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ABC Upcoming Episode Press Releases - Various Shows - 29th December 2014

Forever - Episode 1.13 - Diamonds are Forever

“Diamonds are Forever” – Henry and Jo’s murder investigation of an ex-con, who is being framed for a jewelry story heist, reveals a special connection between the victim and Jo’s late husband, Sean, who was an assistant district attorney. Jo’s evocative memories reflect her warm and wonderful relationship with Sean, which become almost too painful for her to bear. Flashbacks trace Henry’s life to 1816 London where he ends up in jail. Incredibly, a priest, who is his cell mate, gives Henry a second chance at life. Meanwhile, Abe attempts to snare a thief who he believes walked off with a “priceless” antique from his store, and Henry is there to comfort Jo in her time of distress, on “Forever,” TUESDAY, JANUARY 13 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

“Forever” stars Ioan Gruffudd as Henry, Judd Hirsch as Abe, Alana De La Garza as Detective Jo Martinez, Lorraine Toussaint as Lt. Joanne Reece, Donnie Keshawarz as Detective Hanson and Joel David Moore as Lucas.

Guest starring are Roger Rees as priest, Shane McRae as Detective Hugh Dunn and Andy Karl as Sean Moore.

“Diamonds are Forever” is written by Janet Lin and directed by John T. Kretchmer.

The Middle - Episode 6.11 - A Quarry Story

“A Quarry Story” – Frankie discovers an old, uncashed paycheck from Ehlert Motors. But in order for her to collect her pay, Mr. Ehlert forces her to work on the lot for one day. Meanwhile, after her hours at Spudsy's are cut down, Mike offers Sue a part-time job as the quarry cleaning lady; Mike's dad, Big Mike, attempts to persuade a lazy Axl to help replace the Heck family’s damaged kitchen sink, and Brick discovers the joy of watching ‘70s game shows and begins his own annoying classic contest with the family, on “The Middle,” WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“The Middle” stars Patricia Heaton as Frankie, Neil Flynn as Mike, Charlie McDermott as Axl, Eden Sher as Sue and Atticus Shaffer as Brick.

Guest starring are Brian Doyle-Murray as Mr. Ehlert, John Cullum as Big Mike, Brock Ciarlelli as Brad Bottig, Blaine Saunders as Carly, Malcolm Foster Smith as Dave, Troy Metcalf as Jim, Greg Cipes as Chuck, Mike Still as male customer, Nick Bell as guy, Erin Page as girl, Brad Miller as football player and Ryan Grassmeyer as twenty-something guy.

”A Quarry Story” was written by Ilana Wernick and directed by Clare Kilner.

The Goldbergs - Episode 2.11 - The Darryl Dawkins Dance

"The Darryl Dawkins Dance" - As the Sadie Hawkins dance approaches, Erica asks Beverly to help her find Barry a date to keep him away from Lainey. But Beverly comes up with a girl that shocks everyone. Meanwhile, Adam gets into a fight with his best friend...Pops, on "The Goldbergs," WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

"The Goldbergs" stars Wendi McLendon-Covey ("Bridesmaids") as Beverly Goldberg, Patton Oswalt ("Ratatouille") as adult Adam Goldberg, Sean Giambrone as Adam Goldberg, Troy Gentile ("Good Luck Chuck") as Barry Goldberg, Hayley Orrantia ("The X Factor") as Erica Goldberg, with George Segal ("Just Shoot Me") as Pops Solomon and Jeff Garlin ("Curb Your Enthusiasm") as Murray Goldberg.

Guest starring is AJ Michalka as Lainey Lewis, Alissa Latow as Hot Cheerleader, Darsan Solomon as Usher, Allie Grant as Evelyn Silver and James Garlin as Mini Murray.

"The Darryl Dawkins Dance" was written by Steve Basilone & Annie Mebane and directed by Jay Chandrasekhar.

