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Second Annual "Pitch Your Show" Results

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Pitch Your Show nominations. We had around 300 nominations with 31 shows represented. That should be enough for everyone to find a new show or two to try over hiatus. Thanks to the awesome turnout, it was difficult to determine which nominations to choose for the article. Everyone did such a great job articulating why they loved their shows. However, with over 100 nominations for The 100 and over 60 for Reign, it had to be narrowed down. To see all the nominations, click here.

Again, thanks for all the nominations. It was fantastic reading through them all, which led me to adding some new shows to my to-watch list. I can't wait to check them out. Sound off in the comments below if you found any new show to watch or if there is a brilliant show that wasn't nominated. I'd also love to hear what your TV plans for the hiatus are.

The 100 -

Currently airs on The CW on Wednesdays at 9/8 C
Season 1 streaming on Netflix / Season 2 streaming on the CW online and Hulu

1. Taylor - The 100. Ah.. where do I begin? With a show like The 100 I could go on and on about all the reasons why it deserves more exposure and viewers, but I'll try not to talk forever. I personally believe it is overlooked by most people because it airs on The CW (Which has a reputation for being a teen drama-filled network with low quality shows). However, there are a couple shows that actually break that stereotype and The 100 is definitely in that category. The 100 is about the last survivors from Earth 97 years after a nuclear war that made life on Earth unsurvivable. The show starts off with the survivors living in space on an ark but they are becoming desperate as they are losing oxygen and won't survive in space much longer. With no other options, they decide to send 100 juvenile delinquents (because they are expendable for their crimes) to the ground to see if the humans can survive on Earth once again. There's so many different struggles the characters face throughout the show. The thin line between good versus evil, the constant need to survive, and suffering are just a few things the characters face. The 100 is a show that pushes the limits and will make you question your own morals and your way of thinking. Seeing what the characters face on a day-to-day basis makes us viewers wonder what we would truly do if we were in their situation. With the first season being only 13 episodes and the second (which is still currently airing) being 16 episodes, there is no room for filler episodes. Every moment on the show counts and the plot is fast paced. The characters are extremely complex and constantly make you question whether or not they are truly good or bad at heart. The struggles seen throughout the show let us see firsthand the true development of each character. Some go down dark paths and others see the light and become leaders. One thing that is also amazing about this show is the fact that it is brutally honest. There is no escape for these characters and they must face their problems head on. Consequences will always follow their actions and the writers create no easy outlets. Death, war and suffering is a constant throughout this show but with the pain, there is also friendship, love, and family. The cast individually is great but together they are phenomenal. The characters cannot survive without each other and they bring the best (and worst) out of one another. The interactions is one of my favorite parts of the show. Some characters you hate in the pilot, will grow to become one of your favorites in Season 2 and vice versa. I have heard some say that they think the show starts out slow in the first few episodes but it's just because they are setting up the story for a very eventful rest of the season. Season 1 is amazing and brings a lightness to the show, while Season 2 becomes dark when the characters learn to deal with life on Earth and all the consequences of their actions. So, if you have read this to the very end I truly appreciate it and hope you will give The 100 a chance. I have much more I could say but I will finish with this: The writers are phenomenal, the acting is beautifully done and the show overall demands to be seen. The 100 pushes the limits, forces you to question your own morals, and keeps you on your toes. It is a heartbreaking, cruel, fascinating, beautiful show and I urge you to witness it for yourself. It will rip your heart out and then slowly mend it back together for you (but I promise it's worth it).

2. Zara Noelle - The 100 not only has an interesting premise (It's set 97 years after a nuclear war devastated the earth. The last of humanity resides on a space station called "The Ark" but they're running out of oxygen, so they send down 100 'expendable' delinquents to the surface to see if it's inhabitable or not.) It has a diverse cast, and lots of leading ladies who are well written and aren't defined by or exist for the men on the show. It's a really dark and gritty show that's not afraid to take risks. Romance takes a back seat to everything else on the show, which is fantastic and realistic in their situation. There are also some really amazing relationships on the show, whether it's mother/daughter, brother/sister, or boyfriend/girlfriend, not to mention the amazing lady friendships on the show. And one of my favorite things about this show is its realistic character development. The story arcs of individual characters are so well done and I am continuously impressed by them. This show is very underrated and deserves far more recognition than it gets. Just give it a chance. If you're not hooked within the first four episodes, then fine, at least you tried.

3. Hope - Do you like strong, unapologetic storytelling? Complex, multifaceted characters with incredible development? Amazing female leads with agency and independence? Tired of waiting 32 months for Game of Thrones to come back on? Try The 100, The CW's post-apocalyptic drama that you will binge in two days in its entirety, or your money back. This show goes places no other network drama will; The 100 is practically on par with HBO in terms of violence and disregard for the lives of their main characters. It's fast paced, sharply written, deeply complex and perfectly entertaining. Every friend I've recommended it to has binged it, loved it, and threatened to flay me alive if it gets cancelled. It's honestly one of the best shows on TV right now, and you don't want to miss out on this amazing new season.

