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2 Broke Girls - And the Past and the Furious - Review: "Friends That Drug You, Kidnap You and Steal Your Car Are Keepers"

4.09 - "And the Past and the Furious"
Written by Michelle Nader and Liz Astrof
Directed by Don Scardino
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

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'And the Past and the Furious' Review

After episode eight was a laugh-a-minute joyride, it was only natural the following episode would wind down a bit from that. Alas, this episode was not as funny as 'And the Fun Factory', but it was a joy to watch nonetheless.

The episode opens with Han wanting to train the staff with a CPR doll to resuscitate. Not the funniest opening the show has done but it was funny when Oleg made the crack about the doll not having arms so Han should just go for it instead of just kissing it. Caroline and Max just walk away - what else could they do. After credits, Caroline and Max start the next day with Caroline happy that it's her birthday.

Oleg tells Max and Caroline that he's going to propose to Sophie!! To be honest I didn't think it would be so soon that he would pop the question and Oleg didn't seem like the type but he has shown how much in love with Sophie he is in so it's really sweet. He would tell Caroline how the ring got to America while she was trying it on. A man comes to show Caroline her birthday present from her father and it was the last thing she was expecting - a brand new gorgeous expensive car! For a moment, I was really hoping that the Channing family had found a way to be more well-off again, or she would at least be allowed to keep the car so she could sell it for the $450,000 it was worth and used it toward the cupcake business and to help out her and Max. But good news never lasts on 2 Broke Girls.

When Caroline said she had to return Macaulay Culkin on her 8th birthday, that long pause where Max just stares at Caroline with her mouth slightly open (pictured to the right) was hilarious. She was genuinely fascinated. It was a small moment but I love those little moments. "They bought you a boy?!" Han makes a joke about how useless Max and Caroline are as waitresses, another way of getting back to all those short jokes. I think that's Han's thing now, calling them out on their bad waitressing, though to be honest they must do a decent enough job to still have customers four years later but good for Han for having a sense of humour enough to keep them hired.

Caroline gets Max to stay with her in the car overnight so the man can seize it in the morning. Caroline tells Max her perfect birthday by going to the beach at the Hamptons.  She also wants to take duck-face selfies and practices some in the car mirror. Here's just one that I thought was solid:

Killer duck-face Caroline. Caroline soon falls asleep with Max wide awake.

Some time has passed and Max wakes a roofied Caroline, who Max knocked out so she could surprise her by taking her to the Hamptons like she wanted. I don't understand how Max knew to roofie her before Caroline revealed her perfect birthday, or maybe Max was joking and she didn't really roofie Caroline. Either way, I'm very glad they didn't run into Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson from Revenge while they were there. I did find it unbelievably sweet of Max to do that for Caroline even though Caroline hated her for it to begin with. Of course I understood where Caroline was coming from as a $450,000 car is not something to mess with when it's not really yours, but Max basically made her birthday wish come true. If that's not a sign of a true friendship I don't know what is. Max rarely shows she cares but whenever she does it's usually for Caroline.

Fortunately Caroline did start coming around when she felt the sand between her toes. Caroline finds out Max had never been to the beach before, which was sad but expected at this point considering how desolate Max's childhood was. Soon they find out they can't get off the sand - which is probably something they should have known as soon as they got out the car and felt how soft the sand was. Max goes out to push from the back which leads to a couple of funny moments where the back wheel sprays a ton of sand in Max's face. When the shot goes onto Max when her hair is covering her face and the sand is going everywhere, I can't tell if it's a stunt double or not. Either way loved it.

It doesn't work, and we have a funny exchange between Max and Caroline about being (or not being) a ride-or-die kind of bitch. I googled it too haha, it means - to be down with your husband/wife no matter what, through it all the good and the bad. That sounds a lot like Max and Caroline's friendship. Aww. Caroline's turn to push and she must be strong, she gets it out! It's more obvious that there's a stunt double for the sand being kicked up into Caroline's face. The girls start to drive home and Max forces Caroline to drive faster which Caroline ends up loving. Max suggests Thelma and Louise-ing it and they hold hands. So amazing. Best best friends on TV.