Modern Family - Episdoe 6.12 - The Big Guns

“The Big Guns” – Claire is furious about neighbors Ronnie and Amber’s eye-sore of a boat on their front lawn and it soon becomes an all-out war when Phil calls in the “big guns” as back up -- his dad Frank and all his retired friends to give them a taste of their own medicine. Elsewhere, Jay is trying to potty train Joe but Gloria does not think he’s ready yet, and Cam secretly takes Lily to clown school behind Mitchell’s back, on “Modern Family,” WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14 (9:00-9:31 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

“Modern Family” stars Ed O’Neill as Jay, Julie Bowen as Claire, Ty Burrell as Phil, Sofia Vergara as Gloria, Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell, Eric Stonestreet as Cameron, Sarah Hyland as Haley, Nolan Gould as Luke, Ariel Winter as Alex, Rico Rodriguez as Manny and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons as Lily.

Guest cast includes Steve Zahn as Ronnie, Andrea Anders as Amber, Brooke Sorenson as Tammy, Fred Willard as Frank Dunphy, Alex Wyse as Sales Associate, Jack Axelrod as Harvey, Edmund L. Shaff as Victor and Elimu Nelson as Officer.

“The Big Guns” was written by Vali Chandrasekaran and directed by Jeffrey Walker.

Black-ish - Episode 1.12 - Martin Luther Skiing Day

"Martin Luther Skiing Day" - On the way to the Johnson family's annual MLK holiday ski trip, Dre realizes his children may not know the significance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. so he decides to inundate them with Dr. King history facts. Once they arrive at the ski lodge, Dre finds a unique way to prepare Junior for a real world that includes intolerance, on "black-ish," WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14 (9:31-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

"black-ish" stars Anthony Anderson as Andre "Dre" Johnson, Tracee Ellis Ross as Rainbow Johnson, Yara Shahidi as Zoey Johnson, Marcus Scribner as Andre Johnson, Jr., Miles Brown as Jack Johnson and Marsai Martin as Diane Johnson.

Guest starring are Jeff Meacham as Josh, Peter Mackenzie as Mr. Stevens, Deon Cole as Charlie Telphy and Nick Carson as Zach.

"Martin Luther skiing Day" was written by Lindsey Shockley and directed by Stuart McDonald.

Last Man Standing - Episode 4.13 - Mike Hires Chuck

“Mike Hires Chuck” – When an Outdoor Man billboard is vandalized, Mike wants to hire his neighbor Chuck’s security company to protect it. But Vanessa doesn’t want to mix business with friendship since she’s counting on a teaching recommendation from Chuck’s wife, Carol. Meanwhile, Eve benefits from Mandy’s philosophical decision to not take credit for doing household chores, on “Last Man Standing,” FRIDAY, JANUARY 16 (8:00-8:31 p.m., ET/PT) on the ABC Television Network.

“Mike Hires Chuck” was written by Mike Haukom and directed by John Pasquin.

“Last Man Standing” stars Tim Allen as Mike Baxter, Nancy Travis as Vanessa Baxter, Molly Ephraim as Mandy Baxter, Kaitlyn Dever as Eve Baxter, Amanda Fuller as Kristin Baxter, Jordan Masterson as Ryan Vogelson, Christoph Sanders as Kyle Anderson, Flynn Morrison as Boyd Baxter, Jonathan Adams as Chuck Larabee and Hector Elizondo as Ed Alzate.

Guest starring is Erika Alexander as Carol.

