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2 Broke Girls - And the Knock-Off Knockout - Review: "Miniature Mean Girls"

4.12 - "And the Knock-Off Knockout"
Directed by Dan Scardino
Written by Morgan Murphy
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

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'And the Knock-Off Knockout' Recap and Commentary

The episode begins with Max insulting customers - nothing new there. I honestly don't know why she still has a job or why people eat there. This time it's to two guys growing their beards. I'm with Max on this one, I'm not a fan of beards, especially ones that long. Stubble is good, very manly, but full-on beards just don't look very nice. In the Cupcake Shop. it looks like the T-shirts are selling pretty well which I'm relieved at since they got a huge order in the past episode. Sophie comes with a stack of bridal magazines and with Oleg following her with even more bridal magazines. She's really taking this wedding seriously. It was hilarious when Oleg cut the photo of the hot girl out and is about to hand it to Sophie but she says she might need a Tuesday off. Their sex life really does seem like a nine-to-five job. Oleg suggests his cousin as she's a wedding planner and they head off. A girl with a very soft voice comes up wearing one of their T-shirts but tells them it's from a store. Dilemma!

Max and Caroline take a trip to the store to see their shirt in their window. They're both upset, and Caroline's delivery of her line was on point - Beth Behrs is so getting better at her comedic delivery. She's always been good but lately she's been great! Turns out it's two rich highschool girls that knocked off the design and I swear to God I thought one of them was Abigail Breslin when she walked through the door at first. The girls are pretty funny, basically saying what the other said right after the other one has said it. I wasn't expecting kids to be behind this so it was a nice twist. They have a funny exchange and they're perfect little minions, I'd totally want them to recur as Max and Caroline's nemeses. They don't back down even when they're threatened with lawyers. They're rich, what do they care?

I love when Max is angry because she always seems a little playful with it. Earl comments on his health again which is both funny and worrying, and Caroline tells Max not to worry as karma's a bitch. It's funny to think just because Caroline littered the once, she's now paying for it by being poor. Sophie comes in followed by Svetlana, Oleg's cousin. Sophie takes one look at her and she's like "nope" haha. It's also hilarious knowing Sophie's and Oleg's safe word is Caroline. Poor Svetlana. The girls get a cease and desist order from the high school girls and they ask Han to pretend to be their lawyer. We have the usual 'bad waitress' routine here which is still funny and then Han accidentally knocks something off the counter which hits Max in the eye.

At the high school the two girls attend, Max and Caroline pay a visit to them. Max is wearing an eye-patch too which looks so cool on her. Definite Pirates of the Caribbean-vibe. Han also comes out in a suit looking very dapper. The girls are selling their T-shirts in the cafeteria. They serve them and Kemberly makes a comment about Han. He's so cute when he's like "is that a bad thing?" Ashlyn's dad is a really good lawyer so it doesn't look like this is working so Han takes to the microphone - that Ashlyn helps lower. Han gives a really moving speech that's actually really relevant to his situation and something we've all laughed at as Max always makes fun of his size. It leads to Ashlyn being moved and tells the girls they'll stop selling the shirts despite Kemberly wanting to continue. Han saved them but Max wasn't listening as she was stealing mini pizzas.

At the diner, Sophie is in her booth when Max and Caroline walk in. Sophie reveals she's got a good wedding planner this time because he's gay. He walks in, totally flamboyant and looking a little hipster, and Sophie says no again. She really doesn't want to listen to ideas, just as long as they look good for her. Han also admits it wasn't Max he was talking about in his speech but a horrid doorwoman at his building. Max is shocked he has someone else on the side but things go back to normal. It seems Han doesn't really mind the jokes by Max as it bonds them. That's their friendship and he wouldn't really want it any other way.

Cupcake Total: $3,675.00 (up from $3,395.00)

Funniest Quotes

Max: Well quack, quack Duck Dynasty. My left armpit could beat you both.

