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The SpoilerTV 2014 Episode Competition - Winner and Final Words

And so, the SpoilerTV 2014 Episode Competiton draws to a close, as we can announce the winner. Many of you will have seen on the final's post, but the winner comes from...

For the second time (from two competitions), the CW's Beauty and the Beast reigns triumphant, with its episode 'About Last Night' beating The Mentalist's 'Blue Bird' by 338 votes. For a time, it looked like the result was going to be far closer, but in the end, Beauty and the Beast ran away with it. Nevertheless, it was a great final between two shows with large fanbases on SpoilerTV.

Last year's competition was far more popular amongst fans, with 14,500 page viewers for the final this year in comparison to 33,000 for last year's final and 18,000 for last year's semi-final.

I'd like to thank those of you who voted, whether you only voted in one poll, all of them, or anywhere in between. All votes were important and much appreciated. This competition wouldn't have been anywhere near as successful as it has been without all of you voting and sharing the polls.

Below you can find a summary of the results - see where your favourite episode came. It is ranked by the percentage of votes and by the round which the episode was eliminated. It's easy to figure out, and there's a key there too.

The draw:

I hope everyone enjoyed the competition. I'll be running this competition again in June 2015. Until then...

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