4. Emma - I'm not the most eloquent so I'm just going to break it down by episode grouping: Season 1, Episodes 1-3: What do you think would happen when you send 100 preteen/teenagers that had been living in what appeared to be solitary confinement for unknown amounts of time to a place where there are no adults and no rules? (hint: 90210 meets Gossip Girl) Season 1, Episode 4: What happens when all those hormonal teens realize that they need to eat too? (hint: Lord of the Flies) Season 1, Episode 5: sh*t gets real. From this episode thru to the current Season 2 mid-season finale that just aired, you get a story about survival, loss of innocence, unlikely allies and enemies who smile and offer chocolate cake while planning how to best use you. Our heroes/heroines are forced to make difficult choices, oftentimes choosing between the lesser of two evils in order to minimize the loss of life. There are no last minutes rescues, no Hail Mary that saves the day – there are actions and consequences. The story moves fast, the action never quits and we, the viewers, get to witness all The 100’s character growth that results – teens become adults, bullies become protectors, peacemakers become murders. So, by this point, you may be thinking “Well then, guess I’ll just queue up Netflix and start at episode 5”. Please don’t. Episodes 1-4 may have more “teen angst” than the entire rest of the series combined but they are necessary for you to understand the perspectives of both the teens and the adults and they are absolutely vital for you to appreciate how far all of the characters, teen and adult alike, have come.

5. Emily - There are so many reasons why this show needs to stay on television. First of all, it has an amazing female lead: Clarke is a multi-dimensional character who exudes a tremendous amount of strength and wisdom. Her ability to lead her people goes against common belief that leaders must be older and more experienced in order to make wise decisions. Even Chancellor Griffin, Clarke's mother, looks to her when making decisions for her people as she has come to recognize her capabilities. Clarke doesn't hesitate to make difficult choices for the greater good. Beyond just Clarke, The 100 has a fantastic cast of characters in general. Even the more minor characters that we see less of - such as Lincoln, President Wallace, and Lexa - have interesting, multi-faceted dynamics to their personalities. In terms of plot, every episode is packed with action and suspense. Even the so-called "slow" episodes keep me on the edge of my seat. There are multiple story lines currently taking place in season 2, and all of them have me fully engaged and interested to see how they'll turn out. The show explores complex issues including justice, survival, prejudice/racism, power, war, and violence. These themes are tackled in such a way that, in my opinion, do not necessarily make concrete statements about what is morally right or wrong but allow for viewers to make their own interpretations and think about the grey areas that exist within these themes. As a very analytical thinker, I love to pick apart the decisions the characters make, trying to decipher which characters my own views align with and what that says about them and about me. Finally, the show takes risks. Main characters have been killed off to further the storyline and the female lead's character. The writers go to dark places such as torture, suicide, guilt, and human experimentation. Characters take measures that directly conflict with their own moral values in order to survive. I love that I repeatedly find myself saying "wow, I can't believe they actually went there" at the end of many episodes.

About a Boy -

Currently airs on NBC on Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30 C
Season 1 streaming on Netflix / Season 2 streaming on NBC.com and Hulu

1. Dan Mullen - Unlike a lot of sitcoms that rely on curse words or crude humor to get a joke across, About a Boy provides a heartwarming, easy to watch sitcom. The leads Marcus (Benjamin Stockham), Will (David Walton), and Fiona (Minnie Driver) are so genuine and are some of the most likeable characters on TV. Every week you witness Marcus' and Will's relationship grow into some of the best character chemistry on television. Is it the best comedy you will ever watch? No probably not, but it is a comedy worth watching and I highly recommend it.

2. Omabin - This is possibly the most underrated comedy on television right now. It's not that I've heard people badmouthing it or criticizing it. It's simply that I don't hear people talking about it at all. This little dramedy has tones of heart and will leave you with a smile on your face at the end of its episodes. It explores the unconventional relationship between a typical single guy, a little boy and his somehow crazy mother. There are no romantic feelings even hinted between Will and Fiona so it's even more interesting to watch the unconventional family that the three of them end up forming. The acting is great and the scripts are on point almost all the episodes, so it's really a shame that more people aren't watching. About a Boy may be suffering from a sophomore slump in the ratings, but quality wise, I can attest that it's very much at the top of its game. I urge anyone who enjoys a light comedy with a lot of heart and the exploration of unconventional yet lovely relationships between human beings to try this one out!

The Americans -

Season 3 premieres on FX on January 28 at 10/9 C
Seasons 1 and 2 streaming on Amazon Prime

1. Paola Andrade - While I'm not sure if it is in risk of cancellation, the fact that it is a cable show makes people less aware of it. I truly believe this show is a masterpiece. It revolves around the lives of two Russian spies living in America in the time of the Cold War. It is an action packed series that keeps you on the edge of your seat without sacrificing character development. In fact the psychological aspect of it is one of its strengths. One roots for the characters one would normally root against. It is a morally ambiguous multi-layered show. The protagonists are people you enjoy having in front of your screen, and that's always a plus. The season long arcs always get satisfactorily resolved. They are thirteen episodes long and there are only two seasons as of right now which makes it easy to catch up.

Beauty and the Beast -

Season 3 does not have a premiere date yet but should premiere in 2015
Season 1 streaming Netflix / Season 2 not streaming as far as I can tell

1. Empress Beastie - Beauty and the Beast is a very underrated show. Most people who see the promo automatically judge it thinking it's all about romance in a fairy tale sense but it's not. Yes there is romance but it's not all the show is about. There is friendship, action, comedy. Everyone should watch this show because it's not like other shows on TV. Beauty and the Beast is a show that blew me away. I never in my life loved a show as much as I love this show. If people give it a chance they will love it too. I promise.

2. Michelle Allen - A beautifully interesting retelling of the old age story, Beauty and The Beast. Very loosely based on the 1987 series of the same name, this series really hits you in all the right spots. You'll find yourself emotionally invested in the show because of how real it is. A tale of betrayal, heartbreak, and justice which we can all relate to on some level through our own experiences in life. This show really moved me like no other show has before. It has the right amount of romance, humor, trials and tribulations for it to be believable. If that doesn't persuade you to watch it, I think the actors will do just that. The series' main actors, Jay Ryan & Kristin Kreuk, are so present with their characters that you can't help but drown in their stories. Excellent supporting actors too, all characters brings something special to the series. Give it a go, give it a real go; you won't be disappointed. I promise!