Han: You insult people and then actually expect them to give you money?
Max: That's how it works with you and me.

Sophie (to Oleg): How do you expect to push the wedding Donkey down the aisle?

Oleg: Don't worry Sophie. If I know how to do anything, it's how to move an ass.

Oleg: Oh yeah, this one's hot. Save that one for later. Oh, I forgot, I'm getting married.
Sophie: Oh keep her, I might need a Tuesday off.
Caroline: Sophie, why don't you get some help from your Maid of Honour...
Max: I will kill you.
Caroline: ...Or a wedding planner?

Woman: No, I bought it at a store in Manhattan on East 9th in Broadway. I know because I'm OCD and it was sixty-seven steps and fourteen sidewalk cracks from the corner.

Max: I can't believe they stole our shirt. The one thing people actually wanted to buy, I feel like Myspace.
Caroline: I haven't seen anything this upsetting in a window since that time I accidentally caught a reflection of myself in my waitress uniform.

Kemberly: We did not steal your idea.
Ashlyn: Yeah, we did not steal your idea. We copied it from this lame cupcake shop in Brooklyn.
Max: Wait a minute! We have a lame cupcake shop in Brooklyn!

Max: What just happened here?
Caroline: That girl just called you old.

Earl: You got plenty of time. I got six or seven months before I turn to dust.

Max: It's like a bad '80s movie. I don't know if I should date James Spader or teach this town how to dance.

Caroline: Karma's a bitch. I littered once and, well, look at me.

Sophie: I'm up to my nuts in bridal junk.

Svetlana: I am Svetlana, Oleg's cousin.
Earl: Well darling it could be worse, you could be his sister.

Caroline: Han, we just got served!
Han: At least someone in the diner has! You're lucky you're both so chill.
Max: Of course we're chill, you're one of Mr. Popper's Penguins.

Han: Why would I pretend to be a lawyer? You two can't pretend to be waitresses.

Max: They have mini pizzas here? My high school didn't even have heat!

Caroline: And Han, I hope you're a better actor than Max.
Han: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is a better actor than Max.

Max: And next year you can wear that and go as a lesbian minister.

Caroline: Their charity is bullying? That's like Kanye West raising money for 'Laying Low'.

Caroline: Seriously? In the middle of his bullying speech you're bullying?
Max: Kinda surprised even myself.

Sophie: Where am I gonna find a gay wedding planner in New York now?

Han: I have to submit to a purple nurple just to get my mail!

Episode Verdict

I've just thought, what happened to that gay guy who worked at the Diner? Luis I think his name was? Just think it strange he's just vanished unless it's been explained that he's left or something? I might have missed something. Anyway, I digress.

This was another enjoyable episode and I really loved the nemesis thing between our girls and the two high school girls. I honestly thought Kemberly was Abigail Breslin at first. The T-shirt thing turns out to be a good plot device by the writers to move things forward with the cupcake business and to have a rival steal their ideas was really great actually. It's happened a few times though, following a really funny episode as the last one was, the one to follow usually doesn't live up to it. Having said that, there are still laughs to be had here.

I liked that Han addressed the bullying issue in this episode as it sheds a new perspective for Max, but at the same time by the end of the episode we realise Han doesn't really want it any other way with her. The teasing and backward-and-forward comments are what makes them bond and that's their friendship. They each have their schtick and that's theres. Maybe Max will still tone it down in the future.

I wish we could have seen more of Oleg's cousin and maybe if Sophie had of given her a chance, it could have made for a funnier episode. I love seeing Oleg's family and they need to be involved a little more as I'd love them to be explored. I can imagine them being just as funny as Oleg. I also loved that Sophie's and Oleg's safe word is Caroline. Poor Caroline.

What did you guys think of 'And the Knock-Off Knockout'? Let me know in the comments and be sure to watch the next new episode of 2 Broke Girls on February 23rd on CBS!

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