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2 Broke Girls - And the Great Unwashed - Review: "And the Award for Best Comedy Goes To..."

4.13 - "And the Great Unwashed"
Directed by Dan Scardino
Written by Laura Kightlinger
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

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'And the Great Unwashed' Recap and Commentary

We start the episode in the Diner with Han coming in with what looks like Oscar award statues. Very fitting considering it was the week of the Oscars. I loved how Caroline and Max were supportive of each other with these awards, taking it seriously but in a fun way. Max wins the Best Lie Told to Get a Bigger Tip award, and Caroline won Best Waitress, even though she didn't want it, and gives a pretty back-handed comment about only winning awards for roles that are humiliating. I was creased with laughter when Max gave Han the award for Best Animated Short. Bless him, he looked so proud of that achievement too.

Valerie Harper makes a great first impression here as she gives Max some sass about being too funny. When Han burned Max with the Double D's joke, I was shocked and impressed at how fast he was there. Nola seems to really like Caroline and dislike Max, but it's not hard to see why in the context of it. Caroline and Max come across Sophie who is hiding in the storage room at the back who thinks she's being cheated on by Oleg. He has a second phone, a "boner" phone. She phones the woman on the phone and does a terrible Oleg impression, it's hilariously bad. She thinks she's some old whore because she speaks that language, not Russian. So it makes sense of course.

The next night, Caroline is sad that Nola didn't come in. Sophie does instead and still has Oleg's phone. Han reveals Nola phoned up as she wants her food delivered, so Max and Caroline go on a mission to her apartment. Nola says something pretty Oleg-like with her "vagina" and her "photographs". Very nice. They go inside the apartment and Nola comments on their friendship - "you're the ying to her yap!" and they remind her of Nola and her old friend until her friend hit on her. She is having a gallery opening but she doesn't want neither Caroline or Max to attend it.

Of course, Max and Caroline did not listen to her and attend it anyway. Earl and Han are there too and they all need to class it up. Sophie and Oleg come and Sophie makes some funny hints about knowing everything, but of course Oleg doesn't understand. Sophie informs them of a photo of Max hanging up, and to be fair, the photo is actually amazing. I burst out laughing when I realised there was one of Caroline hanging up right behind her and she didn't know. I do feel sorry for her, nobody purchased a print. I can understand why people wanted Max's instead. We see Earl has had loads of dots for his photograph too. "Look at these dots" haha what timing Earl.

It's really nice of Max to try and put stickers beside Caroline's photo to make her feel better. Nola comes and Max wants a favour from her. Nola goes to Caroline to try and make sense of her photo. Caroline asks why the picture didn't sell and Nola admits it sucks and is one of her worst photos. I felt my own heart break for Caroline there. BUT the reason it sucks was a big compliment for Caroline and it genuinely makes her feel better. It makes me feel better too. She gives her some great advice. It was funny during the toast too when Oleg's second phone starts ringing - Sophie's jig is up! It's funny that they had to be escorted out and Sophie's trying to reason with them. "And you thought I had the testicles to embarass you."

The episode ends in the diner. Sophie is in her booth and still hasn't made up with Oleg. It makes the girls uncomfortable as they don't want them to make up in the diner, which usually involves some inappropriate make-out sessions. We find out it was Oleg's mother on the phone and he didn't want Sophie to think he was a mama's boy. She doesn't believe him at first, but when he tells her he's afraid he's losing his hair, Sophie tells him she doesn't care because she'll still love him. Sweet. So, so sweet. Han comes in with the photo of Caroline that Nola gave to her. Caroline decides she's going to embrace that part of her life and see it as part of her journey.

Cupcake Total: $2,675.00 (down from $3,675.00)

Funniest Quotes

Han: This is the night where everyone is recognised for their... well... let's call it work.

Han: The award for the worst excuse for being late to work goes to... EARL! For I died!

Han: And the winner for Best Lie Told to Get a Bigger Tip goes to...
Caroline: Good luck girl
Max: It's an honour to share this category with you.
Han: It's Max! For showing customers pictures of three small children on a regular basis.
Max: Oh wow. This award is dedicated to the lights of my life - Maxine, Max, Jr. and Maxi Pad.

Nola: Keep it. I know what I want.
Max: Me too. But it just seems like Taylor Swift is never going away.

Max: The lady in the booth doesn't like my attitude and she wants you, so I guess what I'm saying is... I still got it!

Han: No Max, I'm not powered by Double D's like you.

Nola: See, this is why I like the blonde one. She listens. May I please have a cheesecake?
Caroline: Sure. And thank you Nola, I think it's important to listen to people. Coming right back with that cherry pie.

Caroline: I think Nola knows I'm more than just a waitress. She can see right through this uniform.
Oleg: And so can I in just the right light.

Sophie: I think Oleg is cheating on me... look...
Caroline: Oh God, now she's gonna start whipping it out?

Sophie: That old whore!
Caroline: What did she say?
Sophie: I have no idea! I don't speak Russian but I do speak old whore.

Caroline: Oh Sophie, it's just you.
Sophie: You're poor! Now we're even.

Sophie: Nobody comes between Sophie and her man. Unless we pay them to.

Han: I told her we don't do deliveries. You two can barely get the food from the window to the tables!

Nola: No, just me in here with my vagina and my photographs.

Max: Look at that title, "the Great Unwashed." Are Oleg's balls here?
Caroline: Max, it's the art scene. Class it up. At least say testicles.

Earl: I couldn't find my way out. I just walked into a picture of a door.

Han: That Nola bitch is rich and I bet she has a summer house made out of my free crutons.

Oleg: I used that phone...
Sophie: Yes?
Oleg: To...
Sophie: Go on.
Oleg: I use it to call...
Max: Cut to the chase!
Oleg: My mother!
Caroline: Is there no one he won't sleep with?

Oleg: Where's my...?
Sophie: Busted!

Episode Verdict

Another step down for 2 Broke Girls but this has been a season of ups and downs so this was totally to be expected. I still enjoyed this episode though and Valerie Harper was a great guest character here. She really brought out the best in Caroline by making her see she should never lose her hopeful smile. It was sweet actually, a great moment for Caroline to realise she needs to embrace her job as a a waitress. She's doing better than most in her position.

The Sophie and Oleg saga continues and we can already tell they won't have an easy time as a couple, always having their fights and bickerings but, as shown at the end of this episode, they'll still love each other on the other side of it. Honestly, Sophie's "I'll still love ya" was so, so sweet. Melted my heart. As was Max's attempt to make Caroline feel better by putting the stickers by her photo. Han probably stole this episode for me though as he did deliver some great zingers. Loved the nominations and awards at the start of the episode, that was a fun opening.

All in all, not a bad episode, but 2 Broke Girls has been better. Also, why is their money dropping so fast? I want to see it go up, not down!

What did you guys think of 'And the Great Unwashed'? Let me know in the comments and be sure to watch the next new episode of 2 Broke Girls on March 9th on CBS!

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