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2 Broke Girls - And the Fat Cat - Review: "I've Got Your Pussy In My Purse"

4.15 - "And the Fat Cat"
Directed by Fred Savage
Written by Liz Astrof and Michelle Nader
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

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'And the Fat Cat' Recap and Commentary

Han has no idea where Max is who has been late the past few days and is late again. Caroline gives Han an excuse about being stuck on the subway, Oleg says she is stuck on a bus while Earl says she's stuck somewhere between the moon and New York City. It's a fun little segment before Max comes in worried about their missing cat Nancy. Sophie comes in with a cat she took off a little girl (haha that's mean but I had to laugh) thinking it was Nancy but it's not, it's a cat called Cinnamon. "Give me cinnamon, give me cinnamon." I don't carry spices in my purse haha. The crisis is quickly averted though when a man phones Max to say he has her cat, sorry, I mean Nancy. Max would kill me if she knew I called her 'the cat'. The guy who brings the cat back, Owen, is a good looking guy too, and as an added bonus, he's got cash. They hit it off and they kind of flirt (which Max can see coming, knowing Caroline's flirtatious tricks) and Owen gives Caroline his card before he dashes off.

Sophie arrives and notices Nancy is pregnant. She starts to help Nancy as she's in labour and delivers very cute kittens. Oleg, ever the opportunist, was down for a three-way before learning Nancy is a cat. Has to draw the line somewhere. The girls still go to work and decide to keep the kittens as Owen will be able to pay kitty support. Caroline hasn't actually spoken to Owen yet and the girls fight over who gets to talk to him. Caroline gets to so when Owen comes to get the cat carrier, she tries to sell him on the idea of hers and Max's business. I just had to get a shot of the part where Max is in the window with the sign:

Owen is very scared to be in the neighbourhood so he asks Caroline to set something up with his assistant. She does and she goes to his office to further show him the cupcake business. Unfortunately, Caroline being Caroline, she spills coffee on his desk. She leaves the office to clean his shoe when Max comes in with the kittens in a basket to show him, but Caroline tries to stop her. Max falls into the office with the basket of kittens opening. Owen finds them adorable and wants them (as do I) but he reveals he thought he was going to hook up with Caroline and doesn't want to invest in a "desperate cupcake shop". That was the last straw for Max and Caroline who stormed out and made sure he didn't take any of the kittens. He didn't deserve them anyway.

It's a happy ending for the kitties though as Han agrees to take them. He's going to give them to the lesbians in the building because obviously they'll take good care of them. Max and Caroline go through them all, and the one Caroline calls Amy Adams made me go "ooohhh" haha. This show does not play coy. Max and Caroline realise they need to fix their cupcake business though it's going to be a very hard thing to do, and Max also realises Nancy is one of those promiscuous kitties that sleep around and give 69s in back alleys with tabby cats. Sleeping around? Sounds about right!

Cupcake Total: $975.00 (down from $1,475.00)

Funniest Quotes

Max: She's the only thing I love! (Caroline gasps) Whatever!

Earl: I had a cat once! He was cool, he was black and was very sexually active. Oh wait, the cool cat I was talking about is me.
Caroline: Earl be careful. At your age you could die having sex.
Earl: I know. Those ladies don't know whether I'm coming or going.

Max: I think Nancy might be gone for good. I just can't believe she didn't take me with her, we had a deal!
Caroline: Max, she'll come back to the apartment even if she doesn't want to. I always do.

Sophie: Look girls, I got your pussy in my purse.
Earl: Either that's the cat or you two gotta keep better track of your belongings.

Caroline: Sorry I don't check out a cat's junk as soon as it comes through the door.

Sophie: No wonder that little girl kept crying and saying 'give me cinnamon, give me cinnamon'. I looked that girl right in the eye and said 'I don't carry spices in my purse'.

Max: Relax, I'm gonna pee in it too.
Caroline: I guess it beats that sprite bottle you've been using in your bedroom.

Caroline: I know, and please note she did not even look at me!

Caroline: Dickens, Max, the author.
Max: Yeah, I know who that is. The guy who wrote Muppets Christmas Carol.

Owen: So I take it by the cat, you're single?

Caroline: Oh of course I do, I went to...
Max: Here it comes...
Caroline: Warton.
Max: Boom.

Sophie: Aw, you found Nancy. I knew she'd come back pregnant.

Sophie: Come on, push Nancy! (Nancy growls) Well we all know what you did, now is not the time to be shy!
Caroline: You do know what you're doing Sophie? This isn't like the time you told us you can do your own bikini wax with a candle? Cause I still have the vanilla-scented scars from that.

Sophie: This one won't come out! It's like the Queen Latifah of kittens.

Earl: Well, I heard the news. Looks like you two are grandmothers before you're 30. Can't say I'm surprised.

Han: Only you two would be desperate enough to try and find a Sugar Catty.

Max: I know a deadbeat dad when I don't see one!

Max: I got this!
Caroline: I got this!
Max: I got this!
Caroline: I got this!
Oleg: Keep going girls, I'm almost there.

Caroline: Sitting on the stoop is nice, how come we never sit out here? (Gunshots and screaming) There it is!

Owen: Did he just drop a gun?
Caroline: It's fine, he has more.

Max: I never noticed how much you check yourself out in store windows. You have a problem!

Caroline: I can fix this and us!
Max: We are beyond help!

Max: I want you to look these kittens in the whiskers and tell them Dickens is not their father!

Han: What part of lesbian don't you understand? They'll be squaddled in a flannel shirt by nightfall.

Han: Oh so you raised a drug addict within a week? Sounds about right!

Caroline: This one's pretty bland. She lays around and doesn't meow much and when she does, she's kind of phoning it in. We call her Amy Adams.

Episode Verdict

$975.00 isn't the lowest the girls have been, but the drops are alarming. We get even more of a sense that the cupcake business is in real trouble - we knew it already was after the Cupcake Captor disaster in the episode before that tarnished the brand Max and Caroline worked so hard to build, but that sense of danger is carried over here and it's really, really not looking good for the girls.

Having said that, I love it! We definitely have a fifth season on the way so we need to prolong any success the girls may ever get so by having this whole ruined reputation/floundering business storyline here, it really heats things up. It's keeping the episodes relevant and making season four a really great season. The show works best when it can provide progression (or diminishment) in the main arc of Max's Homemade Cupcakes. We all want it to become a huge success for Max and Caroline but not just yet. It's a journey we all must take and it's becoming so interesting to watch.

This episode wasn't the funniest of the season but it had its moments like always. I particularly enjoyed the birthing scene of the kittens because I adore cats. I'm more of a cat person myself but I do love dogs, I just prefer cats. I would have snatched those kittens up in a heartbeat if I could, even though I wouldn't be able to afford them. Earl was quite possibly the character of the night though even though he wasn't in much, but when he was, he was very funny!

I thought the Owen storyline would go a different way, like maybe Caroline would end up dating him but all in the name of the business, but I was pleasantly surprised by her standing by her morals. I knew he was a goner the moment he said "desperate cupcake business". Big no-no Owen. Good episode.

What did you guys think of 'And the Fat Cat'? Let me know in the comments and be sure to watch the next new episode of 2 Broke Girls on March 30th on CBS!

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