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Sleepy Hollow - Deliverance - Advance Preview

   Sleepy Hollow is continuing its outstanding second season next Monday, on FOX with an all episode titled “Deliverance”. After last week’s huge cliffhanger, we are all dying to know what is going to happen to our beloved witch, Katerina, after she swallowed an evil spider during her sleep. (eww)

   “Deliverance” is another amazing episode of Sleepy Hollow. I always love it when Katerina is the center of the episode, and saving her from what Henry has done to her will be the only focus of our Witnesses next Monday.  
   Here’s a list of what you can expect from “Deliverance” :

- As Henry put his mother’s life in danger again, creating that spider from the poison, the question of whether he can be saved or not will be raised again. His parents still believe in his humanity, Abby doesn’t. I’m more inclined to go with Abby. Henry is War, he’s evil and he will actually make it very clear where he stands.
- Remember when Moloch revealed Katerina was a vessel, it will definitely come again during the episode. It’s the reason why Henry has targeted her.
- Romantic moments between Ichabod and Katerina. Despite of everything, those two are truly and deeply in love, their story is so touching. They’ve spent so much time apart and yet they always believe in each other and in their love.
- Sheriff Reyes is back ! I’m glad to see her, she will be a bit nicer this week, but she’s still very cold.
- An terrific and surprising fight between two allies, which have deeper consequences I hope.
- Katerina will finally change her clothes and will wear a jeans. I must say it really suits her and Katia Winter's amazingly hot body. I won't be the only one to notice her.
- Benjamin Franklin will be mentioned again. He always proves himself to be useful to our Witnesses in their quest against Evil. It’s connected to the Purgatory's key of the beginning of the season.
- Ichabod will miss having an army by  his side to fight, but he'll find another way to get what he wants.
- Katerina will be confronted to modern technology and she will see the "magic" in it. She will also use some small witchcraft during the hour. Yay !
 - We will see Henry Parish’s (the church) again !
- Abby and Ichabod will go on a dangerous mission to get a special artefact. There will be guns and some action, yet it will be hilarious. Those two are the perfect cop buddy duo ever.
- Remember in “The Weeping Lady” Ichabod didn’t understand how Katerina could speak to a headless horseman, Abraham. Next Monday, she will reveal to Ichabod she can discuss with Abraham thanks to the enchanted necklace. Let’s just say Ichabod won’t be pleased with this news. Yes, he is jealous.
- Abby and Katerina will share more scenes together, one of them is especially poignant.
- Ichabod will be confronted to modern democracy and vote. It’s hilarious as usual when Ichabod is confronted to our modern habits.

   “Deliverance” is another exciting and surprising episode of Sleepy Hollow. Everything that happened in the last two episodes will make more sense after this episode. Moloch’s plan, with the help of the two Horsemen, Abraham and Henry, is coming together. This show never disappoints me, it’s always the perfect balance of emotions, humor and action.

   And finally, the quotes game. Guess from which character those quotes are :

1- “All these secrets that have come between us, they break my heart but they do not reflect our love”
2- “We can’t base our strategy on hope”
3- “I’m not sure we understand each other”
4- “It’s time we talk”
5- “What a trick you pulled getting me here”
6- “The truth about what’s going on in Sleepy Hollow”
7- “Democracy in action”
8- “Let’s be in touch”

   Are you excited about “Deliverance” ? Don’t miss it Monday, Nov. 3 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Hit the comments !

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