When they return to the diner, we get back to the side-storyline of Oleg proposing to Sophie. It's oddly charming that he proposes at the booth, though those options he gave were disturbing, I mean, have they really had sex at the booth more than any other place, and when did they manage to do it there recently? Haha, it's bizarre but totally Oleg and Sophie. So romantic. Yet so dirty at the same time. I mean, we have Sophie say she loves Oleg too much, and then a few seconds later Oleg is on top of her with his leg on the table snogging her face off. Very charming.

Cupcake Total: $13,545.00 (down from $13,945.00)

Funniest Quotes

Han: Judy is a CPR-doll and the hardest working girl in this diner.

Oleg: Han, why are you wasting time kissing her? She doesn't have any arms, just go for it!

Caroline: What's up everybody? Big day today! Not as big as Christmas but it still marks the arrival of someone very blessed... me!
Max: Yeah we get it. You talk about your birthday more times than Kanye West talks about Kanye West!

Max: You're only as old as you feel, which makes me nothing-years-old.

Earl: Caroline, if I was you I would just put my head through a plain glass window.

Max: I thought a girl's best friend was just someone who was a little fatter than her.

Oleg: I had my cousin swallow it so he could bring it to America. She passed customs, then she passed this. Five, six rinces later, boom, doodie-free.

Max: Wow, prison arts and crafts has gotten pretty fancy.

Earl: Damn. Someone painted the Batmobile white. Can't we have anything?

Sophie: Aw hey Caroline, nice car. I always liked you more than Max, you know that right girl?
Caroline: Really? 'Cause yesterday I heard you shout to Max Is Caroline 47 or 48 'cause she acts like she's 65!

Caroline: It's just like my eighth birthday when they made me return Macaulay Culkin.
Max: They bought you a boy?! You were rich!
Han: Oh man, the car's right here and you can't even use it. It's like having you two for waitresses!

Caroline: You roofied me didn't you? You promised you wouldn't again, the last time I was out for two days!
Max: Yeah I just really needed to get through Game of Thrones without someone talking during the incest!
Caroline: What is wrong with you?
Max: Have you got a pen and paper?

Max: I tried to stop it but this car was like mmmm no girl.

Caroline: Oh... oh yeah that feels nice.

Caroline: It was a nice thing for you to drug me, kidnap me and steal my car to get me here.
Max: Hey, we're friends.

Caroline: What is uh-oh? Are we stuck in the sand?
Max: You have correctly identified the meaning of uh-oh. I love how we don't need full sentences to communicate anymore.

Caroline: I got excited, I went early.
Max: If I had a dime every time I heard that, I'd buy this car.

Max: And all this time I thought you were a ride-or-die kind of bitch.
Caroline: I am a ride-or-die kind of bitch!! What's a ride-or-die kind of bitch?

Max: Should we Thelma and Louise it?
Caroline: You mean drive over a cliff?
Max: No I mean wear sunglasses and hold hands. They drive over a cliff? I never saw the end!

Max: Just in time thanks to Caroline. She was ignoring speed limit signs like she does homeless people.

Earl: You didn't get a ticket? I got a record just for walking into Wholefoods!

Max: I'm about to make a Pearl down there.

Oleg: I've narrowed down the site of our proposal down to three options. A - the place we met. B - the place we've had sex most often. Or C - the place where we had sex most recently.
Sophie: Wait a minute, wait a minute! All three of those places are this booth!

Sophie: You know, I was planning on saying no and making you beg for a few hours but I just love ya too much.

Episode Verdict

This episode relied heavily on its two leading ladies to carry the comedy and it kind of made this episode less funny than the last. What would have been a good episode to dedicate to Oleg proposing to Sophie, which we only really had two bits focusing on that, we had Max and Caroline take a car to the Hamptons to get stuck on the beach. It was funny when they tried to get the car out but overall they could have really taken advantage of the proposal. A 2 Broke Girls episode is incomplete without a slapstick moment so the car + sand = sprayed in Max's face was pretty awesome, and the Thelma and Louise moment was perfect to showcase their friendship. I love it when Max does something nice for Caroline and we see a semblance of humanity. But overall, an alright episode.

What did you guys think of 'And the Past and the Furious'? Let me know in the comments and be sure to watch the next new episode of 2 Broke Girls on February 2nd (another week break) on CBS!

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