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The Tomorrow People - Episode 1.08 - Thanatos - Review: The Revelation Train

The Tomorrow People delivered season finale level revelations in what wasn't even their midseason finale. The show is clearly taking a stand and attempting to lock in viewers with incredible twists, much like its Wednesday night counterpart Arrow is doing.

Obviously, this episode was about John. While we got insight into Jedikiah and met The Founder, all of that was overshadowed by John's storyline. While we had previously been provided with insight into his past at Ultra, namely that he was a success of the Anex project, the information we were given this episode was an incredible eye-opener into why John hates Ultra (and Jedikiah) so much.

Having been told contrasting stories about Roger's state of living, we finally have confirmation of his death. I found it interesting that they've revealed this so early in the show, since it's basically now told us that the Tomorrow People are searching for a lost cause. Jedikiah wasn't kidding when he suggested that the Tomorrow People wouldn't take John as their leader if they discovered his secret.

In fairness, we see that the reason John is leading this crusade is because he killed Roger. Finding and saving the other Tomorrow People - and Stephen - was Roger's dying wish. John clearly felt guilty about killing someone who was supposed to be on the same side as him, which is good to see. Whether Stephen or any of the other Tomorrow People will see it that way is yet to be discovered.

In the present, Russell decided to do something that is so stupid, the world needs to come up with a whole new word to define it. At what point did he think bringing the leader of a dangerous organisation, whose goal is none other than wiping out his species, back to the lair? While Cara tried to make the best of a bad situation, the whole thing ultimately ended in serious trouble for the Tomorrow People.

Cara did manage to learn about the woman Jedikiah has been with - namely that she is a Tomorrow Person. It's interesting that they now know this, as now they both have leverage against each other: They know about Jedikiah's secret relationship; he knows about John's secrets. Despite this, the group potentially lost more than they gained, with Jedikiah discovering that Cara still has her powers. While she did explain this, it's likely that the explanation will not last long.

John did decide to leave his boss turned enemy alive, attempting to show that he isn't what Jedikiah made him. While it may win an award for nicest gesture of the year, it was nothing short of stupidity, which got him captured by Ultra. Jedikiah did repay John's gesture by making sure the agents didn't kill him, but I doubt that will last long.

This is made more likely if The Founder gets involved. Simon Merrells plays the part fantastically, so much so that he looks and sounds evil. While so far we could potentially see the good in Ultra employees, he seems to have no good inside him. He doesn't tolerate any kind of rule-breaking, no matter how petty - punishing a 'disrespectful slur' by killing the telepath who used the phrase. Perhaps not the best person to irritate.

We also learnt more about Roger, other than that he is dead. Dr. Aldus Crick (the man whose nickname is Thanatos, Greek for death, and was played by Nicholas Young, the man who played John in the original series) revealed that Stephen's time-stopping skills were passed down from his father. Also, Limbo is real: stopping time while teleporting, "in a time out of time." From what next week's promo suggests, Roger is there and Stephen is going to try to get there.

Some odds and ends:

  • So, it seems John volunteered for the Anex project. Interesting.
  • Irene is still pretty cool. 
  • "I'm not sure what sort of regional accent you were trying to approximate, Stephen..." "Shut up, Tim, shut your face."
  • Russell is not a very good guard dog.

Next week is the midseason finale. Promo:

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