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Mistresses - Choices - Review : "Phoebe is the Next Supreme, I Mean, Savi is the Next Partner!"

2.11 - "Choices"
Written by Jordan Budde
Directed by Michael Grossman
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

I do apologise for not posting my review of the latest episode of Mistresses yesterday (Tuesday), but I had a pretty incredible day meeting Throne of Glass author Sarah J. Maas. Fortunately, I have watched season two, episode eleven of Mistresses and I enjoyed it. To me, it wasn't as good as the last episode but it was still great. Here's my recap and review of the episode.

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'Choices' Recap

The episode starts where the last episode left off. April stormed into the FBI Headquarters to find out why they had bugged her entire house, including her 12-year-old daughter's bedroom, only to see Daniel as one of the FBI agents. April walks over to Daniel and Daniel says they should go to his office. Daniel confirms he works for the FBI. April is confused as she met Daniel at an art show, but the FBI reveal she was brought there by Mickey. April is now furious, wondering why the FBI would go through all of the trouble just to humiliate her instead of just going to her. Adam, who met April in the last episode, tells her that she lied to authorities before and wasn't sure if he could trust her. Daniel wants to explain himself but April is upset everything was a lie. Adam says all that matters is where they go from here, but April corrects him by saying all that matters to him. Daniel goes to touch April but she slaps him across the face before storming out.

Karen is going through jobs with Ana that she could potentially go for. Ana deflates Karen's suggestions because she doesn't have a degree. Karen asks about Ana's apartment-hunting. Ana had been to a few but they weren't great, revealing she can't afford anything decent. Ana knows she can't stay on Karen's couch forever and wishes she could go home - back to Korea. Karen didn't realise that was an option and Ana doesn't want it to be as her parents will realise she had been lying to them for years - they think she's married, happy and successful. Karen thinks Ana should give them a chance as they might surprise her, but Ana thinks they'll reject her. Ana apologises but is happy that Karen has taken enough interest in her to care. They hug. At Savi's office, Toni is about to leave when Dom walks in. Toni wonders if he needs something, but Dom is flirtatious. Dom gets a phone call from a man named Jim and asks him about one of his former associates - Toni.

At April's shop, Savi and Karen are talking about Savi's split with Dom. Karen is disappointed as she thought they had so many good times, but Savi said they weren't going anywhere. At that moment, Joss runs in to tell them she's getting married. Savi is shocked but happy, while Karen jokes and asks "to who?" Joss tells them Scott, but then realises Savi is wearing her "depressed ponytail" and asks what they were talking about. Karen reveals Savi and Dom broke up, then wonders if she has ever met Scott. Savi is so happy for Joss and Joss shows them her ring. It's a beautiful ring though it keeps falling off so Joss needs to get it sized. Right at that moment, April walks in and tells them Daniel is an FBI agent who was using her to get to Paul. Joss jokes and says "I am never playing this game with her again".

At Harry's, Joss walks in to tell Harry her big news. Harry has news of his own - Greta wants to throw out everything three weeks before the restaurant's soft opening. She wants everything to be "Japanese-y" because of something a psychic told her. Harry wants to walk out before he gets fired but Joss wants him to talk it out with Greta. Joss tries to convince him because Greta can be difficult but Joss needs him. Harry reluctantly agrees and Joss rechecks the e-mail to see what Greta is really asking of them. Harry asks Joss what her big news was but Joss tells him she doesn't remember. She lingers a look at Harry. At the law firm, Dom walks into the boss's office and requests to talk about Toni. He reveals he talked to Jim Fletcher - one of the partners at the last law firm Toni worked for - but Jim said he couldn't talk about it. Dom is suspicious that he can't talk about it and wonders what it is. The boss doesn't care and tells Dom he is lucky he still has a job there.

Karen and Jacob are at a store trying to find a suitable tie for a job interview Jacob is going on. Karen doesn't know what the interview is about but Jacob doesn't want to tell her in case he jinxs it. He's nervous as he hasn't had a job interview in over ten years. Karen tries a tie on him while talking about plans for the night. He wonders if she wants to have dinner and a movie, but Karen doesn't want to leave Ana. Karen confides in him about Ana's possible return to Korea but is afraid of how her parents will react. Jacob makes Karen realise that she now has to talk to Ana as a friend, not a therapist. Savi and Joss talk plans for the wedding when a valet gives Joss some keys to a car. Joss says it's not hers so the valet hands over a card from Scott who has bought her the car. Joss can't believe it while Savi is over-excited about it, even running to get into the car. The car is obviously expensive as it holds fancy gadgets. Savi notices Joss isn't exactly happy, but Joss lies and says she just can't believe it's her car. Daniel arrives at April's house wanting to talk. She lets him in and asks if he's even married. He says no. April isn't surprised as everything was a lie, but Daniel insists not everything was a lie. Daniel confesses he loved her and still loves her, but April corrects him and says he loves getting information out of her. Daniel admits it wasn't supposed to go as far as it did. He wanted to tell April everything, but April argues that he didn't because his job was much more important than her. Daniel says he has worked on the case since the beginning. April doesn't care and says she is out. April asks him to leave and never come back.

