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The SpoilerTV 2014 Episode Competition - Day 17 - THE FINAL

Winner and final words can be found here.

DAY 17! (Results from yesterday can be found here.)

Well, here we are. THIS. IS. IT. The two week nomination period, followed by almost three weeks of the main competition, and it's all boiled down to one poll.

The rules are as follows:
1. Two episodes go head to head for 24 hours. The episode that emerges as winner will go through to the next round.
2. Vote for your favourite episode, and tell us what you voted for.
3. Tell others about the competition.
4. Be respectful. This is a competition, but be friendly.

The episode that I tipped to win the tournament from the very beginning, The Mentalist's 'Blue Bird' faces Beauty and the Beast and its 'About Last Night'. Both have large fanbases on the site. The question is, which will triumph in the final?

The poll will close at 3PM BST on Wednesday (you may find a countdown here).

Many of you, like myself, don't have any interest in this final as all of your show's episodes have gone out. Instead, tell us what you'd have liked to see win the competition.

The draw:

Don’t forget to share the poll; the more people vote, the more chance your episode has of winning!

Check back tomorrow to see who won!

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