3. Rosely - It's a wonderful series that despite being fiction, shows us much of reality. For example this internal struggle that lives between Vincent acting like an animal or more rationally is the struggle of all of us and here comes Catherine to show us that with love you can win over this dark side that we have, our animal part, that good overcomes evil. It also shows the great value of true friendship. Anyway, Beauty and the Beast is fiction, mythology, drama, humor, and romance. It's a number which can be fitted into any of these categories; it is complete.

4. Anna - I love this show as it has heart. It is romantic, sexy, funny and has some great action too. The main leads have the greatest chemistry I have seen on screen and I have watched many shows/movies, etc. It is just magic. This show is unique, different from other shows out there and deserves more recognition, hence I am nominating it.

5. Fernada - We love BatB because is a thriller, a fantasy, a love story, and a friendship story. The characters are so good and the chemistry between the protagonists is an invitation to dream. Maybe the title doesn't represent the story so well. It is not a transposition of the fable, but a modern reinterpretation of it, more "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" than "Beauty and the Beast". There is no Prince, but a normal boy, even a doctor. In his body lives a demon, a fair, and the boy fights against him in order to preserve his humanity and save his soul. And there is a girl, a strong and determined one, who loves and defends him against all odds, and they fight together against enemies and for justice.

Bones -

Currently airs on FOX on Thursdays at 8/7 C
Seasons 1-9 streaming on Netflix
Season 10 streaming on Fox.com and Hulu

1. Anna - Because it has everything a fan wants: love, crime, drama, comedy, murder and bones. Chemistry between our protagonists also makes it more real. If you see it, you will not regret it = D

Chicago PD -

Currently airs on NBC on Wednesdays at 10/9 C
Season 1 not available for streaming that I found / Season 2 streaming on NBC.com and Hulu

1. Pat - Keeps you on the edge of your seat, has very good action and stunts, and it's realistic to Chicago crime. If you enjoy watching an action filled hour of TV, PD is the way to go.

Constantine -

Currently airs on NBC on Fridays at 8/7 C
Season 1 streaming on NBC.com and Hulu

1. Patrick Maloney - A lot of shows claim to be centered around a "complex" character and only half of those shows ever come close to fulfilling that claim, while even less actually do center around a complex character. So when I say John Constantine is one of those characters that truly makes you question what it means to be a hero, you know it's a compliment. Plot wise, I believe fans of The Flash and Arrow will enjoy it because I have a theory, theory being the operative word, that Constantine is at least showing a different side of the plots going on in both those shows. Arrow's OMAC program, Flash's Red Skies, and Constantine's Rising Darkness are all connected to DC Comics' famous Crisis storylines. Therefore, I believe the studios are planning to share a lot of motifs and plots, if not a full blown crossover between the three shows is coming.

2. JuTereno - I know many people said the show isn't entirely sure which genre it follows and that the story itself is a little weak, but it most definitely grows on you. It's a suspense/terror show with bits of comic relief, and the guy who plays Constantine is very, very likeable.. I heard you can't judge a show if you don't watch at least 5 episodes. I'm pretty sure that by the time you get to the 5th, you'll want to watch the 6th. It's not the best show ever, not gonna lie, but it's not as bad as everyone's saying either. I mean, look at where Under The Dome got! In my opinion, Dome has much more amateur writing than Constantine.

3. Brenda Benton - I usually don't go for shows like this but each week the leads of the show, Matt Ryan and Angelica Celaya, make you feel the plight they're caught up in. It's a supernatural show with spine tingling action that captivates, leaving you on the edge of your seat, and the superior acting of the cast just makes you root for them - great entertainment that I wish more people were exposed to it. I consider it great escape for an hour and the special effects are amazing!!!

4. Benjamin Brcina - It's a great show and it would really be a shame if it gets cancelled. It is intriguing, has an awesome mystery setting and awesome characters.

Cristela -

Currently airs on ABC on Fridays at 8:30/7:30 C
Season 1 streaming on ABC.go.com and Hulu

1. Bill 2 - The show is a smart, witty, fun comedy full with hilarious one-liners and great comedic timing, especially by the lead. It is the only show with a laugh track I can stand watching, and relationships between Cristela and the other characters are always showcased. I absolutely love Cristela's sense of humor and think that it deserves a chance to succeed.

Elementary -

Currently airs on CBS on Thursdays at 10/9 C
Seasons 1 and 2 are not currently streaming that I can tell / Season 3 streaming at CBS.com

1. Suzana - Elementary has great characters first and foremost. It's a show of great words and dialogues. It has also great comedic relief. Elementary is also a show about recovery. First because in this adaptation Sherlock is a drug addict in recovery but not only. In its three seasons, the show and its character has evolved. In opposition to some procedurals, Elementary is not a stagnating show. Jonny Lee Miller does a terrific job of portraying Sherlock. So does Lucy Liu with Joan Watson. And no worry, there is no romantic relationship between Holmes and Watson. Thank God.

2. ??? - All fans of detective stories and mysteries should watch this show. It is delightful. Cast is pure perfection. It will not leave you indifferent.

