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The Musketeers - Emilie - Advance Preview + Dialogue Teasers

It seems like it’s been a long wait for this episode, but I feel that it is one to look forward to. Craig and Hodges have produced a well-balanced script that successfully throws out hints of the season’s multiple arcs when appropriate, whilst never taking the focus off the main plot. My favourite director from last year, Andy Hay, is back. Although this week doesn’t provide copious sweeping panoramic views, he does find interesting angles and perspectives to shoot from. You get an insight to Emilie’s awestruck wonder as she enters the palace for the first time, for example.

The Musketeers are dispatched by Louis to check out Emilie of Duras, a prophet whose visions are inciting anti-Spanish riots. Their advice falls on deaf ears though and events continue to escalate within the city walls. After an unsettling, and relatively grim, incident Treville decides that the best solution would be for Aramis to infiltrate the camp in order to work out the best way to proceed. The remaining men tackle the mobs in Paris, protecting any Spanish civilians and officials from the crowds who are baying for their blood on the streets.

I revealed in the second hangman last week that Aramis and Emilie develop a friendship based on their shared beliefs. Yet he isn’t the only character to approach her and attempt reconciliation. Anne is feeling the anti-Spanish sentiment acutely and therefore is naturally drawn into wanting to resolve the matter too. With Constance by her side she makes her way to Emile’s camp as well. As a soldier this is probably the last thing Aramis needs whilst he’s undercover, but as the father to her child it could also finally give them a chance to see where they stand.

Milady’s fortunes appear to be on the up, with no need for any more cavorting under the dinner table in her undies on the horizon. As the King’s mistress she is firmly established in her own quarters of the palace, with a breath-taking view of the gardens. Well, there is one blot on the landscape that is spoiling the vista somewhat. However, the late Cardinal’s agent is perfectly proficient at carrying out the task at hand in order to maintain her position at court. She’s a resourceful woman after all, and I’m sure she understands the politics all too well.

The previous two hangman for this episode can be found here and here for those that haven't seen them as yet.

Here's the completed third hangman, apologises for making such a pigs ear of the letters. I shouldn't have rushed to fit an extra one in this week!

Someone wants Rochefort dead but chooses entirely the wrong person to perform the deed, so of course the mission fails. This only infuriates the Comte. If you think he was dangerous before, be prepared to see him become even more ominous and cruel.

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Emilie airs on Friday 30th January at 9pm on BBC 1 and BBC 1 HD in the UK, below are a few dialogue teasers to see you through until then. I will fill in any correct guesses on who said what later in the week. Don't forget to come back to vote in our poll after the episode and let us know what you thought.

“There is not a drop of French blood running in your veins” Raymond to Anne

“You know Lamay, the surgeon? Find him and bring him to the garrison”

“You should have four guards outside this room at all times”

“The mob are rampaging through Paris, murdering anyone with a Spanish name” Treville to the Musketeers

“When you truly love someone all the tricks in the world don’t matter” Constance to Anne

“It is rare to find beauty and humour in a woman” Louis to Milady

“You will be at my side when we ride into Madrid” Emilie to Aramis

“Do you want to be alone?” d'Artagnan to Athos

“The Inquisition would know how to stop her tongue” Navas

“Now there’s something you don’t see every day”

“This is only the beginning”
Athos to ?

Trailer Teaser

“You want this land boy? You will have to fight for it” Baron Renard

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