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Sons Of Anarchy - What A Piece Of Work Is Man - Review: "I Couldn't See All This"

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Sons Of Anarchy - What a Piece of Work is Man

We knew prior to the season that at least two of the sons weren't going to make it to the end, we already had West killed early on, and our second sons to bite the dust was the most decent of them all; level headed Bobby. The way his death was executed was in a cruel fashion, that sent a strong message to Jax that no one is safe, and not to cross Marks. Marks and Jax had a deal in motion that Bobby would be returned if Jax gave the pastors body, and the video recording to him. The deal did look to be going to plan, and it looked non confrontational as both had no weapons on them, as they got checked prior. What Jax didn't know nor we that Bobby had the gun in his back, which Marks had put there. Marks went back on his word, and shot Bobby as he believes Jax lying to him couldn't go unpunished, and said that "his death is on you".

I was so glad when Bobby was walking over to Jax, as I thought he would live through it, but sadly for us he didn't. Jax did end up on top in the end, by managing to get Marks arrested, but the cost of doing so was Bobby. Then again to my knowledge Moses is still around to take revenge on the sons, so Jax hasn't really got the upper hand just yet, and in the promo for next week it looks like he has captured two more of SAMCRO.

If you really think about it, Bobbys death was set in play by the lies Gemma has told, and I really can not wait for her to be found out which I suspect they are saving for the penultimate episode of the season so that the finale can focus on the aftermath of it. Speaking of Gemma earlier she went to the police station to meet with Jarry, this is when she slapped her after she said she wasn't "In the fold". When the fellow officers came in, I was hoping that she would be arrested. At this stage in the season, she is just a constant pain and there is nothing about her character that has anyone rooting for her to live. She also was apologizing to Bobby's dead body at one point, but all this really did was give Abel more leverage as he managed to overhear yet again another damaging conversation involving his Grandma. I still can't see how a child is going to take up revenge. If he told Jax, which I am sure he will do who will he believe his son or his mother?
Sheriff Jarry seems to be slowly unravelling the truth behind Tara's murder, and this episode saw her find another damning crack in Gemma's story of events. The thing she found out was that the man Juice and Gemma both accused of killing Tara and Rosevelt, who by the way never really gets a mention even though they were killed together; wasn't in town at the time when the killing took place. As things stand Unser and Jarry now finally have some concrete evidence, although I am still not entirely sure on Unsers intentions as he went to speak with Gemma about who Juice would pin the blame on. Was he just doing that to try to catch her in her web of lies, probably not. He cares way too much for her so he was probably trying to help her.

Also in the episode, Juice didn't manage to get to Lin, and was taken to solitary instead after the discovery that the man he accused was out of the state. It does put a dent in Jax's revenge plan against the chinese, but on the other hand it does give Jax more time to learn the truth or for Unser and Jarry to uncover it. As I am sure we all by now want Gemmas lies to come crumbling down around her. Juice earlier in the episode was fully prepared to act on the plan, as he arranged a deal with Jarry. He got given a knife concealed in a cylinder that he was going to use. We also saw a unconfotable scene when Juice was painfully trying to conceal the knife, and had to resort to drastic measures of inserting into himself.
Speaking of Jarry; her and Chibs had a very weird sex scene. Jarry asked Chibs to "take me right here, right now" to show that he had feelings for her. He did. They embraced each other in front of Quinn, who didn't seem to care much what was happening right in front of him. I don't mind Chibs getting into a relationship, in fact it would be a good thing. He needs something good to happen in his life, but having sex in a parking garage was a bit extreme. I do think though that it could potentially be a scheme, and that Jarry will try to use her relationship with Chibs to exploit the club, in particularly Gemma.

The last thing I want to mention is that this show deserves some recognition when it comes to Emmy's, Golden Globes. The performances by some of the cast have been exceptional. Katy Segal in particular has been outstanding throughout the 7 year run of the show. She has been great all seasons, but this season she has upped her game, and added a phenomenal performance every episode with her character Gemma. Please academy look at this show!

Favorite Quotes

"I will keep on telling myself that I'm a model citizen, and you keep pretending that badge ain't tarnished" (Gemma)

"Bobby always loved this place, I want to keep him close"(Jax)

“If you ever slap me again I’ll shoot you in the throat.” (Gemma)

"Whatever it is, beats to leading back to one of us slitting your throat" (Bobby)

A excellent episode jam packed with action, which was a vast improvement on the last one. I hope the show now can keep this pacing, and by the looks of next weeks promo it does. There was some brilliant cast performances as well in the episode, especially from Katy and Charlie. One thing I will fault is that some scenes like the scene with Ratboy and his girlfriend wasn't needed at all.

As Always thank you for reading!

Next weeks episode promo

As always , thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments what you thought of the episode!
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