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Helix - Densho - Review: "It is my Legacy"

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Helix - Densho - Review

After last episode "Scion" saw Peter acting very agitated when someone would mention Alan, and then we saw him hit Alan over the head in the closing minutes. This episode we finally learnt what Peter has been hiding. In what was the show’s most revealing episode yet, this was one not to be missed.

"Leave this Island, and don't come back" - Alan

Alan repeated the same words to Peter which he said to Sarah previously, he continues to not want them on the island, but it can't just be to protect them from the threat that the cult cause, it must be to protect himself so his cover doesn't get blown. Whilst Alan is heavily suspicious of the cult he is also rather concerned about his brother Peter, and could easily see through Peter's lies this episode. We find out, which was probably the biggest reveal to date for the show, that Peter is still continuing to work for Ilaria. I had my suspicions in my last review, and I am glad to see that I was right about something.

What was perhaps even more shocking though was how we finally saw Balleseros, except he is as well working for Ilaria. I have to now consider the fact that Ballerseros could have been working for Ilaria ever since the beginning of Season 1, and purposely went to the arctic so they could have eyes on what was going on there. That is probably why he was always so on edge whenever someone, such as the dearly departed Doreen would ask him a question. Going by the few seconds of him we saw it looks like he is in a position of great power, especially since he is the one giving Peter the orders. I am also now confident Peter purposely got the CDC team leader job, and Ilaria somehow managed to get him the job, as I would have always thought Sarah would have become team leader if Alan were to step down. Peter seemed to be sent to the island by Ilaria, so perhaps Ilaria don't have anything to do with the cult after all. Maybe they are aware that the cult is engineering a fungus of sorts that could harm them, and sent Peter to try to stop it from spreading. Obviously he would have failed in doing that, since the fungus as we know is slowly killing Julia 30 years into the future.

I feel let down by Peter a lot, just when you thought you could trust him it turns out he is still working for the people who tried to kill his brother, and the woman he loves. Will he ever be free of Ilaria?

Speaking of Julia, she had her own problems this episode to deal with, her insane father. She gets strapped down to an operating table. She does eventually get free which leads onto one of the best fight scenes the show has ever produced. Hiroshi had a sword, Julia an axe.
Neither of them wanted to kill one another, but none of them had a choice, it was literally a fight to the death. When Julia managed to stab him with the axe I noticed the blank expression on her face, she showed no remorse; considering he put his weapon down she didn't need to stab him. I'm certain still though that she was sent there to kill him, as there seemed a bit more to the fight than just her wanting to escape. Hiroshi does make it back to the table at his cabin where he joins the dinner party of the dead. All they need now is Julia, and then the family is complete... I'm actually thoroughly disappointed in the show, Hiroshi was such a good character (My favorite as well) and to have him die within only 2 episodes wasn't what I was hoping for. I expected to see him in at least 3 or 4 episodes since he played such a huge part in season 1. I am secretly hoping he shows up in the past, as I still would like to know how he came to be on the island.

Julia didn't get away scratch free from the fight, she got hit a couple of times, but since she is immortal she should heal quickly. Then again, since she is slowly dying from the fungus so I wonder what effects that might have on her healing. The last we see of her she is bleeding out in the jungle. I am hoping Caleb will come to her aid, and help her. I'd like to think that Caleb has remained close to Julia, if he has he should be able to help her.(Going by 2.05 Photos) Going forward for Julia I have no idea what they plan to do with her as there is only so much they can do without any real story for her character.
Someone else who got hurt during the episode was Sarah.
After the CDC are trying to find out how Soren healed so fast, they determine that he might have eaten something with sugar in, which could have contained the pathogen. They believe Honey could be the key, and are even considering that it could well have started from the insects,after performing an autopsy on Thomas's body. I am still holding onto my original thought which was that the cult engineered the fungus. Sarah later on gets stabbed by Soren's mum after she tells her how they have lied to her about Soren. I am wondering if this will affect the baby in any way since she stabbed her in the womb. Even if she is immortal, I don't think the baby could survive that.

"Don't allow yourself to be consumed by the doubts and fears of a world we left" - Michael

Steven Webber this episode was excellent, especially when Michael gave that speech. Michael gathered his cult into the hall, and answered a few of their questions, as some have doubts about him, and what's going on. He then gives a hugely encouraging speech which was powerful, and full of emotion.
Michael truly cares for everyone in his cult, and I also think he honestly does want to help the CDC team, but then again this episode we saw a much darker side of him when he put his hands around the sister’s throats. He mentioned something about the picture wall, which led me to assume that he could be an immortal just because he acted as if he knew all the people on the wall.The sisters on the other hand continue to plot against the CDC team. They remain secretive, and I honestly have no idea what they are planning, but it can't be anything good. I already think they created the fungus, so what else could they possibly do. We do actually find out that Agnes is Anne's mother, which wasn't that surprising as she had to be somebody of importance.

Other Notes:
- Will we learn of what happened to Tulok and Anana now that we know Balleseros survived?
- What does the sisters have planned? What does Michael have planned?
- If The fungus started from the insects then what was the sisters doing in the basement in episode 1?
- Anne and Michael seem to have some weird connection, could they previously have been romantically involved?
- After consideration, is everything that's happening to Julia actually real? Could she be imagining it, and still be tied up somewhere? (She was in an imaginary state in Season 1).
- Why did Peter knock Alan out only to leave him outside, what does he plan to accomplish?
- Will Peter switch sides again like he did in Season 1?

It was a very revealing episode, we learnt a lot about Ilaria, and more importantly Peter. He is still working for them which was my initial assumption. We also got to see a few more returning characters, and continued to see the effect of living alone is having on Hatake. We also saw Hatake die later on in the episode after an absolute killer of a fight. This was easily this season’s best episode.

As always, thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments what you thought of "Densho"
About the Author - Robert Fruin
Robert is a sixth form student from the United Kingdom, who is currently studying IT, Media and Business Studies. Robert is a huge fan of the ended ABC series LOST, he has seen it many times over and has even visited some of the filming locations for it. Robert mainly watches drama series such as Game Of Thrones and Person of Interest, but has a soft spot for the comedy The Middle. Some other shows he watches are The Walking Dead, Arrow and The 100. Some other interests include cycling, photography and kayaking. Robert will be reviewing Z Nation,The Librarians, Sons Of Anarchy, Intruders, The Fosters and Aquarius. Feel free to connect with him on any of these social media sites.
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