmm please, nervous is telling your orderly mormon parents you're gay after your three older siblings already came out.

Max: I haven't felt this lost since the finale of Lost.

Joedth: Naomi! Fetch!

Max: Big Mary? John?
John: Why not try my new name? Quasimodo!

Caroline: Wow, this dish room is cleaner than Chris Christie's plate after lunch!

Max: This is so Freaky Friday.

Earl: Caroline, darling. Slip that number to that fine Nubian princess. And tell her to not be fooled by my bad hip, I can still gently rock her world.

Han: Real nice. After we came all this way to just order only desserts that Max knows how to make and to say nice things about you as a waitress.
Caroline: Aww, you would do that for me?
Han: Hell no I can't pull that off! If I could act I'd sell the restaurant and get cast in two-line roles as a doctor on any network television show.

Oleg: In bed, I call her Meryl Sheets. Do it baby.
Sophie: Ooh, a lovely place!
Oleg: That's the accent she uses when we play 12 Years a Sex Slave.

Caroline: How am I supposed to lose that many people? I'm not air traffic control!

Caroline: And what did you say to Oleg and Sophie? It's been an hour and I haven't seen any over the table penetration.
Max: I just told them to be on their best behaviour and they were fine with it.
Sophie: Excuse me Max. Yes, hi. May I go tinkle?

Caroline: Okay, I threw that drug addict out.
Joedth: That drug addict is my girlfriend.
Han: More drama at The High.

Episode Verdict

This really wasn't a very funny episode of 2 Broke Girls in my opinion as I probably just smiled and giggled more than actual laughing, but that doesn't make this a bad episode at all. In fact, this episode was a very important one as it returned the girls to the most desperate situation they've ever been in - they're in overdraft so they are literally, as the title suggests, broke!

It was good to see the girls work even harder to try and get out of this debt by applying (and getting) brand new jobs. And I really do love their new jobs! The restaurant looks so fancy and if we get to see more of Caroline as a hostess, that would be awesome. I would also love to see more of Joedth as she was a pretty good character here. The season has had a lot of one-off characters that could have had potential to recur but have never went all the way so I hope this is the start of something new.

There were a few funny moments. I liked the opening with the flying robot and the plan to show Oleg's penis to get Han to stop spying on them. Max's interview and Caroline trying to 'flirt' her way out of getting fired were also highlights of the episode. I was also glad to see John again after his stint in season three, so the familiarity of past characters and this whole world building is a good thing for the series.

What I did love (but kind of hate at the same time) was that the girls are getting further and further into debt and are becoming more desperate to get out of it. That provides some excellent storylines and the potential for where to go next is pretty high. Even though the episode wasn't that funny, it still makes me excited to see where these girls go next. I still just absolutely love this show and it will make the girls finally catching their big break by the end of the series all the more sweeter.

What did you guys think of 'And the Zero Tolerance'? Let me know in the comments and be sure to watch the next new episode of 2 Broke Girls in 2 weeks on April 13th on CBS!

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