Zack phones Savi who is at the office. She asks if he got her e-mail and he says he did but he chickened out of replying. He says he was never mad at Savi, just as a woman walks in with a file for Savi, making Toni look over. Savi wants them to go back to being friends and Zack agrees. He asks if she moved and she says she hasn't. Savi looks through the papers the woman handed her and Savi asks what they are but the woman says "they" just asked her to give her them. Savi ends the conversation with Zack and chases Dom in the hallway. She realises she had been taken off a case and Dom tells her to take it up with Mitchell, but Savi says Dom was the one who put her on the case. As they walk into Dom's office and argue, everybody in the office watches. Dom tells Savi to stop complaining or find a job somewhere else. Savi walks out as Toni watches. At April's shop, Joss talks to April about her problem with Scott. She tells April he bought Joss a car. Joss explains that she bought her old car with every last penny she had and it was finally paid off - as well as the dents and scratches - but it was hers and she loved it. Joss says it was the gift of dependency and the worst part is Joss is already getting used to it. April says it's okay to get used to his lifestyle since she is marrying him. Joss says she always thought the hardest part of marriage was manogamy but sleeping with Scott for the rest of her life is fine but everything else isn't. Joss is finally "the independent woman Destiny's Child wanted her to be" but Scott is taking that away from her. April wonders if Joss is going to call off the engagement but Joss doesn't want to lose Scott, but she doesn't want to lose herself either.

At Karen's apartment, Ana tells her she is picking more shifts up at the restaurant so she won't be bothering Karen so much. Karen wants to talk about Korea and Ana regrets bringing it up. Karen tells Ana she got into psychiatry because of her parents. Her mother only wanted her to do something that would make her successful. She felt lonely. Karen wanted to be meaningful with other people the way she couldn't be with her family. When Karen got into Stanford, she visited her family less and less. One day, Karen's mother passed away. Karen finally became the successful woman her mother wanted her to be, but she never got to see it. She never had a chance to say goodbye. Ana wonders why Karen never told her all of that before, and Karen explains her sessions were about Ana, but now they're friends. Karen doesn't want the same thing to happen to Ana. At Savi's office, Savi walks in as Toni is working at her desk. Toni tells Savi she should report Dom humiliating her in front of the entire office creating a hostile work environment. Savi says filing a fake sexual harrassment report won't get her anywhere and it won't get her partner because that's not how a "boy's club" works. Toni reveals to make money, all she has to do is establish a pattern of behaviour and the rest will take care of itself. Savi says she's a horrible person but Toni tells her to sleep on it as rich would look good on her.

At Greta's restaurant, Harry walks in to see Greta. He reveals he hasn't made any changes to the menu but will be happy to discuss the menu with her. She wonders why as they're on a deadline, but Harry says they need to compromise on the menu. Greta says he doesn't strike her as a one for compromises but Harry says he'll try. Greta says she will try anything once, maybe twice while fondling Harry's necklace in a flirty way. At a restaurant, Jacob tells Karen he got the new job. He tells her about an extended fellowship and they want him to oversee the entire thing. He will have to be based in Boston and he asks if Karen will go with him. Jacob says it will be perfect for a new start but Karen is speechless. He asks her just to think about it, no pressure. April is closing her shop as Adam the FBI agent walks in. Adam says they have a problem as April doesn't want to co-operate anymore. He tells her she doesn't have a choice. April asks what will happen if she refuses. Adam tells her they will sieze her bank account and assets for all of the money she received for her husband that wasn't dead and she knew about. She defrauded the United States government and will face jail time, then they would have to talk to her daughter. Adam asks if Paul contacts her, she'll let them know. April nods.

Joss wants to talk to Scott about something important and reckons they should see a lawyer about a pre-nup. Scott tells her she's broke, but Joss says she isn't as she's been broke before. Joss needs to figure out what seperates them as individuals. Joss doesn't want to lose her independence when she becomes "Mrs. Joss Carver". Joss thinks everything will change for her when she's married while nothing will change for Scott. Scott says she is missing the bigger point - that he wants to take care of her even though Joss is worried things will change between them and she's left to fend for herself. Joss says he is missing the point but wants a pre-nup still to avoid confusion. Scott says he isn't entering a marriage prepared for failure. He says he is only doing marriage once so Joss needs to be in it 100% or not at all. At Karen's, Ana is about to phone her parents but she isn't sure she can do it. Karen offers to talk to them first. She phones them and speaks to Ana's mother. Ana's mother wants to speak to Ana and Karen hands the phone over. Ana speaks Korean to her mother and Karen walks away, pleased.