Cristela - Episode 1.11 - Dead Arm

“Dead Arm” -- It’s a case of the blame game when Isabella finds herself in a bit of trouble at school after being called out for being a bully. Cristela tries to figure out which family member taught Izzy this learned behavior as Daniela, Natalia, Felix and Alberto all have traits that might have influenced Izzy. It’s not until Cristela and Josh have a squabble at work over misinterpreting one another’s text messages that Maddie points out that even Cristela might have a few bully-like qualities of her own, on “Cristela,” FRIDAY, JANUARY 16 (8:31-9:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

“Cristela” stars Cristela Alonzo as Cristela, Carlos Ponce as Felix, Maria Canals-Barrera as Daniela, Terri Hoyos as Natalia, Andrew Leeds as Josh, Sam McMurray as Trent, Justine Lupe as Maddie, Jacob Guenther as Henry, and Isabella Day as Isabella. Stand-up sensation Gabriel Iglesias (“The Fluffy Movie”) appears in a recurring role as Alberto.

Guest star: Tony Plana as Joaquin Alvarez.

“Dead Arm” was written by Peter Murrieta and directed by Gail Mancuso.

Galavant - Episode 1.05 - 1.06 -Completely Mad...Alena/Dungeons and Dragon Lady

“Completely Mad…Alena” – As our heroic trio finally approaches Valencia, they find shelter and doo-wop among local monks who have taken a vow of singing, led by Confessional Monk (Weird Al Yankovic). Madalena, frustrated with King Richard, decides to take matters into her own hands with her own devious plot involving the besotted Chef and her winsome handmaiden, Gwynne (Sophie McShera), on “Galavant,” airing SUNDAY, JANUARY 18 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Dungeons and Dragon Lady” – While Galavant struggles with the realization about his true love, King Richard goes on a voyage of self-discovery, thanks to a potion from the magician, Xanax (guest star Ricky Gervais). As Galavant draws closer to the woman he really loves, an emboldened King Richard starts to assert himself, just as his meaner, elder brother returns—Kingsley (Rutger Hauer) on “Galavant,” airing SUNDAY, JANUARY 18 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Galavant” stars Joshua Sasse as Galavant, Timothy Omundson as King Richard, Vinnie Jones as Gareth, Mallory Jansen as Madalena, Karen David as Isabella and Luke Youngblood as Sid.

Guest starring on “Completely Mad…Alena” are Al Yankovic as Confessional Monk, Sophie McShera as Gwynne, Darren Evans as Chef, Stanley Townsend as King of Valencia and Genevieve Allenbury as Queen of Valencia. “Completely Mad…Alena” was written by Casey Johnson and David Windsor and directed by John Fortenberry.

Guest starring on “Dungeons and Dragons Lady” are Ben Presley as Jester, Darren Evans as Chef, Stanley Townsend as King of Valencia, Genevieve Allenbury as Queen of Valencia, with Rutger Hauer as Kingsley and Ricky Gervais as Xanax. “Dungeons and Dragons Lady” was written by Kirker Butler and directed by James Griffiths.

Resurrection - Episode 2.12 - Steal Away

"Steal Away" - After a series of inexplicable events, Bellamy fears for the safety of Rachael and her unborn child. Preacher James predicts that the baby's birth will unleash an ancient evil. Margaret rallies the Returned at the government facility and forms an uneasy alliance with Preacher James, and Bellamy's government contact (Donna Murphy) warns that something big is on the horizon, in the penultimate episode of "Resurrection," SUNDAY, JANUARY 18 (9:01-10:01 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network.

"Resurrection" stars Omar Epps as J. Martin Bellamy, Frances Fisher as Lucille Langston, Matt Craven as Fred Langston, Devin Kelley as Maggie Langston, Mark Hildreth as Pastor Tom Hale, Samaire Armstrong as Elaine Richards, Landon Gimenez as Jacob and Kurtwood Smith as Henry Langston.

Guest cast includes Michelle Fairley as Margaret Langston, Kathleen Munroe as Rachael Braidwood, Nadej Bailey as Jenny, Michael Tourek as Cauliflower Ear, Jim Parrack as Preacher James, Cheryl White as Robin and Donna Murphy as Angela/aka The Elegant Woman.

"Steal Away" was written by Nathan Louis Jackson and directed by Felix Alcala.