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Modern Family - The Cold - Review: "The Attack Of The Sneeze"

Modern Family took a turn for the better in this episode. I have to admit I really enjoyed this episode of Modern Family, this has to be the best episode of the season this far. This week we were re-united with fan favorite Andy from last season, as well as a hilarious storyline involving Phil and the wedding video. We also had a great storyline this episode with Cam and Manny's football.

First of all, the whole family has suffered from various sickness including vertigo and bronchitis. The whole family think it was Mitchell who brought it back from his honeymoon in Mexico, but really it was Phil. This is because when Phil 'previewed' the wedding video before showing it to the rest of the family, he realized it was he that sneezed over the wedding cake, causing everyone in the family to get sick!

But when it came down to the viewing party, everyone was all to caught up in their own problems in the video. Phil then decided it was a good idea to edit out all the bad bits, and show the video another time. This worked out great for Phil, but when Lily told him that she knew about him sneezing, that's gonna backfire on him.

Over at the football field, Jay and Gloria are a little too confident in Manny's football career, and Cam is considering benching him. When Jay and Gloria realize that Cam actually benched Manny, they are not too happy. They react by benching Cam, at their family dinner, this was a great scene. But when Manny finally admits to why he hasn't been playing as well, he says that he feels embarrassed, and is letting Gloria down. I must admit this was too a great storyline for the episode.

One of the great moments this episode, was the reunion of Andy (from last season) and Haley. I really like these two together, they just suit each other so well. You could see from the moment Haley entered the room, that she wasn't there to chat. They got talking about what would happen if they kissed, but when Andy said that Haley would be emotionally destroyed, that put a dent in things.

Nether, the less Haley went in for the kiss. But Andy, being Andy acted like nothing happened. Haley always accepts a challenge, and Andy presented a challenge right in front of her. Haley went for it, I don't blame her, she obviously likes him. I just want these two to be together, As I said before, they suit each other so much.

Finally in this episode, Lily had a friend over that was a 'know-it-all" according to Mitchell. Lily's friend was always better than Lily in everything she did (drawing, piano etc.), I think Mitchell just wanted Lily to shine, because Lily is his daughter. But things went from bad to worse when Mitchell' watch got caught up in Lily's friend's hair and he spills juice over her drawing. Long story short, I don't think Lily will be having that friend over again, thanks Mitchell!

Overall, this episode was a major improvement over the last, I loved the reunion between Andy and Haley and hope to see things go further with them. I also quite liked the storyline about Phil and the wedding video, and the football and friendship storylines were very enjoyable also. Modern Family is definitely shaping up to be a great season, and I am really liking the direction Modern Family is going with these episodes.


"With great hotness comes great responsibility."
- Haley.

"I can be challenging finding playmates for an exceptional child. I don't mean to brag, but that's why i didn't have any friends."
- Mitchell.

"This cold stops with me. Why do you think I swapped beds with Luke last night?"
- Claire.
"You did?"
- Phil.
"Appreciated the back rub. Not sure I loved being called Miss Thang."
- Luke.
- Phil.

"It went to my ears on our flight home. I may have moaned a bit. A crying baby complained about me."
- Cam.

"Stress is all a part of football. If you're not throwing up in your mouth, you're not doing it right."
- Jay.

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