At the law firm, Toni is called to the conference room. Inside the conference room are Savi, Dom and the bosses. They play back the conversation Toni had with Savi earlier that Savi had recorded. Joss is getting ready to meet the girls as Scott comes out of the shower (drool). Scott tells her he's ready for the pre-nup but only if they did it right there and then without lawyers, instead they do it their way. Scott says they have to work out the non-negotiables. Scott says they have to be all inclusive as equals - everything that makes Joss unique and individual should be maintained. Scott also asks which bills she wants to pay (she picks phone and cable). They also get to keep their last names and Scott says their babies will have both. Joss questions the plural of babies as she only wants one child, but Scott wants four. Joss negotiates on two and Scott agrees. Scott also wants Joss twice a week guaranteed but Joss says he's crazy - she says five times a week and always at least once on weekends. Joss tells him that no matter how old they get, Scott has to tell her he loves her at least once a day. Scott says that's easy and they kiss as his towel falls down.

Dom visits Savi in her office and they reveal they had played Toni - the fight the office saw was acted out to fool Toni. Dom thanks her for helping him beat Toni and Savi says she will always have his back, even when they're not together and Dom will always have hers. Savi asks if Mitchell has decided what to do with Toni but Dom says it's his call and the rest of the partners will back his decision. Savi is proud of him. The girls all meet and Karen tells them about putting Ana on the plane back to Korea. She was calm until she drove home and burst into tears. She was happy for Ana but it made Karen sad for what she lost with her own mother - her whole family. Karen says Ana changed her life - more so than any other patient as she felt she made a real difference - but she had to break every rule to do it. It has made Karen realise she wants to change professions and quit her job as a psychiatrist. Karen doesn't know what to do instead but reveals Jacob wants her to go to Boston. The girls are shocked and Karen reveals they have been dating. April supports Karen while Savi says she wants Karen there. Joss supports Karen's decision but wants her at her wedding. Karen says she hasn't made up her mind yet but the girls say they will make it work.

Joss goes to Harry's and reveals she spoke to Greta who is now thrilled with Harry. Harry sees Joss's wedding ring and is surprised as Joss tells him she's engaged. Harry says he is happy for her, but he doesn't look it while he hugs her. At Savi's office, Toni is there as Dom walks in. Dom says she is a damn good lawyer, but Toni is convinced it's past tense. Toni reveals she has to look out for herself because of the way she grew up. Dom reveals when Toni first arrived at the firm, he didn't like her. He didn't expect much from her but Toni surprised him. There was no doubt in his mind that Toni would have made partner, in anybody's mind except Toni's. Toni wants the chance to prove him right but Dom says there is no chance of her making partner at that law firm - at least not for a long time. Toni wonders if he is firing her but Dom says he will keep her on as junior associate. Dom says she could quit but her references would be a "giant bitch". Toni asks why and Dom reveals he's the good guy. He tells her to keep her head down, do her work and keep away from Savi - she's going to make partner... and she'll eat Toni alive.

At Savi's home, a delivery guy delivers a bag late at night. Inside is a leather jacket from Zack. She phones him as he works in the garage. She wonders why he sent it and Zack says she turned his life around. Savi is surprised but is worried it was expensive. Zack reveals he is working now and would love to tell Savi about it over coffee but worries "her boyfriend" would mind. Savi tells him she doesn't have one anymore. At Karen's, Karen and Jacob are having dinner. Jacob asks about his Boston offer but Karen reveals she has decided against moving to Boston. He asks what is keeping her in Los Angeles, and Karen says her life and her friends. Jacob says they're moving forward with their lives and it's time Karen did the same. Karen is trying to figure out what she wants. Jacob wonders if she wants someone to be with the rest of her life, and Karen says she has that with Savi, Joss and April. Jacob says her friends can't fill every need, but Karen corrects him - they're her family. Harry is at the restaurant drinking when Greta comes up to him. She starts massaging his shoulders. Greta wonders if he's still mad at her, and Harry says they're good but Greta thinks they're more than good. She puts her hand down his shirt. Harry turns around and they start kissing.

April returns home with a box that has been delivered. It's a mobile phone with only one contact. It's Paul. Karen has a knock at the door and it's Ben, one of Karen's old flings from the time she went to bars with different identities. Ben says he needs to talk to her about something.

