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Sleepy Hollow - Tempus Fugit - Advance Preview: "More Fights, More Deaths and New Beginnings"

2.18 - "Tempus Fugit"
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

Warning: As with all advance previews, there will be spoilers. I do not reveal anything explicitly, but it can be easy for fans to interpret what could possibly happen in this season, possible series, finale.

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'Tempus Fugit' Preview

I love anything to do with travelling back in time, so I loved every single minute of being in the past. I, like a lot of people, worried about the whole slavery aspect of it but rest assured, it isn't something that messes with this episode. We have a couple of people make remarks, and one argues with Ichabod with his ignorance against Abbie. I honestly wanted to slap him. It is a really tricky subject but the writers avoid it when they can. When something does happen, you can see on Abbie's face she's not impressed and she's holding back from smacking them in the face. I, for one, would have loved that.

The other aspects of being in time were simply wonderful. We have Abbie eventually talk some sense (nonsense?) into Ichabod about the future and he takes her to see Benjamin Franklin who is simply delightful. He's so open-minded and curious about the future and you can see the glee on Abbie's face. We also have Katrina who finds out about Abbie and is hot on their heels and with death on her mind. She enlists the help of Abraham (but his face is never shown so I don't think it's the same actor, he never speaks either) and together, they cause some death and destruction. There are some great moments when Katrina uses her powers. They really have peaked, just where has this powerful Katrina been hiding? Wish we could have seen it long before this.

There is also so fun to be had with Past Ichabod too, especially when he accesses Abbie's phone to find out if she was telling the truth as there are "moving pictures" and selfies on her phone of them from the future. It's a really funny scene that highlights that love we have for Ichabod versus the twenty-first century. So good.

As enjoyable as being in the past was, the end result just proves one thing - the writers really messed up this season and they desperately tried to fix it in this episode. Arguably, the 'problems' are fixed. We can go into season three with a completely clean slate and expect the same show we fell in love with in season one. I am happy we can start anew. There's a million ways we can go in season three. But consider my faith in the writers somewhat diminished. I'll only believe season three will be better when we see a season three and this finale doesn't exactly show they can do that. The seeds have been planted, let's hope they can see it through.

The last five to ten minutes, when returning from the past to the moment Katrina cast the spell in the first place at the end of the last episode, was a mixed bag really. I hate that the whole thing was easily fixed, nothing has changed and it made the entire time travel aspect completely redundent. I would have preferred it if reversing the spell was harder and we don't get an ending that felt rushed and last minute.

Overall, it was a great episode with an anticlimactic resolution. I would have loved to have seen some changes in the present day from going to the past, but the story so conveniently works it so there will be nothing to worry about time-wise since Abbie did change so much in the past. There was so much lost potential there. People in the comments of my review of the last episode had some fantastic theories that were way, way better than what happened here. Never mind.

'Tempus Fugit' Teasers

- There is no cliffhanger. We are not left hanging desperate to see the next episode. Having said that, it would still be nice to get a next episode!
- More death, including someone being beheaded old-school Sleepy Hollow style.
- We literally do have a totally clean slate.
- The writers could have gone a million different ways with the storyline, but instead chose the easiest, simplest route they could have.
- Abbie is essentially the main force in this episode.
- We take a look inside Ichabod's and Katrina's lovely home.
- Benjamin Franklin is amazing.
- I said "oh shit" a good few times, I'm pretty sure you will too.

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