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Jane The Virgin - Chapter Four - Advance Preview

Gina. Rodriguez. is. a. Fraking. Gem.
Too Much? I'm sorry. I just can't help it. I have a problem. I love this show too much and Gina Rodriguez is perfection as Jane. This week, in the one of the episode's final scenes, I just lost it. It was mostly due to superb acting Rodriguez pulls off in the moment. I hope I'm not alone in feeling that even though Jane's future could be short lived, Gina's career certainly shouldn't be. Now, let's move on shall we? Hopefully everyone is pretty excited to see what exactly goes down this week on Jane the Virgin. As we know, Jane just couldn't go through with losing her Virginity to Michael last week because she may have feelings for Rafael (Her boss and Baby Daddy). yet Michael thinks it's because she wants to do right by her grandmother Alba. So they decide to get married sooner, like in a week.

Spoiler Free Tease: And that's where this week picks up, with an unsure Jane in the midst of planning her wedding to a very distracted Michael. To say these two have some issues to work out would be an understatement, and this week seems to be the week of revelations on the show. Jane may have been able to convince Michael that she wasn't ready because of grandmother, but she can't convince herself. Especially when she finds her feelings for Rafael making their way to the surface in a way that upsets Michael completely. Which of course, makes her want to take a step back from Rafael, an attempt at which she fails miserably, and shippers out there for Rafael and Jane will probably swoon their pants off. Jane's attempt to convince Michael and herself of her feelings definitely gets a bit twisted up, but we do get a chance at the end of the hour to finally hear Michael's side of things and it is a very welcomed moment. (Anyone out there rooting for these two?)

Also this week, we finally get to here Xiomara really admit why she doesn't want Jane to know that her father is alive while Rogelio struggles to not let the cat of the bag. Expect this to lead to some really hilarious moments as well, because once he finds out his daughter is getting married, he loses all tact and it makes things a bit awkward for Jane.

While not making things hard for Jane this week, Rafael is trying to stay one step of ahead of his rival Lochlin(Michael Rady making his recurring role debut) as his father worries about the image Zaz's murder has brought the hotel and task Lochlin with helping out. We learn that Rafael and his rival share a few things in common as well. While Rafael deals with that, Petra is busy trying to avoid being arrested and blackmailing Michael into helping her. Michael of course, has to oblige or else Jane may want to keep the baby. Petra, of course, makes it hard for him by still choosing not to reveal what exactly she was doing when Zaz's was murdered. (No one wants to do things the easy way this week)

By hour's end Jane and Michael will address the elephant in the room, Rafael will reveal he's not as in the dark as we thought, and Zaz's murder will take one step to being solved. Oh and Luisa's stepmother will be worried about her, in case you were wondering.

Three Word Specific Teases for you: Pre-Cana, Cousin It, Halo.

The High: The way the show is handling it's multiple plots with ease is quite the feat. Most shows would get lost or bogged down with the amount of story being thrown around, but the writers seemed to have found a great way to balance it. This week I was really impressed by how things again were seamlessly resolved but set up more questions and story to come. Maybe it's the show's telenovela roots that make it possible. Maybe it's the show's great cast. Maybe it's the show's lead. Yes, I had to find a way to bring it back to Gina. She melted my hear this week and then turned around and broke it. Girl is a touch of magic.

The Gripe: The pointless inclusion of Bridget Reagan, the stepmother. I'm sorry, maybe she has her fans. Maybe her story with Luisa, has some fans. But this week, Luisa wasn't around, but she was! She was around and she didn't share a scene with her husband. Her only real contributing point was a line that could have been said by any of the other players honestly. It was just a waste of viewer time this week and was the only point of the episode that felt like a downer. Another small gripe is that I realized that Rafael is kind of boring. Hot, sure. But he just seems pretty boring, it's always about the hotel with that guy. Why does Jane want him again? He reminds me of George Tucker a bit. (Blergh)

Overall Thoughts: The episode was pretty solid, if I had to grade it, it'd be a B. It honestly was my least favorite of the first four episodes of the series. Though, that isn't bad because I quite enjoyed the other three and I did enjoy this one. This one had moments, they just felt so spaced out. I kept waiting for some comedic gold to happen and instead I got silver. Which, again, isn't bad. I do think this week did a bit more for character development and plot, by helping push some things further along. I know I'm still intrigued and am prepared to see this thing through, especially when it comes to Jane and Michael. As long as things don't become too sticky, like melted caramel...

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Chapter Four Airs Monday at 8c on The CW.

Do you think Jane and Michael will make it to the Altar? Who do you think had Zaz killed? Are you excited to see Michael Rady on another Jennie Urman Project? (RIP EMILY OWENS MD.) Should Xiomara tell Jane the truth about Rogelio? Does anyone else find themselves wishing they had a narrator, or pretending to narrate their life imitating Jane's narrator, or is that just me? Sound off Below!

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