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The Fosters - Girls Reunited - Review : "Coming Back"

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Please note: English is not my first language.

This week, Callie is back to her group home for the weekend. It was such a pleasure to see them reunited! More than ever, I cross my fingers for a real spin-off. It was interesting to see her return, especially because we realized how much Callie has changed since she left. She's mature.

Callie is back for Community Day. The group suffers from a bad reputation in the neighborhood and they could lose their house.

Callie is not the only one who has changed. Becca is finally happy, she's going to her home to live with her mother. Kiara no longer has a foster home. Cole got his spot in the LGBT group home he wanted since day one. Now, he has a girlfriend, Devonee. She's new in the group and she causes troubles. She rejects Callie. Then, Callie is rejected by Kiara who accused her of being here for another reason. Plus, she is jealous to see that Callie has two families who want her. Meanwhile, Mariana is planning a double date for her, Matt, Jesus and Hayley.

It's Community Day. There are many guests in the house. The ambiance is warm, they want to show how safe the place is. Rita explains to an elderly neighbor that crime has decreased since their arrival. And bam. A shot / firecrackers surprise everyone. This shot acts as the beginning of the end. Then, the situation begins to degenerate rapidly, and truths burst out.

At the Fosters' house, it's date night and truths are being told too. Hayley admits being jealous of Emma, then Jesus reveals Mariana's secret and finally, Matt kisses Mariana. ABC Family disappointed me, no #Loudon hashtag (sarcasm). Then, Stef opens a letter, and surprise, it is a letter from Ana who wants to make amend. She talks about this with Lena on Skype, because Lena is on a camping trip with Jude. I'm glad to see they did not forget Lena's heartbreaking storyline. She's resting (#FreeHug).

Callie and Devonee hate each other. Callie knows that Devonee is manipulating Cole. She tries to explain it to him. He should not follow her. He should not run away. Running away is not the answer and Callie knows that. This scene leads to a fight between Devonee and Cole. Devonee tells him the plain, unvarnished truth.

Meanwhile, Becca is slipping back into depression. Her mother told her she had a new boyfriend. And if you remember, this is how it's started for her (her mother's ex abused her). She goes in the basement and sets the house on fire while everyone was asleep. No one dies (thanks to Rita, the savior - helped by Callie), but is this the end for Girls United? Only the future will tell.

Note : 6.5/10 - Great episode! It was nice to see them all together again. Callie has matured and changed a lot since she ran away and it might be one of the best things of this episode.

Now, it's your turn! What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments!

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