The Flash -

Currently airs on The CW on Tuesdays at 8/7 C
Season 1 streaming CWTV.com and Hulu

1. Brooklyn Jones - Okay, I'm gonna sum this up for you...it's Barry freaking Allan! Um hello? Hot dude who's in love with a girl he can't have, may I just say E.P.IC. It's romantic and mysterious and sometimes depressing. This show has got it all, I man gosh. Who doesn't love a show that is based on a sorta classic hero.

Forever -

Currently airs on ABC on Tuesdays at 10/9 C
Season 1 streaming on ABC.go.com and Hulu

1. Paola Andrade - Despite being a procedural (I usually don't watch those), the pilot caught my attention because I liked the lead actor and the main plotline revolved around him being immortal. After the pilot I stayed however because of the characters interactions which to me are the heart of the show. The relationship between Henry (the protagonist) and Abe (his son) is the absolute best thing in it; seeing them care for each other is a delight. The rest of the cast is also entertaining, and to this point there is no character I don't like (which is rare). The show mixes the humor with profound reflections regarding life and death. It is a feel-good show with a lot of heart.

2. Leah - The characters are rich and diverse: we have a strong female director Lt. Reece (played by Lorraine Toussaint, OITNB's Vee), a great female partner to Henry (the main character), Jo Martinez, of course Henry himself (played Ioan Gruffudd, who you may know from Fantastic Four or Titanic), a hilarious & youthful old Abe (Judd Hirsch) and the adorable & witty assistant Lucas Wahl (played by Joel David Moore, who you may know from Avatar and Bones). The lead, Ioan Gruffudd, is a brilliant actor whose Sherlockian attitude is hilarious and also plays with our heartstrings when things get dramatic (plus he has a cute British accent). The plot is entertaining with both procedural crime, comedy and fantasy clashing together in a very interesting way. It basically asks the question: would you really want to live forever?

3. Maloose - A fun and adventurous procedural show. An amazing combination of criminal catching, time traveling (flashbacks), educational dialogue (Henry spewing scientific facts all the time), non-romantic relationships, lovable characters, funny situations, mystery and family love.

4. Vicki - I was hooked on the show from its inception. It not only has a great cast and brilliant writers, the story of the immortal Doctor Henry Morgan puts a bit of a wrinkle into the traditional crime drama. This show not only has mystery and intrigue, but there is also an element of humor included. I particularly enjoy the chemistry between the actors. They make the characters believable.

5. Derryth - Great chemistry among the cast members, especially Ioan Gruffudd and Judd Hirsch. There has already been significant character development in our hero since the pilot episode. He's expanded his circle of friends from one foster son to a family including his lab assistant and three people with the police department. Despite his quirks, these people like, trust and respect him. In future we should learn more about the consequences of eternal life and maybe more about the resurrection process as it affects "Adam." Given more time, I expect great things from this series.

The Good Wife -

Currently airs on CBS on Sundays at 9/8 C
Seasons 1-5 streaming on Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime
Season 6 streaming on CBS.com

1. Tom Scavo - The Good Wife, currently in its 6th season, is the best thing to happen to network television in the last decade. If the recently announced Golden Globe nominations aren't enough to persuade you, here's a few more: The storylines have never been more compelling, the show has been on a creative high for the last two years (that doesn't mean the prior seasons are somehow inferior to the more recent ones), the cast is unbelievable (Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski and Alan Cumming - do I need to say more?) and the major shake-ups that re-invented the show last year have proven to be extremely successful. Therefore, watch the Good Wife continue in its (presumably last and) 7th season so you can tell your children one day: I saw it while it was on the air.

Hannibal -

Season premieres on NBC in 2015
Season 1 streaming on Amazon Prime / Season 2 streaming on NBC.com and Hulu

1. Sarah - I think Hannibal is one of the most remarkable yet underrated TV shows of our time. Bryan Fuller has finally received the critical acclaim he deserves. Like every show he creates, Hannibal is built on its characters and visual style. But I think he's reached a peak here. As you watch, you can feel the mechanisms of the plot ticking in perfect synch(a precision almost like the one Hannibal has), culminating in an epic, breathtaking harmony between the fully fleshed out characters and the world in their eyes, which the show portrays.
This isn't your typical cop show, it isn't a typical psychological thriller. Hannibal surpasses every expectation and delves into the workings of an ill mind, so overwhelming it makes you question your own morality. The first season starts out like a produceral but makes sure to show you that's not the intention. After a thrilling season finale comes the second season, incomparable and even more epic than the first one. You can actually feel the energy this show has when it just gets better and better with every single episode. I just wish more people would suffer the wait between season along with me and the small but loyal fanbase Hannibal has. XD

Hart of Dixie -

Currently airs on The CW on Fridays at 8/7 C
Seasons 1-3 streaming on Netflix
Season 4 streaming on Hulu and CWTV.com

1. Jill - Hart of Dixie is one of the most charming and unifying shows on TV. The citizens of Bluebell could be a model for the rest of us in these troubled times. Besides being the most attractive citizenry on TV, they work together for the good of the town and are an excellent example of how diversity should work. Please renew Hart of Dixie.


Hawaii 5-O -

Currently airs on CBS on Fridays at 9/8 C
Seasons 1-4 not currently streaming that I can tell / Season 5 streaming on CBS.com

1. Sue - Great action show. Terrific bromances. They always put family first. Alex and Scott are great together. They seem to get along well. Beautiful shots of Hawaii. Fantastic car chases.

Jane the Virgin -

Currently airs on The CW on Mondays at 9/8 C
Season 1 streaming on Hulu and CWTV.com

1. Renee - I was at first skeptical to give Jane the Virgin a view but once I watched the first episode I was hooked. The series is well-written and has a talented cast. While the show has elements of drama and comedy, it gives a positive look at female relationships, especially among Jane, her mother, and grandmother. It is well worth a look!

