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2 Broke Girls - And the Move-In Meltdown - Review: "The Booty Call is Coming From Inside the House!"

4.10 - "And the Move-In Meltdown"
Directed by Dan Scardino
Written by Patrick Walsh
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

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'And the Move-In Meltdown' Recap and Review

The episode opens with the gang (minus Sophie) at the Cupcake window. Max and Caroline have splashed out and gotten themselves a couple of benches that they call their 'seating area', and Oleg, Han and Earl are sitting on one side to make the place look more busy. It's snowing and it looks freezing so it definitely fits in with current problems in the world. Very relevant. The exchanges between Oleg and Earl are very funny. Earl has been stepping up with his one-liners the past few episodes, though when he says "I can't see Max", I feel like something is wrong with him health-wise. Maybe they're heading towards something with Earl's health in the future? It would be great material for him but I love Earl and I hope he'd still be part of the show.

Caroline is insistent on getting heatlamps for outside the shop but Max is reluctant as they need to worry more about their indoor business than outdoor. Oleg interrupts by telling the others he is moving in with Sophie the next day. It leads to a very funny parody of the line "the call is coming from inside the house" from the movie When a Stranger Calls (and the urban legend the film is based on). Han offers to help him move as his trainer says he is getting ripped (though Max says ripped off by the trainer) and Oleg offers to wash his hands tonight in the diner. Very gross, he should be doing that anyway haha. We find out Han is on Christian Singles, and I just watched Mike & Molly's episode before watching this and that website was mentioned on there too. Maybe I missed something? Do I have to sign up for it too?

I absolutely love that whenever Sophie walks into the diner and says "hey everybody", she gets an applause. She always makes me smile. She is planning a dinner party for the next night to celebrate Oleg moving in, and even though Max and Caroline just made a pact not to get involved with Oleg and Sophie when they live together upstairs, Max accepts. The next day Max is watching a baby in a faulty high-chair video and she's loving it. Typical Max... as I go to YouTube to search for the video. I found a 'Man gets stuck in babies high chair' video but not the one Max was watching, damn. Oleg and Han are in the hallway and it sounds like they're having a difficult time moving things. We have another horror movie reference with Saw 3, it appears the writer of this episode - Patrick Walsh - likes his horror movies. Speaking of, I think an episode of Max, Caroline, Sophie and Oleg being trapped in the apartment building when the electricity goes off and it being like a horror movie would be awesome.

Sophie is basically saying no to everything Oleg has to move in with - except for a quickie against the bathroom sink. It seems that's all the moving truck was good for too. Sophie suggests Oleg put his stuff in Max and Caroline's apartment which Caroline says yes too. The method of her madness is that Oleg will let them use the moving truck for their heatlamps. Oleg drives Max, Caroline and Han to meet that woman for the heatlamps. Oleg asks for advice but Max and Caroline don't want to give him any, yet Caroline still manages to get her opinion across. There's also a funny bit with a life-like mouth as Han struggles to stay in the back of the truck.

At Sophie's, Earl is the first guest and Sophie politely declines conversation until the "real guests" arrive for her sparkle as a hostess. They arrive instantly ("That was some loud sparkle"), leading to a funny interaction between Sophie and Caroline which really solidifies Caroline as the Meg (Family Guy) of 2 Broke Girls. And Sophie's hilarious ("can it ever just be about me?") Oleg wants to take a shower but Sophie has a hard time getting her head around Oleg using her shower, even though he's moved in now. Caroline has to feed Han as his arms are still sore, Earl smokes some marijuana and Oleg and Sophie argue about what Oleg can bring into the apartment. It's definitely a tense dinner but so entertaining. Especially when Sophie threatens Oleg with a butcher knife and there's a big fight between them consisting of ball gags and smashing glasses.

"Can it ever just be about me?!" - Sophie

The next day, Sophie is driving Max and Caroline in the moving truck. They're moving Oleg's stuff and Sophie contemplates dumping it by the river. Caroline questions Sophie's decisions which leads to Sophie stopping the truck in the middle of traffic. Sophie tells Caroline off (kind of like a naughty schoolgirl) when Oleg appears from the back. A car crashes into the back of them. "I think something hit us!" In the back of the van, they're all sitting waiting for the tow truck. Caroline suggest couples' therapy. We find out Max may or may not have been on Jerry Springer for the segment "I hate my roommate and I don't know how to tell her" - which to be fair could be true.

Max and Caroline end up filling in for Sophie and Oleg in the couples' therapy, with Max filling in for Sophie. Caroline reasons with them both and talks about compromises. Sophie ends up confessing she's not very used to change in a short amount of time. She's actually scared, which is so sweet. Oleg says he doesn't care about his stuff as long as he has Sophie, which is so sweet. They really are the most fascinatingly romantic couple on television at the minute. Caroline is devastated that they ended up getting back together, and Max tells her she doesn't know when to butt out, which are actually Jerry's words.

