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Banshee - Real Life Is the Nightmare - Advance Preview + Dialogue Teasers

We pick up this week exactly where the last episode left off, Hood walking into Siobhan’s ready to face the music. Is she ready to deal with enormity of it all though is the real problem? It is true that she has been known to circumnavigate the law in the past if it diametrically opposes her own moral judgement. Hondo and Breece have both been on the receiving end of this. Yet this is nothing compared to what she has just seen ‘John Smith’ confess to on the video. As she says to Hood now “You played us. Me. Brock. Emmett. Everything about you is a lie.” She’s obviously going to need more time before she decides whether she is going to keep his secret or not.

The war between Proctor and the Chayton takes on a vindictive streak. Well, I say Proctor. Kai hasn’t actually taken part in any of the blood spilling so far, and once again sits at home after instructing a badly beaten up Burton to take point. Rebecca has had far more involvement in the hostilities against the Redbones. In fact she’s shown that she’s not scared at tackling them head on at all, so it’s no surprise that she suggests accompanying Clay on the mission. At first their outing doesn’t quite go to plan - the glasses come off, only to be thwarted seconds later. Then Rebecca takes charge, in a manner that slowly but surely wins her partner over to her way of thinking.

I have to admit that I’m finding her journey this season one of the most compelling in the show. I feel that in many ways she and her uncle are almost switching roles in the ‘firm’ ever since Kai has reconnected with his mother. She almost relishes at the pain and suffering of enemies she considers beneath her, directly looking into their eyes so they know her superiority over them. Whilst he is learning the fragility of life as he watches Leah’s slips away, leaving him to reconsider his own mortality and legacy.

Unfortunately taking a back seat doesn’t mean a quiet life for Proctor this week though. Gordon has finally got his act together - yeah, about time huh! After taking care of things at Deva’s school, he decides to reverse the deal on the plea bargain. This means Proctor is now looking at a court case and a possible five years in prison, which is obviously not acceptable from his point of view. Then there is also the problem of a very pissed off Hood looking for someone to take his excess anger out on. Their brawl may lack the finesse and sophistication we saw in last week’s showdown at the mansion, but the intensity and determination is just as palpable. Thankfully, however, someone does bring this fight to an end before any lasting damage is caused.

Unfortunately though, there is someone out there whose resentment burns even deeper than Hoods, and whose idea of retribution is far more grandiose. He has the stolen weapons and he has the army. His opponents are all gathered in the Cadi. It’s time to strike...

Real Life Is the Nightmare airs Friday January 30 at 10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT on Cinemax, below are some teasers to see you through until then. If you want to have a guess at who said what leave a comment below and I will fill in any correct ones on Friday. Don’t forget to come back and vote in our poll after the episode and let us know what you thought.

“You weren’t a jerk. You were an asshole”

“One of the guards is on the move, you’d better step on it”

“I’ve got a dozen witnesses who will testify that you started the fight” Jackson to Hood

“When I say no, I mean it!”

“I didn’t hear from you, I was worried about you, alright!” Brock to Emily

“You’re not an experienced driver” Burton to Rebecca

“Excuse my friend, he’s a little slow since the accident” Job

“Hi, you’ve reached Siobhan Kelly. Please leave a message” Siobhan's answerphone

“The school feels our daughter is lacking any kind of discipline or structure at home” Gordon to Carrie

“I don’t hate you, well maybe a little bit”

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