2. Deneene - Jane the Virgin is such a charming show. I found myself watching mostly grime, crime and slime shows. Don't get me wrong, they are entertaining and I will continue to watch them. However, I decided to give Jane the Virgin a try and I am extremely glad I did. I was hooked after watching the first episode. The acting is superb. The plot twists are amazing and the show moves the story along quickly. What's not to love?! Oh did I mention, the show and the lead actress, Gina Rodriguez, received Golden Globe nominations? C'mon people, get past the title of the show and watch it.

3. Misscar - Do you love a little comedy in your drama or drama in your comedy? Do you enjoy shows with well-developed characters and intriguing plot lines? Do you enjoy a good ministry? Do you enjoy snarky Latin lover narrators and self-absorbed narcissistic celebrities with a heart of gold underneath the celebrity bravado? Are you still pissed off that you've waited four years for Betty and Daniel to finally get together only to end with you throwing a shoe at your television when they don't even kiss in the last episode? (Not that I did that because really I didn't.*) Then may I recommend Jane the Virgin. You're probably saying to yourself, "I do not want to watch a show called Jane the Virgin. That has to be the most ridiculous name for a show since Homeboys in Space." I say to you do not judge a book by its cover. Underneath the strange name is a beautifully entertaining show. I was halfway tempted to pitch Agents of Shield but it's in nowhere near as much danger and it has the force of the Avengers behind it if it ever does become seriously endangered. But Jane needs all the help she can get. Also aren't you just a little bit curious to see what type of show on the CW was actually excellent enough to garner a Golden Globe nomination?

*Latin lover narrator: It should be noted that Misscar really did throw a shoe at her television during the final episode of Ugly Betty. She may have also wrote a fanfic or three to fix this.

4. Jasmin - This show follows the life of Jane who is a virgin, who is also a badass strong willed woman who isn't afraid to stay a virgin because she made a promise to her grandmother when she was a child, and intends to keep it. The show does not revolve around religious factors and adult pressure to stay a virgin, rather her virginity isn't the main focus at all. WHICH IS GREAT. Females, teenagers, they need to see this sort of portrayal because deciding whether to stay a virgin or not can be really stressful when a person has to consider their reasoning behind the choice. This show is funny and humorous. There is such great banter between the characters. It's basically following Jane doing her own thing in life as well as the people in her life. The ethnic diversity is great, the plot is entertaining and still leaves more questions than answers, thus encouraging the audience to come back for more. This show definitely should stay; it's so new, it's practically a fetus! It needs more views! Fingers crossed it won't get cancelled.

5. Alex - I know many of you have judged Jane just because of its ridiculous name and that's because it is ridiculously funny and heartwarming; it is truly a gem in the rough. And if it's so bad why did it get a Golden Globe Nomination? It's only been 9 episodes and yet I'm hooked. You should try it. I know it's not for everyone but maybe it's for you. Hope you like it!

The Leftovers -

Season 2 will premiere on HBO in 2015
Season 1 not available for streaming that I can tell

1. Luana - This new show is just quality TV. It is not that much about why people just suddenly vanished but about how the people that remain are able to live in a world where such a thing could happen. It has brilliant dialogues, performances and scenes, and the character and world construction is amazing and thorough. It does have a slow pace but it's absolutely amazing and worth watching with your full attention. The things you start discovering along the way make it that much more enjoyable. If you like really good TV it will definitely be worth your time.

Mad Men -

Season 7 premieres on AMC in spring 2015
Seasons 1-6 streaming on Netflix

1. DoubleJ - A show you MUST watch for so many reasons, starting with its amazing actors, its beautiful and nostalgic music, its so-well written dialogues...but also its silences that often mean more than the words pronounced by the characters. Copied but never equaled, this is by far one of the best series on TV at the moment, the one you CAN'T miss.

The Middle -

Currently airs on ABC on Wednesdays at 8/7 C
Seasons 1-5 not available for streaming that I can tell / Season 6 streaming on ABC.go.com and Hulu

1. Mihail Petrov - I think "The Middle" is so underrated. It is a good and funny show about a strange family. And what's more important, it's DIFFERENT from the other family comedies like "Modern Family", "The Millers" etc.

The Mindy Project -

Currently airs on FOX on Tuesdays at 9:30 / 8:30 C
Seasons 1-2 streaming on Hulu Plus
Season 3 streaming on FOX.xom and Hulu

1. Alexandra - As a lifelong sit-com freak, I'm disappointed to say my choices for intelligent fare with more than 10 episodes per season are waning. The Office is gone, as are 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, and soon, Parks and Rec. Many of the remaining shows either aren't on that level or are cute but simply aren't that funny. Among the few exceptions is The Mindy Project. This is a show I watch with the remote in my hand to pause and rewind to catch every joke -- and generally watch a second time before bed! Yes, it is a star vehicle for Mindy Kaling, rather than a true ensemble comedy, but Mindy is hilarious, as is her costar (and co-writer) Ike Barinholtz. Chris Messina, as Mindy's boyfriend, Danny, is a brilliant actor, and Danny and Mindy's relationship is one of the cutest things on television right now, as recently recognized by People Magazine, which chose them as cutest television couple. Mindy Project also flirts with the boundaries of comedy and is one of the few shows on air that can lead to discussion and even arguments. The esthetic of the show, also, is spectacular -- I've told friends it is worth watching for Mindy's accessories alone! Finally, viewers will root for Mindy in spite of her flaws. She's a great character. I legit look forward to this show every week and am so happy it got a full season. Renewal for Mindy!