Cupcake Total: $13,395.00 (down from $13,545.00)

Funniest Quotes

Oleg: I can see my breath, and my boys are up by my ribcage.
Earl: I can smell his breath, and my boys are up where my boys used to be.

Oleg: Guys, I just peed a little to keep warm.
Earl: Well I peed a little, cause I had no choice.

Max: Oh great, they stuck to the bench! (To Caroline) Go get the wood shelf scraper.

Max: Reading US Weekly Earl? Ooh, stars, they're just like us. Well if they're just like us, where's the picture of them turning their underwear inside out.
Earl: Caroline left it in the men's room! And as I say that out loud I realise that I must have been in the Ladies' Room.

Caroline: I found two discount heatlamps on Cherryslist. It's like Craigslist but without the high probability of being murdered by a deranged medical student.

Oleg: Well girls, tomorrow is the day I've been looking forward to for three years.
Max: You're getting your teeth cleaned?! Sorry that's what we've been looking forward to.
Oleg: I'm moving in with Sophie. From now on, the booty call is coming from inside the house!
Han: I couldn't help but overhear.
Max: From all the way over there? Your ears should give a pep talk to the other parts of your body.

Han: What is the problem? This is all good news. Sophie and Oleg are in love
Max: Yeah, and they'll be in love on our stairs, in our hallway and on every surface of the laundry room.

Sophie: It's raining cats and goats out there.
Caroline: Don't you mean cats and dogs?
Sophie: Aw it's so nice to be corrected as you walk in the door.

Sophie: I'm having a dinner party tomorrow night to celebrate. And also because I have fifteen pounds of beef that's about to go bad.

Max: (to Caroline) I hate to tell you this but when it comes to you and beef, I'm always going beef.

Max: Get away from the door, Han will see your feet under the door, they're right at his eye level.
Caroline: This is like a horror movie! Saw 3, 'cause Han bent over I saw three inches of his crack.
Max: So you saw his whole crack.

Oleg: Open the door Max, I'm about to kill Han and I know you're going to want to see that.
Max: Dammit, he's right!

Max: To be fair, Oleg's socks probably have some really heavy loads in them.

Han: Is there no elevator up in this bitch?

Caroline: If you get your meat, I get my heat.
Max: Just because you rhyme doesn't make it okay, and I'm pretty sure that's what Rihanna said to Chris Brown.

Max: What do we know about relationships? That's like asking Donald Trump for the name of a good hair stylist.

Sophie (To Caroline): I got a pot roast here that's a hell of a lot more interesting.

Caroline: I love a root vegetable.
Sophie: Can it ever just be about me?!

Han: Well how big are nipples supposed to be 'cause... never mind.

Max: I don't think goodwill will take a love seat that's actually covered in love.

Sophie: Caroline! You get this straight! Oleg was wrong and those nipples were way too big!

Sophie: How's the neck Max?
Max: Not so bad. The second car that hit us kinda knocked what the first car knocked out of place back in place.

Caroline: Okay, we need a little more Oprah and a little less Jerry Springer.

Sophie: Really good Max but next time arch your back a little.

Sophie: Oh Oleg, I wouldn't want you to give up walking around naked just as long as you don't sit down on anything white.
Oleg: Makes sense. Nobody likes a chocolate starfish on an ottoman.

Episode Verdict

A big step up from the previous episode, 'And the Past and the Furious', and it was almost as funny, for me, as 'And the Fun Factory' episode. It was a really funny episode and had a lot of interesting stories happening. Seeing Sophie and Oleg move in together was very entertaining and that dinner party was something to behold. It's quite possibly one of the best dinner parties I've ever seen on television (and I did used to love Brothers & Sisters). There wasn't any talks of weddings or anything like that since the pair got engaged in the previous episode but it's nice to see them take steps towards that, even if it doesn't go as smoothly as they would have liked. It actually makes it a lot funnier that it's a rocky road to marriage. Earl was on point tonight too, whenever he spoke it was a quotable one-liner, though that "I can't see" thing has me worried about his health, even if he was joking. We never got to know if Max and Caroline got those heatlamps but I like the small progression of the cupcake business in this episode too. Heatlamps are a great idea to put outside their shop in the freezing weather as it would probably attract people to that location. Also, Han had some very funny moments too, especially his "is there no elevator up in this bitch?" which was delivered so well. Overall, all the characters were used to their best potential here and it was a very well-rounded episode.

What did you guys think of 'And the Move-In Meltdown'? Let me know in the comments and be sure to watch the next new episode of 2 Broke Girls on February 9th on CBS!

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