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Helix - Oubliette - Review: "Don't Leave Me Here"

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Helix - Oubliette - Review/Recap

Last episode saw Peter calling the Ilaria corporation, an insane Hatake, and Julia and Sarah both severely wounded on the ground. This episode was an episode of revelations, there was a lot to digest as so many things that I/We have speculated have now been confirmed to be true.

"Of all my daughters you have always been my favourite" Michael

In a clever twist, the show leads you onto believe throughout the episode that Agnes and Michael had an intimate relationship, and that all the woman on the picture wall are people he has been with, but it turns out they are all his daughters including Agnes. I was shocked when they revealed that as I always thought they were past lovers of Michael. They never actually confirmed that the women on the wall are his daughters, but when Agnes said "When I'm gone I will be nothing more than a picture on a wall" it pretty much confirmed it. I don't think Anne is his daughter though as he definitely treated her as if they were lovers, especially how he was touching her.

We also finally learned that Michael is an immortal, after weeks of speculating it. What was curious though is that Michael neglected to tell his people that he wasn't the only immortal out there after Agnes found out about Sarah being one. I think when Michael came to the island 500 years ago he got given the leader position as the cult must have seen him as a god as he couldn't die. He perhaps showed them his "gift" and then told them that he was the only one of his kind; he basically lied his way into power. So he doesn't lose his control he has over the cult he later kills Agnes. Michael must have assumed that Agnes was the only one that knows, and to prevent his followers starting to question him he killed her. The only problem is Amy knows, but I wonder what she plans to do about it, especially when she learns of Agnes's death.

Michael informs Anne and Amy that the pathogen was transmitted through Honey, she said "that's not possible, we took every possible precaution" this confirms that they created it. This means Michael also knew about what was happening, I honestly thought he was helping the CDC team, and knew nothing about it. At this point I have no idea why they would create something this deadly, what do they plan to achieve. I recently said it was to wipe out the immortals, but that theory was blown out the window this episode. The only reason I can think of why the cult created it is they made it as an experimental fungus, and are trying to cure something/find a cure for a disease?

"Don't leave me here" Peter

We saw Peter and Alan confront each other in the oubliette (dungeon) which Michael kindly tossed them both in, at Peter's request obviously. They tried to work out their issues with one another mainly about Julia. They both loved her which is the main reason they hate eachother. I don't believe for a second Peter exposed Alan to Michael to try to get him to work with them. He has wanted to get rid of Alan for a while now, and wants to continue with Ilaria's plans, whatever they might be. Perhaps Michael was one of the first ever immortals, and was one of the very few who started it all. We hear him say when told about Sarah "She wasn't there". He clearly has been an immortal for sometime, and he could possibly hold the answer to how the immortals became to be in existence. It will be interesting if the writers shed some light on the origin of the immortals at some point during the season. Ilaria might see Michael as a threat and sent Peter there to do some reconnaissance work.

I wonder what made Peter start working for Ilaria. The best outcome is that he got approached by Ilaria, and they threatened to harm Alan or Julia if he didn't help them. If that turned out to be true at least he would've been helping Ilaria to protect the ones he loves. He would've redeemed himself a bit for me, but not entirely. Since it's Helix, and everything is always much more complicated I can see him working for them, because they offered him the gift of immortality. During season 1 he said to the Scythe that he was done helping them, so I'm willing to assume they said he would get the CDC team leader job and the gift of immortality later on if he were to help them. Who knows Peter could already be an immortal right under our noses.

I was glad when Alan decided later to leave Peter in the pit, as it's not the first time he has betrayed them. Peter was the one that got Julia captured in the first place which caused the Paris explosion, which caused them to come to the island. If he wasn't working for Ilaria all these events wouldn't have occurred. In my opinion Peter is an unpredictable person who can't be trusted, and I am certain by the end point of this season one of them will be killed by the other ones hand.

This episode was a real game changer, none of the CDC including Alan trusts one another, and the only one that hasn't been lying about something is Sarah, well not yet. Kyle stupidly confronts Alan about his involvement in the Paris explosion, and the arctic bio labs then handcuffs him to a pole. He exposes his own cover so he can get answers from Alan, which was his original mission. Neither of them now can trust one another, and I'm starting to see why the virus is still spreading 30 years into the future. I don't think they will ever solve it now as the team is broken, no one trusts another member. The only person who stands a chance of holding everything together is knocked out in a bed. Things are not looking good for the team.

Other notes:
- We learn that Sarah's baby is alright, did the stab wound kick-start the growth?
- Is Kyle FBI? Who is he really? He doesn't work for Ilaria or the CDC so who is he with?
- What happened to the Scythe from Season 1?
- Why were the people outside the gate trying to attack Kyle when they didn't seem infected?
- Why does Amy all of a sudden want to get of the island? I think Amy caused the pandemic by bringing the honey of the island
- There is probably more than one hive, which would mean more than one source as Kyle was getting samples from bee's on a roof last episode.
- I was right about Caleb coming to save Julia.
- Caleb seemed awfully interested in Hiroshi's sword. Where did he go after taking the sword?

"Oubliette" was this season’s most revealing hour yet, we found out so many things relating to the cult including that Michael was an immortal, and that Agnes was his daughter. We also learned that Kyle was a mole, and that Sarah's baby is healthy. The show continues to surprise me with it's twists, and reveals, and Helix has become one of Syfy's best shows. It's a shame the ratings aren't reflecting how good the show has been this season.

Sorry for the brief review, haven't got a lot of time at the moment. Will discuss the episode further in the comments.

As always, thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments what you thought of the episode!
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