2. Grace - It takes a little while to get warmed up to the show and its characters (it did to me, anyway) but it's worth it. It's not perfect, not even close, but the show has a lot of genuine emotion that I didn't see much on TV, and the good parts are worth going through the not-so-great parts. The leading couple's relationship is wonderfully written and fun to watch. I know it sounds shallow (somehow) but the lead is a woman who is the size of an average woman rather than unrealistically thin, and she is dressed colorfully instead of "thinning" colors and that kind of representation is important. Lastly, it's really funny and TV tropes are used the right way; it's not repetitive and predictable. Give it a shot.

3. Nurse Tookers - Mindy Kaling and her writing team have nailed the concept of an updated romantic comedy. This show is hilarious one moment, tear jerking the next. Mindy and Danny have defied the odds, and their relationship is even more exciting now than it was for the first two years of will-they-won't-they. They just won PEOPLE Magazine's TV couple of the year award! This show has really come together and is stronger than ever in its third season. Please tune in and help it get the fourth season it deserves!

4. Libi - Well there are many reasons everyone should be watching The Mindy Project...I'll settle for sending these in:
1) it's excellently written with a dash of everything to suit everyone's style
2) brilliantly acted especially by Chris Messina and Mindy Kaling
3) it's not an endless stream of crass sex jokes; the comedy is real here people
4) it's a feminist show without preaching to you or talking down to you and without male bashing (we love all men on the show)
5) amazing guest stars who have an arc and not just fillers
6) Chris Messina's dancing - if you haven't seen it you have no idea what you're missing!!!!
7) an excellent way to spend a half hour on a Tuesday night while relaxing with loved ones...there's so much more but not enough time..thanks...hope people tune in and keep this show going :)

5. Mady - The Mindy Project is simply delightful. You turn on your TV and you are greeted with sharp, quick wit, and insane chemistry between Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina. I've watched all 2 1/2 seasons three times because it's just so delicious!!! The music, the fashion, the actors- all of it combines to create a mosh posh of great television. You will NOT regret tuning in!

Mom -

Currently airs on CBS on Thursdays at 8:30/7:30 C
Season 1 not currently available for streaming that I can tell / Season 2 streaming on CBS.com

1. Pop Culture Guy - Because it's an ambitious comedy that handles tough subject matters - addiction, teen pregnancy, poverty - with humor, but without undercutting the seriousness, if that makes sense. And the chemistry between the underrated Anna Faris and Allison Janney is spectacular.

Nashville -

Currently airs on ABC on Wednesdays at 10/9 C
Seasons 1-2 streaming on Hulu Plus
Season 3 streaming on ABC.go.com  and Hulu

1. J Lynn - Jonathan Jackson and Hayden Panettiere! Really it's just a great show, not just about country music though there are some original pieces to enjoy. It's also about drama....cheating, lies, $, love triangles, gay person afraid to face facts, pregnancy, engagements, etc. There's always something good brewing on Nashville. Plus the cast is a great mix and always easy on the eyes!!!!

The Night Shift -

Season 2 premieres on NBC on February 23 at 10/9 C
Season 1 streaming on NBC.com

1. Abby Hannaford - The show is a great medical drama that keeps you on the edge of you seat most of the time. The chemistry between the characters is amazing and the story lines behind each episode are great, fun and exciting. It's nothing like any of the other medical dramas on TV because it is based in the emergency rooms of a hospital close to an army base with a lot of ex-army medics working as doctors and nurses in the trauma department of the hospital.

Person of Interest -

Currently airs on CBS on Tuesdays at 10/9 C
Seasons 1-3 not currently available on streaming that I can tell / Season 4 streaming on CBS.com

1. Double J - This is one of the best series on networks right now, one that you really have to try, because it at the same time looks and isn't like the series you've watched before. It is much more than a cop show, much more than a drama, much more than a sci-fi series... It's all and none of them at the same time, a great mix of what I personally love to see on TV. Can't say more without going into spoilers, but you really have to give it a try.

2. Fringenos - Person of Interest is a serialized mix of crime drama and science fiction. It isn't in immediate cancellation danger but often overlooked - which it shouldn't be. The Setting: The show revolves around a worldwide (automated) surveillance network, built after 9/11 to prevent further attacks. This system, called The Machine, shares the social security number(s) of people involved in "relevant" events, meaning terrorist attacks, with the government. However, The Machine sees everything - also "irrelevant" events, meaning murder of (or by) people like you. These irrelevant numbers are not something the government cares about - but two people do. Harold Finch, who built The Machine, and John Reese, ex-CIA ggent, try to figure out what's about to happen - and stop it, if they can. This is not always as easy as it might sound - and of course, they won't be able to do this alone.

What This Show Can Give You: During the course of the series, the writers explore the background of The Machine, the people working "relevant numbers", special people they come across and also people who want to abuse The Machine for their own purposes. All this is packed in an increasingly tight (and intense, in a good way) main plot, which also gets more screen time as the series progresses. While you could say that in its 1st season it is mostly procedural, this definitely won't apply for Season 2 and ongoing. If you like to be challenged by smart, intelligent and intense writing, you will enjoy the plots this show offers. Also, you'll get to see a lot of great supporting characters you'll remember - which is something a lot of shows have problems with. POI doesn't.

