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Tales From The Darkside - Pilot Information

Sources have provided to SpoilerTV some tidbits in regards to The CWs pilot Tales From The Darkside.

- We're told that the first episode is titled 'A Window Opens/The Sleepwalker'. Our source isn't 100% certain but each episode may involve multiple segments.
- The plan is for each episode to be hosted by the mysterious 'Newman'. This provides a loose connection between each story.
- Each episode will involve innocent and not so innocent people coming into contact with the Darkside, bringing forth nightmares that will forever change their lives.
- The pilot episode has been described to us as follows:

Joss enters the Darkside after she swerves to avoid Newman in the road and hits a mailbox with her car. Joss was texting and driving. She ends up having an odd encounter with Newman that leaves her upset.

Joss ends up babysitting the two kids who live in the house, Ward and Pam. During the night she also invites her boyfriend Carter to join her. Joss quickly realizes that the two kids are actually horrifying children of The Darkside with devices that can cause all sorts of evil to come out of thin air. With the odds against her, Joss is determined to come out of this experience alive.

We're also told that the pilot will begin filming in the second half of March in Vancouver.