'Choices' Review

HOW GORGEOUS IS JUSTIN HARTLEY?! I've seen him in Smallville, Emily Owens, M.D., Revenge and now this and he never gets less sexy. Just look at him wet!

LOOK AT HIM! WET! Never thought I'd ever be so jealous of a towel. He's so shiny! And readers, you're welcome ;)

Okay, so now that is over. Hold on, one more look... okay, now it's over. I really enjoyed Savi's story this week. I was very impressed when it turned out Savi and Dom had beat Toni at her own game. Toni's game was revealed last week but we all knew she was no good. I did think her takedown was a little quick - I thought maybe it would last more episodes, maybe until the season finale, but I liked it. I really liked how they played her too, because for a moment, they played me. I thought the argument between them was real. They really sold that haha. I guess recording the conversation Savi had with Toni was a bit of an easy way to go, but it was still enjoyable. I liked that Dom really was the good guy and let Toni stay, that was very admirable. I'm glad they didn't fire her. She's a very complex character who I love to hate. It will be fun to see how Savi and Toni interact now that all of Toni's cards are on the table. It was a nice moment when Dom told Toni the only person who never believed in her was herself. It adds depth to Toni's character. She isn't just there for the sole purpose of being a bitch - she's actually a flawed person who is trying so desperately to claw her way to the top, she has no self-belief. That's tragic, in a way.

I was very sad for Karen when she broke it off with Jacob but very glad too. If she left to Boston, that means she would leave the show and obviously that was never an option. I liked Karen and Jacob together, and I have no idea where this Ben thing is headed. I was surprised at Ana's storyline this episode. I really thought there was something sinister behind her but there really wasn't. There was a lot of emotion and I felt very sad for Karen when she revealed the story about her mother. It was so nice that Karen encouraged Ana to reach out to her family in Korea. I didn't expect the story to go that way - I genuinely thought Ana was going to murder Karen in her sleep or something. I mean, maybe Ana will come back sooner rather than later and do something drastic but I think, maybe, Ana is done on the show now. It was a quiet exit and one that took me completely by surprise.

I absolutely loved it when Joss revealed she was engaged to Savi and Karen. Savi's face was priceless, in fact, I took a screenshot.

Yup, classic Alyssa Milano! The whole scene was hilarious as Joss walked in to reveal her big news after Savi's break-up news, then April walks in and reveals her even bigger news about Daniel and Joss is like "I'm not playing this game with her again". Haha. I had a good laugh with Joss this episode, and the quote about Destiny's Child wanting her to be an independent woman. The tagline I was going to have for my review was actually going to be a lyric from the song but changed to fit the show - "The car I'm driving, SCOTT BOUGHT IT!" but then I thought nobody would get it and think I'm weird. Anyway, I completely agree with Joss about her self-reliance being taken away. Everything that made Joss, Joss, was being taken away with the showering of gifts. I know I'd feel awkward accepting gifts I could never, ever afford. But the way they made up, naked Justin Hartley aside (WEEETTT), was so cute. That scene, the way the two characters just interacted was actually the best chemistry I had seen those two ever have. It's actually making me root for them, even though I still totally love Harry. Bless him.

And April had the most interesting storyline, Daniel definitely deserved a good slap at the beginning. I feel really bad for April now she has no choice but to do what the FBI says. The scene where Adam tells her she has no choice was really suspenseful and was very well acted. You could see April's freedom slipping away. I can't wait to see how this unfolds because she's now been put in a bit of a predicament and I hope things turn out good for her and Lily. Man, when she told Daniel to get out was very brave. She really stood up for herself and she didn't let herself cave. That girl deserves a medal. It would have been so easy for her to just fall for his charm but she stood tall and showed him that her heart is worth more. I mean, I do like Daniel and if he makes things right, then sure, I'll ship April/Daniel. But for now, he did betray her, so he needs to make amends before I let him back in my heart too.

I don't know if I like Greta. She's a work-in-progress right now, I'll see if I like her next week. She isn't right for my Harry of course, because he's mine, but let's see how their working relationship unfolds now they've slept together. Oh, and Zack. I actually love Zack. I think he's sweet and damn, I love those eyes. Yup, he's mine too. And Scott. They're all mine.

Gavin's Rating: 7 out of 10. While the episode tied up loose ends regarding Toni and Ana, I was left a little disappointed there was not more drama regarding those plot developments. The episode was good but last week's was better and 'Choices' was not season two's strongest episode.

What did you guys think of the episode? Is Savi's future boyfriend going to be the one who literally crashed into her life at the end of last season? Is Ana really, really gone? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to watch the next episode of Mistresses, airing Monday August 25th on ABC at 10.00PM!

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