The Cast: Here's also some words about the cast - which I am very happy with. Michael Emerson (LOST) and Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ) get this thing going and are joined by Taraji P. Henson and Kevin Chapman, with Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker joining later. I am very convinced by their work; they do a great job portraying their characters. So, if you are interested in stories connecting people, technology and the 'Brave New World' post-9/11, this is a show for you. Personally, as a fan of Fringe, LOST, Alias and The X-Files, this is my favorite show on the air. Give it a chance. ;)

Please Like Me -

Currently airs on Pivot
Seasons 1-2 is not currently streaming that I can tell, but it may be on DISH On Demand

1. Gio - Well, first of all, SpoilerTV needs to start covering PLM so people will have a new source of info and details about this wonderful dramedy. It's an Australian product that was bought by the cable channel Pivot and has become a co-production between the Aussies and the Americans. It's aired two seasons so far and was renewed for season 3 before second year's premiere. Following Joshua's quirky life as a young adult (portrayed by the amazing stand-up comedian Josh Thomas) who has found out he's gay after his girlfriend broke up with him, the show is just a delightful half hour full of humor and reflection on what it's like to be a flawed person discovering a new side of himself. The supporting characters are also pretty funny, including Joshua's parents, his roomie (and best friend), his ex-girl-now-just-friend, stepmom and a couple of romantic interests. Please, give it a try, you won't regret it. Please, like me!

2. Christopher DeBono - Please Like Me is everything I feel HBO's 'Girls' should be. It's funny, unpretentious and natural while rooted in reality. Each character has a charm that makes everyone enjoyable to watch. If you want something quirky yet fun, give 'Please Like Me' a look.

Rectify -

Season 3 will premiere on the Sundance Channel in 2015
Season 1 streaming on Netflix
Season 2 streaming on Sundance.tv for 3 more days

1. S1xthStr33t - - Great cast. Good writing. The show takes the time for plot development so maybe it could be little slow at first but proceeding apace.

Reign -

Currently airs on The CW on Thursdays at 9/8 C
Season 1 streaming on Netflix
Season 2 streaming on CWTV.com and Hulu

1. Lori - Try Reign if you love historical fantasy fiction. Loosely based on the life of young Mary, Queen of Scots during her years in France. Mary is played by Adelaide Kane. Outstanding actress, Megan Follows of 'Anne of Green Gables' fame, plays her mother-in-law, Queen Catherine de Medici. At that time, women had nothing and were nothing except what either their fathers or husbands gave them. Mary and her ladies are challenged to not only survive but also thrive and wield power of their own design, especially when cultural mores demand so much from them. Season 1 is available on Netflix. It is light and hopeful, full of promise. Season 2 is darker and more realistic. Mary learns to rule through the pain, putting on a brave face while inwardly she's fragile and insecure. I'm anticipating great things upon the show's return Thursday, January 22, 2015 at 9 pm on The CW network.

2. Emily - Reign is a highly intelligent show. The subject matter leaves me in mind of the Tudors which was a similar 'fanciful retelling' of the Tudor dynasty. As popular as the Tudors was, it surprises me that this show does not get similar ratings. The costuming and scripting are beautiful. The performances are amazing with some oft unseen actors like Megan Follows. It is interesting to watch how they retell the stories, seamlessly blending historical fact and legend. A fun and fanciful, if somewhat loose, retelling of historical events, I highly recommend this show.

3. Aggie - Ok, so Reign isn't so accurate with their costumes. However, none of the current shows can make you feel a mix of emotions all in one episode. What makes the show great is the awesome dialogue where character talk to each other like equals and confide in each other like we do in real life. The story line also moves fast so conflicts aren't drag out for too long. But don't think just because one conflict is resolved, the story gets boring. The next one could be even worse than the first and the reason why you'll want to keep watching is to see how everything works out. Besides it wouldn't be a normal day in French Court without drama-from the citizens to the nobles and ladies-in-waiting to the royal family.

4. Danielle Paquette - A historical fiction show on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots. They are not afraid to show what you may not usually see on network television. If you are a fan of The Tudors, The White Queen, or Outlander, you will love this show as well. Megan Follows from Anne of Green Gables is amazing as Queen Catherine and Adelaide Kane will take your breath away as Mary. It's worth a shot. The cast chemistry is wonderful.

5. Hannah - I've never stumbled across a show quite like Reign before but I am so very glad I did. This fast paced series is one of those rare few that makes you long impatiently for the next installment and always leaves you wanting more. Without fail this show delivers something very special and dynamic every week. For approximately 42 minutes the audience is submerged into a splendid world of beautiful clothing ensembles, stunning sets, breathtaking musical tracks, complex character arcs, political intrigue, mystery and utterly outstanding acting from an international cast. The characters are so engaging because they are so wonderfully flawed. This show is not afraid to address controversial and challenging topics and always keeps the audience thinking by blending known historical milestones with all of the possible in between moments surrounding them. Overall what this show does so well is bring together the past and the present seamlessly. All involved deserve more recognition for this. This is not a play by play of history but rather what engaging drama and art should be. The juxtaposition between the beauty and the turmoil is rather memorizing and I would highly recommend this show if you are looking for that new addiction.

Revenge -

Currently airs on ABC on Sundays at 10/9 C
Seasons 1-3 streaming on Netflix
Season 4 streaming on ABC.go.com and Hulu

1. Kal Epic - TV Drama at its best! Elegance, charm, sex, corruption, take-downs, death, fear, and the list goes on. One of the few shows out there that actually keeps you on the edge of your seat for 40 minutes. Great cast, acting, character development, plot and masterfully plotted twists and turns will take down your jaw and leave you utterly shocked. The deaths in Revenge are very emotional and heart-wrenching. I can go all day talking about the greatness of this show. Give it a shot. I assure you, you WILL thank me.

