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The Bridge - The Acorn - Advance Preview

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Previously on The Bridge: Eleanor Nacht is not to be messed with, Charlotte, Ray, and Cesar have a new problem, Linder is starting a revenge quest, Marco is being forced to spy for Fausto Galvan, and Frye and Adrianna's investigation is starting to return some answers.

Adrianna & Frye:

In the last episode of The Bridge, we saw Adrianna and Frye watching cartel transactions that were running through Rayburn National Bank. Of course, having come all this way you can definitely expect the two to continue asking questions and now that they actually have more information to back up their questions, you can also expect them to get more answers to their questions. As usual, these answers come accompanied by more bodies. Also, I can reveal that Adrianna and Frye finally intersect with the central story in this episode!


Sonya has an extremely odd relationship with the Dobbs family... to say the least. She has visited her sister's killer for the last X number of years in prison, virtually obsessed over everything he's drawn in prison, and has recently begun a relationship with Jack Dobbs, her sister's killer's brother. This takes up about a quarter of the episode and while these scenes aren't action packed or anything, they are quite enjoyable because of the amount of realism that the actors are able to inject into their performances. Diane Kruger does an absolutely wonderful job in this episode, particularly in a scene with Jack and Jim Dobbs.

Charlotte and Ray:

After being forced to go on the run in the last episode, Charlotte and Ray are held up at a hotel discussing the future. This was personal favorite scene from the episode simply because it was the most ridiculous (see one of the quotes). Ray has always been the man with the plan and in this time he suggests quite possibly his most ridiculous idea yet. Luckily for Charlotte, Monte returns with a message directly from Fausto Galvan. Unfortunately, for anything else on this part of the story you'll have to tune in on Wednesday.


Since Marco has been tasked with spying on the American side of the investigation into Eleanor, he spent the majority of the last episode in the states. In this episode, Marco spends quite a bit of time both in the states and in Mexico. He is forced to find the middle ground of doing his job and pursuing real justice, while also staying on the good side of his captain. Again, as I suspected, he is finding a friend in prosecutor Abelardo Pintado. Abelardo is as sick of the corruption as Marco is which will come in useful for the writers. While the writers have done an excellent job of showing the corruption on both sides of the border, Marco has been the only real constant source of justice in Mexico. Abelardo represents the idea that Marco is not the only man that is interested in true justice in Mexico. Once again, The Bridge excels in displaying that in order to seek justice with so much corruption surrounding them, sometimes good people must work in the grey area.

Rating: 9.1/10 - This season continues to get better with each episode. The only downside to this episode was that it really didn't have enough for Linder to do. He's in the episode, but does so little that I can't even really tease it without giving it all away. There's something that happens at the end with Eleanor that is one of the weirdest things I think we've ever seen on The Bridge. A lot of stuff happens in this episode and even when nothing big is going on, the dialogue is good enough to keep viewers interested.

Favorite quotes (Updated with answers):

"I guess that kinda makes you Papa Smurf, huh? - Frye

"Don't touch me!" - Sonya

"You can pop out a kid or two..." - Ray

"Wait a minute Texas..." - Ray

"Screw Alaska" - Charlotte

"Oh, you should give a shit." - Linder

Tune in to The Bridge on Wednesdays @ 10/9c on FX. Be sure to come back here to SpoilerTV to let everyone else know what you thought of the episode. Also, if you're a fan of anything The Bridge, keep an eye out for Brandon Rowe's set tour and interview posts which should be coming around in the next few weeks. 

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