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2014 Character Cup - Final Stats and Wrap-Up

It's been 63 polls, but we finally have a winner. Congratulations to Dean Winchester of Supernatural, who also got the most votes of any contestant in the contest and was one of two contestants who received over 1,000 votes in each round. Congratulations also go to Janna, for wining out prediction contest with just 14 missed. You rocked! Awesome job! Bragging rights go to you! Other top predictors were Toni, Sharon Seymour, and Dahne, who all missed 16, and Famous 4 It, who missed 17 in total. It's been fun comparing how different the contest turned out and where people thought it would go.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated either through voting, predicting, or commenting. I have had a blast and I hope you did too. I appreciate you playing along and helping hiatus pass more quickly. This contest has been better than I ever dreamed it would be because of you. Thank you! Since I am a trivia fan and because I was asked to, I've gathered some general facts about the contest along with the final rankings below. Also by popular demand, I have been requested to hold a runner-off poll which will last for 24 hours as well, ending around 5 pm CST Thursday. I won't make another annoucement about it but enjoy. I am also putting a poll here about the nominating process next year. This year we were allowed to nominate two males and two females. This ended up with a very balanced contest with 33 females and 31 males included. The question is whether you would like to keep it this way or not have any stipulations on which 4 to nominate. This choice may lead to a majority of male characters in the contest, although we've never done it like this so it could still end up even. As always, happy commenting and voting!

Final Rankings: Other rankings will follow as we finish each round. All tiebreakers decided by percentage of the vote received.

1. Dean Winchester - Supernatural
2. Kate Beckett - Castle
3. Vincent Keller - Beauty and the Beast - may change after run-off poll
4. Patrick Jane - The Mentalist - may change after run-off poll
5. Felicity Smoak - Arrow
6. Tyrion Lannister - Game of Thrones
7. Temperance Brennan - Bones
8. Chandler Bing - Friends
9. Buffy Summers - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
10. Olivia Dunham - Fringe
11. Regina Mills - Once Upon a Time
12. Melinda May - Agents of SHIELD
13. Archangel Michael - Dominion
14. Damon Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries
15. Barney Stinson - How I Met Your Mother
16. Elijah Mikaelson - The Originals
17. Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock
18. Stiles - Teen Wolf
19. Sheldon Cooper - TBBT
20. Raymond Reddington - The Blacklist
21. Nikita Mears - Nikita
22. Bellamy Blake - The 100
23. Hannibal Lecter - Hannibal
24. Walter White - Breaking Bad
25. Veronica Mars - Veronica Mars
26. Harold Finch - Person of Interest
27. Ichabod Crane - Sleepy Hollow
28. Donna Paulsen - Suits
29. Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead
30. Cristina Yang - Grey's Anatomy
31. Emily Thorne - Revenge
32. Norma Bates - Bates Motel
33. Ben Linus - LOST
34. Kelly Severide - Chicago Fire
35. Eric Northman - True Blood
36. Ziva David - NCIS
37. Sarah Manning - Orphan Black
38. Sydney Bristow - Alias
39. Vanessa Ivers - Penny Dreadful
40. The Doctor - Doctor Who
41. Dana Scully - The X-Files
42. Jack Bauer - 24
43. Joan Watson - Elementary
44. Derek Morgan - Criminal Minds
45. Chuck Bartowski - Chuck
46. Maura Isles - Rizzoli & Isles
47. Alicia Florrick - The Good Wife
48. Annie Walker - Covert Affairs
49. Kiera Cameron - Continuum
50. Erin Lindsay - Chicago PD
51. Nathan Wuornos - Haven
52. Olivia Pope - Scandal
53. Carrie Matheson - Homeland
54. Max Black - Two Broke Girls
55. Rust Cohle - True Detective
56. Mary, Queen of Scots - Reign
57. Rachel Berry - Glee
58. Paul Briggs - Graceland
59. Lagertha - Vikings
60. Leslie Knope - Parks and Recreation
61. Leonardo da Vinci - Da Vinci's Demons
62. Lorne Malvo - Fargo
63. Julia Walker - Helix
64. Fiona Gallagher - Shameless

Polls with Most Amount of Votes: Finale - Dean vs. Beckett (7,244) / 5.2 - Vincent vs. Beckett (5,169) / 4.2 - Felicity vs. Dean (4,185)

Closest Polls: 2.12 - White vs. Damon (7 votes) / 2.06 - Elijah vs. Reddington (8 votes) / 1.14 - Manning vs. May (13 votes)

Total Votes Cast (minus run-off poll today): 88,334 -ranking/nominating = 3,802 / first round = 25,009 / second = 18,352 / third = 10,729 / fourth = 13,913 / fifth = 9,285 / final = 7,244

Total Number of Comments (so far): 3,255

Characters with Least Amount of Votes that Still Moved On:  Norma Bates (249) / Walter White (334) / Harold Finch (353)

Characters with Biggest Improvement between Initial Rankings and Final Rankings: Chandler Bing (moved up 35) / Temperance Brennan (33) / Melinda May (32)

Total characters nominated: 458 (218 male and 240 females)
Total shows nominated: 170
Total shows represented: 64

Gender Breakdown:

33 females and 31 males
After the first round, there were 19 males and 13 females.
After the second round, 9 males and 7 females.
After the third round, 5 males and 3 females.
After the fourth round, 3 males and 1 female.
After the fifth round, 1 male and 1 female.

Network Breakdown:

9 cancelled shows represented (cancelled meaning that they are no longer on the air and they did not show any episodes in the 2013-2014 TV season)
31 from network TV: CBS - 9, CW - 7, ABC - 6, NBC - 5, and FOX - 4
14 from basic cable with 8 networks represented (A&E - 1, History - 1, USA Network - 3, SyFy - 4, MTV - 1, AMC - 2, TNT - 1, and FX - 1)
-----Of those counted with SyFy (Dominion, Haven, Helix, and Continuum), many of them are also aired on Canada's Showcase
7 from premium cable (Showtime - 3, HBO - 3, Starz - 1)
3 from BBC

After the first round, remaining were...

5 cancelled shows
19 network shows (CW - 6, ABC - 5, CBS - 4, NBC - 2, FOX - 2)
6 basic cable (AMC - 2, A&E - 1, USA - 1, SyFy - 1, MTV - 1)
1 premium cable - HBO
1 from BBC

After the second round, remaining were...

3 cancelled shows
11 network show (CW - 5, ABC - 3, CBS - 2, FOX - 1)
1 Basic cable - SyFy
1 premium cable - HBO

After the third round, remaining were...

1 cancelled show
6 network shows (CW - 3, ABC - 1, CBS - 1, FOX - 1)
1 premium cable - HBO

After the fourth round, remaining were 4 network shows (CW - 2, ABC - 1, CBS - 1)

After the fifth round, remaining were 2 network shows (ABC - 1, CW - 1)

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and creates polls for Sleepy Hollow, Arrow, White Collar, Grimm, Teen Wolf, and others. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts the Warehouse 13 "Endless Wonder", Sleepy Hollow "Headless," and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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