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Forever - Join the Fan Campaigns for Season Two!

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Are you a fan of Forever? Anxious and wanting another season of this great show? Networks are starting to announce renewals, and this is the time of year when fans start to worry about their favorite shows getting renewed for another season. It seems every season there is one show that fans are passionate about that studio and network executives overlook come renewal season. In the fall, we look for that crucial full season pickup for new shows. Forever was quick to gain a fanbase passionate enough to start a letter writing campaign to help secure that full season pickup, and now they have a campaign in full swing to get a second season. There is a petition, a letter writing campaign – both snail mail and email, and a social media campaign. So if you want more Forever, get involved!

Here’s what other fans said when asked why they love Forever. Maybe you recognize your own feelings here?

Eloise Wilson:  I Love the show because of the interaction which the characters Henry and Abe have. The relationship is loving, close and shows that even though Henry and Abe are not blood related it shows that these characters have a close bond. Each week that I watch Forever I love seeing how Henry deals with his Immortality while Abe deals with his mortality. Henry listens, teaches while Abe tells Henry that he needs to live his life fully and never fear what is to come in life.
Joanna Catalan Nuval: I like the show because its main character has a refreshing sense of morality, which is a rarity among most shows these days.

Samantha DiBlasi: I love it because Henry and Jo are such complex characters and it's a joy watching their stories unfold and see them have many different emotions. Also, the other characters add a lot of mystery and comic relief to the show! Overall, I just think it's awesome and the concept is really unique!

Doreen Gantt:  It's an intelligently written show with a truly unique premise. I love how the relationships between Henry and Jo, Henry and Lucas, and Henry and Det. Hanson have grown and evolved. The relationship between Abe and Henry is simply priceless - you often stop to wonder who is the dad here! And it is wonderful to see the relationship between Henry and Jo grow not just as a partnership but as a close friendship with real depth and emotion. I also like that the producers use Henry's ability to be reborn sparingly. It would really get old fast to have him die and come back every week. We know he is immortal so it's not necessary to use that plot device all the time. When they do use it, it works with the story; it's not something that's just tossed in. All in all, it's a wonderful show - well written, well acted, and beautifully cast. It certainly deserves more than one season.

Anna NL:  “Forever” has amazing dynamics. The characters are lively and approachable, Even the immortality of Henry is written in so skillfully that it doesn’t struck as something out of ordinary. The history lessons in the flashbacks, interesting cases, real life struggles of the characters and wonderful friendships between them as well as high quality humor sneaked in now and then (kudos to Lucas!) make it an intelligent show that treats its viewers with respect (so should ABC by giving it another season).

Lin Blank: Rarely has a TV show grabbed my attention and made me think about it days after the initial viewing. Forever showcases a not so unique concept (immortality has been tackled in horror genres with Dracula to superheroes like Marvel characters) and skewed it to a modern man who has one foot in the past and one foot in the present. Throw in a crime solving puzzle of the week plus interesting and well developed peripheral characters and Forever is quality! The writing makes Henry and company realistic and endearing; you care what they will do next. ADAM is a villain-- or IS he-- who is not defined yet but slowly we are gaining insight. Forever is a slow burn with a side dish of your favourite gooey layered dessert. I cannot imagine my week without a Forever fix!

Kate Weilnau: Forever is an intelligent show with complex and interesting characters. The basic premise allows the creators to explore the difficulties of our current society in a historical context. The viewer is treated to a costume drama and a contemporary human story simultaneously. And Judd Hirsch is an incredibly talented actor. It's such a pleasure to watch him every week again.

Barbara Caplan:  I like Forever because it’s not only entertaining, but also educational. Each week there are new facts presented throughout the show. Chemistry, as to be expected, but also, information is provided regarding the topic for that episode. I enjoy looking up these bits of information on the internet to obtain more specifics. This show is rather unique as I haven’t come across other shows on network or cable channels that present new learning opportunities in such an entertaining manner. Bravo to the writers!

There are lots of fans of the show, and you can connect with them through various social media sites. The campaign has several elements. Abby Brickler started a petition which you can sign here. If you sign, be sure to share the link via Twitter and Facebook to further spread the word!

Deb Servey and Lin Blank have been very busy organizing fans and spearheading a letter writing campaign. Servey and Blank co-administer several groups. They run the Official Ioan Gruffudd group on facebook. They began the group in early August of 2014 and Gruffudd approved them on November 25. This is a really active group with autograph giveaways and other fun things. They also co-admin the Foreverist Group for Forever Fans with over 500 members and growing. The two were also in close contact with Ioan’s wife, Alice Evans, so they also co-admin a page for her.

Servey and Blank knew before Forever aired that ABC had only asked for 13 episodes, so they found other fans on Twitter and began live-tweeting during the shows, occasionally joined by cast members. People also started tweeting for a full 22 episode pick up, and they began using the ABC feedback page to contact the network. Realizing that letter writing campaigns had been very successful in the past, Servey started doing research, finding this link very helpful.
If you visit the Foreverists page on Facebook, you’ll find all the information on the letter writing campaign. For convenience, I’m quoting Deb Servey’s post with the pertinent information here:

Why snail mail over email? Even in this day and age of technology, the networks still put more stock in a snail mailed letter over email. Snail mail is easier to count, there are no chances of some malicious computer virus and the networks know that it takes much more effort to send a letter.
We’ve been encouraging you to save calendars, collect free calendars, or even print calendars off the Internet. Calendars are going to become our icon or symbol of the show. Forever deals with time, time is measured off by calendars. For added impact, on the calendar page, write #Renew #Forever in big letter with a Sharpie or some other type of marker.

Write a passionate but polite letter about why you feel Forever should be renewed for a second season. In an envelope, enclose the letter and a calendar…or a page from a calendar….or write the letter on the back of a calendar page…and send it off to:

ABC Entertainment
C/O Forever
500 S. Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91521-4551

When should you start writing and sending your letters? NOW! We need to make as much impact as we can!
Yes, you can also write emails! You may use the “contact us” on or you can use this link and make sure to select ABC programming feedback.

Another very active page on Facebook is The Forever (ABC) Fan Page (over a thousand members!) that is administered by Tonya Lindsey, Hilary A’taq Coulter, Danielle Johnson, Zhora Ghulam, and Beverlee Ballon. Tonya, Zhora and Kelly also administer The ABCForever_fans Twitter.

Fans are trying to raise awareness on all form of social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, especially, but also Instagram and Google+. When tweeting fans are encouraged to always use the hashtag #Forever. Deb Servey’s Twitter is @DebfromPA
Other Twitter accounts:

And let’s not forget to post and comment on ABC’s Forever FB page.
PLEASE help spread the word! Now more than ever we fans need to stand together and let ABC know how much we can about this program!

So just to re-cap, sign the petition, keep tweeting, using the hashtag #Forever (the network counts those hashtags!), write a letter (or 10!) to the network, and join your fellow fans on Facebook! Share and re-tweet the petition too. Let’s all work to make sure we have Forever for a very long time to come!

About the Author - Lisa Macklem
I do interviews and write articles for the site in addition to reviewing a number of shows, including Supernatural, Arrow, Agents of Shield, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Forever, Defiance, Bitten, Glee, and a few others! Highlights of this past year include covering San Diego Comic Con as press and a set visit to Bitten. When I'm not writing about television shows, I'm often writing about entertainment and media law in my capacity as a legal scholar. I also work in theatre when the opportunity arises. I'm an avid runner and rider, currently training in dressage.

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