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Updated Help and FAQ Page

Update: 5th November 2104 Time for another Spring Clean with updated screens and new sections.

How Does SpoilerTV Work?

New people are visiting SpoilerTV all the time and to avoid people emailing the staff asking questions about how to use the site, how to stay updated etc etc. we have put together this section which explains everything about the site.

If you want to know how to get the most out of SpoilerTV, read this guide...

Working Your Way Around The Site

Navigation of the Home Page - All Content
The site's homepage, spoilertv.com provides a constant stream of TV news, information, spoilers, teasers, reviews &articles from across the globe. The most current item is at the top of the page.

Clicking on a post title will take you to the content of that post as well as giving you the ability to view any comments that have been left or to add your own thoughts.

You can also click on the article Thumbnail as well.

Finding Show Specific Content
Instead of searching through tons of all the content to find information on specific shows, you can search for that individual show in a few ways.

1. Find the show you want on the main menu bar at the top of the homepage. Shows are sorted by US Network, for example 'Beauty and the Beast' can be found under 'CW':

2. You can also find the show by selecting it from the Drop-Down menu (Alphabetical Order) at the bottom of the right hand side of the homepage:

3. Clicking one of the 'Labels' that can be found attached to every post on the site:

Searching for Information

We have a search feature that can be found at the top in the Navigation Tab Menus.

That will take you to a Google-like Search page. Simply type in your search, it will also auto-suggest some searches as you type, and press Enter or click on the Search button.

The results will then be displayed in a popup.

Once you have the search results displayed, there are a few things you can do.

Search Only Images
At the top of the Search Results you will see 2 tabs. One for web/articles and one for Images.

Clicking on the Images tab will display images that match your search.

The Search Engine searches both the main SpoilerTV.com site as well as our Image Gallery.

3) Further Refinements
You can also further refine your search by items such as Press Releases, Reviews, Sneak Peeks etc

Simply click the appropriate tab.

Submitting TV Scoop

SpoilerTV relies on you, as TV fans to help us bring as much TV content as possible onto the website. To do that you can 'Submit a Scoop' by clicking on the Start or Features Menu and select'Submit Scoop' in the menu bar.

or via the Navigation Tab.

Clicking 'Submit a Scoop' will bring you to a Pop-Up Box where you simply enter name, email address, the website url of where you found the information (for us to validate) and then a description of what you have found. Click Submit and it will arrive with the SpoilerTV staff:

Keeping Up To Date With SpoilerTV/ Social Media Interation

SpoilerTV has many ways to keep on top of the latest news and content through a wide variety of systems and social media websites:

1. Twitter
Nowadays thousands of people are following SpoilerTV on twitter, where we have automatically set up live updates so as soon as content is put on the site, Twitter knows about it; and therefore so do you. We have over 50 specific show twitter feeds for you as well. Find all of our Twitter Feeds HERE

2. RSS Feeds
SpoilerTV also provides you with a large number of RSS Feeds that you can use in your favourite feedreaders or use in any RSS widgets. To view the RSS Feeds available simply head HERE and scroll down to select which feeds you want to subscribe too.

We highly recommend http://feedly.com/ if you want to use a great and free RSS Reader.

3. Facebook
SpoilerTV also have a Facebook page where you can get all the latest content straight to your wall, all you need to do is 'Like' the group by following the link HERE.

We also have show specific Facebook Pages for some of the most popular shows. You can see a Full List Here.

4. Google+
We also have a Google+ Page for those on Google's service. You can view our page here.

5. Tumblr
We also have a Tumblr Page here.

Daily Digest
Not everyone likes Twitter or RSS Feeds and prefers a more relaxed and less immediate form of staying up to date. We also provide a simple Daily Digest Email that will email you daily and list all the new content that has been posted since your previous Daily Digest arrived. This is a great way to ensure you don't miss anything or if you are on the road. Simply use the form below to signup.

Enter your email address:

Delivered by FeedBurner

Instant Email Notifications

We also have an instant email notification system where you can subscribe to just the shows/labels and authors that you are interested in. At the bottom of each article you will see a screen similar to the one below.

This allows you to select your choices and enter in your email address.

For detailed instructions see this post.

Google Chrome Extension
Recently we introduced our very own extension for any Chrome users. This will alert you in your browser whenever there is new content on show or shows that you specify. We already have over 3,000 users using this.

To download our Google Chrome Extension page, head HERE

If you've not used the Chrome Browser yet I cannot stress enough how much you should use it. It's the fastest and most secure browser currently available.

The SpoilerTV Community & Commenting

One of the things we pride ourselves on is the friendly community of people from around the world that visit our site on a daily basis. There are several tools/sites that we use to help build this community further.

1. Commenting
Each post that appears on SpoilerTV provides you with the ability to comment on it. We love reading your comments/questions and try to answer any questions you have. It's also a great way to find new friends who also share the same interests in your shows.

The commenting system is pretty easy to use. Simply type in your comment and press the Post Button. If you are already logged in then your comment will be posted immediatly, if you're not logged in your will be prompted to. You can log on using your Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, Disqus and/or Yahoo accounts or you can simply post as a guest with an Name/Email.

Edit Profile, Notifications and Avatar

You can edit your profile at any time and change your profile photo and notifications settings. Simply click the "cog" icon and click on your name.

Your profile will then be displayed in a Popup screen.

Just click the Edit Profile button to load the profile and make your changes.

Also you can see the most recent comments that have been posted on the site in the right-hand side bar.

2. Tweet Buttons
You can tweet articles that you like by clicking the Tweet Button that is available on the left of the screen:

Then click Tweet with the text you want written on your Twitter Feed:

By doing this you help us to grow and promote the site, so do it as much as you can.

3. Google+1
You can share the article on G+ by clicking on the Google+1 Button.

4. Facebook
If you like an article, please use the Facebook button that appears under each article to Share it with your friends.

5. Popular/Trending Posts
One the right hand sidebar there is a widget that shows the Top 4 most popular current articles/posts

The SpoilerTV Team

Interested in who puts all the website together? Well, we now have a page where everyone who works and adds content in any shape or form to SpoilerTV is featured and you can check out the team HERE You can also follow the team on Facebook & Twitter from there.

SpoilerTV on your Mobile

We realise that a lot of people now use their mobile more and more to access content on the Internet and to stay up to date. I use my mobile (Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 devices) more and more these days.

We've designed SpoilerTV to be as Mobile Friendly as possible with all the latest smartphones. All features such as Videos, Polls, Comments should all work.

Simply goto our Mobile Site here.


You can read about all the functions of the Mobile Site here.

Android App

For our Android users we also have an Android App that you can use rather than using the mobile version.

Here are some of the features of the app.

- Faster loading than the mobile app
- Ability to easily search for articles.
- Can star articles for later viewing
- Supports 3 different themes currently
- Supports List or Grid Mode
- Notifications of new articles
- You can easily view all articles from the last 24 hrs
- Quick access to some popular shows
- Ability to Hide Read Articles
- Ability to Mark All Read
- Sort by Articles by Date, Title, and read/unread
- View Movie Articles
- View Recent Reviews
- Quick links to key articles like Cancellation Table, Pilot Watch, Show Status, Premiere Calendar
- View Featured Articles
- View Trending Articles
- View BUZZ Articles
- View Fan Showcase
- View Recent Comments
- Ability to Submit Scoop from your Mobile
- Easily Share Articles on Social Media
- In-built Bug Reporting and Suggestion Form
- A What's New Page
- Contact Page

Here are some screenshots to give you an idea of what it look likes.

You can read more about it here.

The SpoilerTV Dashboard

So what is SpoilerTV Plus Dashboard?

Basically it's a complete front end for all SpoilerTV users to customise their SpoilerTV experience. This does NOT replace the existing SpoilerTV.com site, this is like an added extra. Some of the key features are:

- Customisable Show Favourites to display just the information you want.
- Comprehensive Episode Database from over 180 shows
- Nielsen Ratings for all the Major US TV Shows
- Ratings charts and comparisons.
- The Episode Database will have future episodes titles for a large number of shows before any other site.
- Calendar Features to see when your shows are on
- Quick access to Promotional Photos, Promos, Sneak Peeks and Press Releases.
- Popular Shows and Network Charts
- Highly Configurable with more configuration options coming.
- Notifications
- Ability to Rate Shows
- Current Status of each show along with Artwork and Show Descriptions

To access the site you go here


Please take some time to read the online help file here


And you can see the recent changes in our Release Notes here


We also have a dedicated Twitter Account for all STVPlus news and updates here. It is HIGHLY recommended that you follow this account to be kept up to date with any updates and downtimes etc.


This is just the first release of the system and there are likely to be some issues. If you have any questions, suggestions, bugs etc please use the Feedback from here.


Or in the comments below, or by emailing me directly.

All the above links can be easily found on the STVPlus dashboard.

As mentioned this is just the first of several releases we have planned for STVPlus and new releases will have new features and functionality.

Some of the things we hope to include are: Support for Multiple Sneak Peeks, Ratings Statistics, Improved Calendar, Article Sorting, User Submission Forms, Email Alerts, Browser Notifications, Colour Themes, Mobile Support, as well as any ideas you come up with.

This is all brought to you free of charge thanks to the awesome developers, helpers and the SpoilerTV team who help populate this data for you.

So jump on in to http://www.stvplus.com and let us know what you think in the comments.

Customizing the Site

You can change various aspects of SpoilerTV such as

- Background Colour
- Thumbnail Type
- Layout
- Banner Image
- Light or Dark Themes
- Unread Article Indicator

To access the site configuration you can click on either the Configure Site option in the Navigation Tabs.

Or in the Start, Help or Features menu.

Clicking on this will load up the Site Configuration screen.

Make your selections, and then close the popup box to see the site refresh with your changes.

Quick Access Links

At the top of the site we have a menu-bar that provides quick access to some of the popular features here at SpoilerTV.

What's Hot - Shows what is currently popular at SpoilerTV. It shows the most popular Shows, Videos, Articles, Reviews and most commented posts.

What's on Tonight - Shows Today's Primetime TV Listings for 20 Broadcast and Cable Channels.

Photo Gallery - Provides a quick link to our Image Gallery that is the home to over 150,000 images from current and past TV Shows and Movies.

Episode Database - Access to our comprehensive Episode and Ratings Database

Pilot Watch - Want to see what shows are coming next year. Well this is the link for you.

Cancellation Table - Want to see which shows are likely to be Renewed/Cancelled. Then click this link.

Meet the Team - See who runs the site and connect with them on Social Media if you want.

Development Watch - See what TV shows are in the pipeline at the networks.

Movies - Interested in see just our Movie related posts? Then click this.

TV Scorecard - A single, at a glance, spreadsheet that shows the current status of all shows we cover.

Ratings News - Interested in Ratings News about your TV shows? This link will show you all our Ratings Related posts and articles.

Social - A quick way to access the various SpoilerTV Social Media Channels.

Configure Site - Provides access to the site configuration options

Chrome Extension - Quick Install of the Chrome Extension

Android App - Takes you to the Android App in the Google Play Store

Search - Takes you to the Full Site Search

Submit Scoop - Allows you to send Scoop to the team

Release Notes

Starting in 2014 we have begun to update our Release Notes page whenever we make a change to the site. The page can be accessed from the Help Menu.


We're always looking for you to help us make the site better, and you can do that by clicking on the "Send Feedback" link at the bottom of every page of via the top menu and letting us know what you would like to see on SpoilerTV in the future.

This will then take you to a popup screen that will allow you to provide feedback, suggestions and bug reports, as well as being able to vote on existing suggestions.


If you ever have any problems with SpoilerTV we now have a dedicated Troubleshooting Page. It can be accessed via the Help Menu.

If after using the Troubleshooting page you still have problems, please use either the Feedback Form or email me directly via the Email Us link in the Help Menu.

If you have any questions/issues please feel free to post in the comments below, or if you would like any additions made to this page please let us know.

Get Email Alerts

About The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel

Every day 100's of items are submitted to us and we don't always have the time to make separate posts for the news and/or there is so much that it would quickly push all other items off the homepage.

So a result we've come up with the idea of the Newsreel, which will feature smaller shows and news items as they happen.

There will be a new Newsreel each day, and as news is added we will update the post and and push it back to the top of the site so that you can see that new items have been added. A tweet of the item will also be sent to our @SpoilerTV account.

New Items will be listed at the top of the article.

This will allow us to provide more news on more shows in a much more timely fashion
About Movie News Roundup

Rather that creating lots of new posts as new info is released and fragmenting the commentary, we thought it would be a good idea for the upcoming major movies to create a single post for each major movies that will collate all the info as it's posted.

New items will be added to the top of the list as well as the post being re-posted back to the top of the homepage when a new item is added. We will additionally send out a fresh tweet alerting you of the new information.

This will allow you to bookmark this page so that you can return to it whenever you like. It will also help consolidate all the discussion on this movie in a central place and make it less likely that you'll miss some key information.