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Scene Of The Week - December 8, 2013 - 1st Anniversary

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently.

It's our 1st Anniversary of the Scene Of The Week articles so I'm gonna start today with a big THANK YOU to everyone reading, commenting, tweeting, voting and generally taking any part in creating it. I have a great time writing the article every week and talking about all these amazing scenes with you in the comments. I'm gonna keep doing this as long as I can and you want me to, so here's to another great year like the last one! Have a great day and enjoy reading!

ALMOST HUMAN, "The Bends", December 2, 2013, Actors: Michael Ealy and more
The Scene: The fight in the Warehouse
A Dahne:
Dorian pops off an android's head - Great special effects and cool fight sequence.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN, "The Sacred Taking", December 4, 2013, Actor: Jessica Lange
The Scene: The girls try to get Fiona to kill herself (picked by Sharon Seymour)

ARROW, "The Scientist", December 4, 2013, Actors: Grant Gustin, Susanna Thompson and more
The Scenes: Barry Allen's introduction & Barry finds out Oliver is the Vigilante & Moira threatens Malcolm with Ra's al Ghul
A Dahne:
It was a brilliant plan to mitigate Malcolm's return and get him off screen for awhile. Plus Susanna Thompson rocked every scene she was in this episode, like usual.
Jamie Coudeville: Between Barry's shocked face, Oliver unconcious and Felicity begging Barry to save him, this scene made for a great cliffhanger.
Bradley Adams: Barry Allen's first scene was fantastic. Really set up the type of character he is. That is, the male edition of Felicity.

ATLANTIS, "The Price of Hope", December 7, 2013, Actors: Mark Addy, Jemima Rooper
The Scene: Hercules tries to change places with Medusa
Sandi Wich:
Hercules telling Medusa he will take her curse away, without telling her it will kill him. Heartbreaking scene between the two of them, Hercules has come a long way from the man who always put himself first in his friendships and played the field at the start of the series. His relationship with Jason and Pythagoras is far more solid, kudos to Addy for portraying the change in this character over just 10 episodes.

BONES, "The Spark in the Park", December 6, 2013, Actors: Richard Schiff, Emily Deschanel
The Scene: Dr. Watters' tribute for his daughter
Justyna Kubica:
I think it has to be one of the most powerful and beautiful tributes I've seen. And it's the one so easy to miss... To understand physics is not a simple thing to do and I have to say I've never expected that it's possible to create such an amazing thing using just some formulas on the board. So I'm really glad that Brennan came back to check on the grieving father. Not everyone can express emotions in the same way like others. It certainly doesn't mean they care less and I love the example that was used in this scene. Bones trying to read the equations, understanding that they represent all the different stages in the late girl's life was such a sad, but lovely moment. And the fact that she started smiling through tears saying it's the most beautiful thing she's ever seen just made it all seem more powerful. And tragic. "Amanda's at rest again." It has to be one of the best Bones endings ever.

GREY'S ANATOMY, "Man on the Moon", December 5, 2013, Actors: Sarah Drew and more
The Scene: April calls out her sisters about their behavior towards her
Klutzy Girl:
The rant was hilarious and awesome, and it's nice that she stood up to herself.

GRIMM, "Stories We Tell Our Young", December 6, 2013, Actors: Silas Weir Mitchell, