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Updated TV Show Synopsis - Supergirl, Fargo, Minority Report + More

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Billions (Showtime Pilot)
Billions is a fictional drama that takes a forensic look at the world of high finance by tracking the approaching collision between two titanic figures — the hard-charging, whip-smart U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhodes (Giamatti), and the brilliant, ambitious hedge-fund king, Bobby "Axe" Axelrod (Lewis).

Blackbirds (Starz Pilot)
Miriam Black knows when you will die. Still in her early twenties, she's foreseen hundreds of car crashes, heart attacks, strokes, suicides, and slow deaths by cancer. But when Miriam hitches a ride with truck driver Louis Darling and shakes his hand, she sees that in thirty days Louis will be gruesomely murdered while he calls her name. Miriam has given up trying to save people; that only makes their deaths happen. But Louis will die
because he met her, and she will be the next victim. No matter what she does she can't save Louis. But if she wants to stay alive, she'll have to try.

Endgame (NBC Pilot)
It is described as a high-octane thriller about a former intelligence officer who, while working as a security expert for the wealthy, is wrongly accused of the brutal murder of his wife. A syndicate of powerful people offers him freedom in exchange for stopping high-stakes crimes, as he continues to avenge his wife’s death and uncover the game-like conspiracy among his mysterious employers. He eventually realizes he’s a player in a hundred-year-old tradition where the rich and powerful bet on the ultimate “game”: crime in our world.

Fargo - Season 2 (FX)
The new chapter, set in 1979 in Sioux Falls, SD and Luverne, MN, where a young State Police Officer Lou Solverson (Wilson), recently back from Vietnam, will tackle an all new “true crime” case. Wilson’s Solverson is a clean-cut Minnesota State Patrolman, four years back from Vietnam, where he served in the Navy. A humble and competent man, Lou is a devoted husband and father. Danson will play Hank Larsson, the Sheriff of Rock County, Minnesota. An unflappable WWII vet who embodies a certain cowboy poetry, Hank is Lou’s father-in-law. Smart will play Floyd Gerhardt, the matriarch of the Gerhardt crime family. She’s stood by her husband’s side for 40 years, but now that he’s out of the picture she thinks it’s her turn to run things. Dunst will play Peggy Blomquist, a small-town beautician with big city dreams who is trying to figure out who she really is and what she really wants as she struggles with traditional societal expectations. She shares her home with her husband Ed (Plemons), a butcher’s assistant, who wants to be supportive of his wife’s self-discovery, even if he doesn’t quite understand it.

Living On Video (HBO Pilot)
Set in 1983 Los Angeles, Living On Video centers on Bobby, a wide-eyed guy who drops out of college and drives to Hollywood with dreams of directing a sci-fi epic. He lands a job as a PA for a company making music videos. In the vein of HBO’s Entourage, the series revolves around the players of the then-exploding music video industry — directors, record executives and crew members, many of them dabbling in drugs — through the eyes of the newcomer.

Mama Dallas (HBO Pilot)
Living in Dallas, Liberty Bell is a man (Albert De Lorio), but he presents himself to the world as a woman -- and the world buys his story. Caught in the rut of a drag's queen's life among the lowlifes, Liberty is weary of an endless round of sex, drugs, bad men, cops, bikers, drag bars, drugs, sex and worse men. She lifts her eyes up from the gutter, carves out a more conservative (but still female) appearance for herself, and promptly lands a gig as a nanny to three children of a very strait-laced family. Caught between two worlds, one quite seedy and one quite repressed, Liberty Bell has to walk a very high tightrope indeed, and also has to be sure that no one in the audience spies the bulge in her leotard

Minority Report (FOX Pilot)
The year is 2040 and three young siblings, Agatha, and identical twins Dash and Arthur, have the unique ability to see the future, specifically murders before they are committed, and researchers are closely monitoring their every move. Fast forward to the year 2054, the siblings are now in their 30s, and Arthur has been separated from his brother and sister for quite some time. Dash believes his brother is nearby and he is determined to be reunited with his twin. Meanwhile, Dash would like nothing more than to do something to prevent the horrible murders that he knows are about to occur. Circumstances partner him with Detective Lara Vega, and they become a formidable crime fighting team.

Roadies (Showtime Pilot)
Rodies follows the day-to-day life of a successful rock tour as seen through the eyes of the crew members who help get the show on the road. Wilson will play road-weary, sleep-deprived tour manager Bill, who is five years sober, and the best friend that a band could have on the road. Poots is Kelly Ann, a first-rate electrical tech with a great heart, questionable people skills, and a desire to make her mark on the world. Castle-Hughes plays the band’s outspoken and passionate sound mixer Donna Mancini, who every day leads her road family in their favorite ritual, “The Song of the Day.” Cambor is Milo, an offbeat American anglophile guitar tech, not big on personal hygiene, who revels in his road-worthy, slightly scuzzy charm. Spall will play Reg Whitehead, a wildly successful British financial advisor sent by management to oversee the crew’s budget, though he knows less than zero about the music business.

Shakedown (HBO Pilot)
Shakedown is set in the tabloid world and underbelly of Los Angeles circa the late 1950s. The drama centers on the city's top informant/operator/wire tapper/fixer, Fred O'Tash, who lives and works where the glamor and grime intersect. Otash, who died in October 1992, was a somewhat dubious 1950s private eye who claimed to have listened in on Marilyn Monroe having sex with John F. Kennedy; worked for Judy Garland and others; and taped Rock Hudson telling his wife he was gay. Mike Wallace famously confronted him in a heated interview. His career collapsed in the 1960s when Congress began to scrutinize some of the sleazy magazines for which he worked. He was one of the people on whom Jack Nicholson's Chinatown character was based.

Stitchers (ABC Family)
Follows Kirsten Clark (Ishta), a young woman who is recruited into a secret government agency to be “stitched” into the minds of the recently deceased, using their memories to investigate murders and help solve mysteries, before they go to the grave. Working alongside Kirsten is passionate neuroscientist, Cameron (Harris); socially immature bioelectrical engineer and communications technician, Linus (Rajan); Maggie (Richardson-Whitfield), who heads the covert program; and Kirsten’s roommate, Camille (Scagliotti), a computer science graduate student who is recruited into the agency for her hacking skills.

Supergirl (CBS Pilot)
At twelve years old, young, beautiful, and strong Kara Zor-El was chosen to be sent to Earth from her dying home planet of Krypton. Once on Earth Kara was taken in by a foster family, the Danvers, who taught her to be careful with her extraordinary powers. Now twenty-four, Kara Danvers feels unempowered, a slave to having repressed her innate abilities. She’s still pretty, but with her face hidden behind glasses and her hair pulled back, she doesn’t know it herself. An unexpected disaster forces her to use her incredible powers in public. Energized by her heroic deed, for the first time in her life, Kara begins embracing her extraordinary abilities. She begins helping the people of her city and they soon take notice. She’s even given a new moniker, Supergirl. (Claire Holt testing for the lead role.)

Tough Cookie (ABC Family Pilot)
32 year old successful, self-centered, Lilla Spencer is a publicist who makes a living lying--or at least, covering up her clients' flaws and foibles for their public appearances. However, Lilla has a big secret in her own past, which she refuses to acknowledge: she had a baby girl at age 20 whom she gave up for adoption. When she discovers that her baby is now 12 years old and might want a shot at her real mom instead of another stint in foster care, Lilla meets Eleanor: herself, in 12 year old form. Very scary. But as Lilla (along her two roomies, Heidi and Mickey) spends a three day trial period with Eleanor, something very strange happens: Lilla finds her maternal instinct and Eleanor discovers she may be family material after all.


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