2. Nuala - It's had a great father/daughter relationship, great friendship, and could help on how to deal/not to deal with a situation. There are so many amazing story lines that show how good the writers are and the actors themselves are so amazing that they give me mixed emotions when watching it. I never know whose side I want to be on in the show, but everyone should watch it because of Nolan Ross!! He is a hilarious genius.

3. Revenge And OUaT - Revenge is one of the most thrilling shows on TV. They do deaths very well and they have the best fighting scenes I have ever seen on television. This show can make you scream, cry and make your heart pound. The two lead actresses are absolutely amazing and have had excellent performances. Revenge is the best show on television and will not disappoint you. In addition, Tommy Flanagan and Gina Torres are joining the cast

4. James - I think that people have misconceptions about this show being a ridiculous soap opera that makes no sense. While the show does have soapy elements, it balances it out with well written characters, an original concept, intriguing storylines and just overall entertainment value.

Saving Hope -

Returns on January 7, 2015 on CTV
Seasons 1-2 are no currently streaming as far as I can tell
Season 2 streaming on CTV.ca

1. Jana Ke - It is quite difficult for me to find a new show to watch when an old one has ended or I just don't like the storylines anymore. For example, I started some shows that a lot of people seem to love (Scandal, OUAT,...), but never got to sharing their opinion. With Saving Hope, it wasn't "love at first sight" at all. I watched about six or seven episodes before I came to the conclusion that it is a truly good show and that I will continue watching. To me, most of the characters are very relatable in their own way. The idea behind the show is a bit different, as it is somehow supernatural. I would definitely recommend Saving Hope to anyone who is looking for a show that is not too sad or tragic, but still has some drama!

Stalker -

Currently airs on CBS on Wednesdays at 10/9 C
Season 1 streaming on CBS.com

1. Valentin - The show is not only a basic procedural, it's one of the best handled-procedural shows ever. Maggie Q is stunning in the role and you should not make your opinion only by watching the pilot because there is so much more. The storylines are well-handled and very clever. The show is full of potential and you should really watch it to be scared but also to be entertained :)

2. Laura Markus - It's a great show with intense subject matter and cool mysteries related to stalkers. The writing is pretty great, the acting is stellar, and the soundtrack is freakishly haunting. Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott work very well together and all in all, it's just a great show. If it ever had a crossover with, say Criminal Minds, it would be phenomenal. Great show, not enough recognition.

3. Nevid - Don't let the critics fool you, this show is really good and I'm not usually into procedurals. T There's a lot of character development and the cases are actually intriguing.

4. Amy Daveries - Networks are flooded with shows about police/FBI inquiries about people who are often already dead or soon to be. And I mean, good for us, forensics and police officers' inner thoughts are a strong TV show subjects, but for once, let's deal with people who are very much alive. Stalker has been wrongly shot down by critics for its so called hate towards women. This could not be more wrong. It has been criticized for its violence. It's far from being the most violent show, and everything lies within the lines of the story. In fact, the critics could not be more wrong-but then again, they're nothing more than a single opinion that's been used to reflect a so-called panel. Stalker is pretty much the Criminal Minds for people being stalked. It happens in LA, showing how sick and twisted the rich and famous world sometimes is, and it digs into people's darkest secrets and fantasies. The main characters, Beth and Jack, could have fit either a nemesis-pattern or a lovers-pattern, but somehow they fall right in the middle, despite an obvious chemistry between their actors, Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott (who is at his best in Jack's shoes). Secondary characters are solid, and each and every week, you're up to a new story that will keep you breathless until the very last minute. But Stalker is so much more than this. It highlights strong characters, often women, who are not really pale victims anymore, but strongly willed people who are not afraid to get what they want. Showing that women can be criminals is anything but hate towards them; it's actually putting them at the same level as men, with men sometimes lying there as their victims. And there are the red-line stories of our main characters, and why they behave the way they do, and how they're going to survive whatever's thrown at them. Stalker is one of the best surprises of this season, and it's worth giving it a go...Because, just like me, you're going to take each and every episode like a slap in the face. A good one.

5. Ewelina - Such a great show! fresh and full of cool cases

State of Affairs -

Currently airs on NBC on Mondays at 10/9 C
Season 1 streaming NBC.com and Hulu

1. Tal - This is great a show maligned by Katherine Heigl naysayers. It gives an in-depth look at the inner workings of the CIA, and having a sensible woman President is pretty cool too.

2.  Dahne - To be honest, the pilot bored me and I didn't like the main character.  Then episodes 2 and 3 had great cases of the week and it drew me in.  Now the mytharc alone is worth watching.  I'm usually not a fan of political thrillers, but this one gets better each week.

Supernatural -

Currently airs on The CW on Tuesdays at 9/8 C
Seasons 1-9 streaming on Netflix
Season 10 streaming on CWTV.com and Hulu

1. Eleanor - This is hands down one of the best shows on television, and it just keeps getting better.

The Vampire Diaries -

Currently airs on The CW on Thursdays at 8/7 C
Seasons 1-5 streaming on Netflix
Season 6 streaming on CWTV.com and Hulu

1. Brooklyn Jones - Um did u miss the word "vampire" ??? Or the sexy as all get out brothers who are both desperately in love with the lovely heroine ??? This show is simply heaven. I've watched this show from the beginning and rewatched every episode at least 5 times. To be totally honest I want Stelena and Caroline and Klaus back but don't see that happening but anyways this show is amazing and it has everything from vampires to doppelgangers. Who doesn't love mixed fantasy?

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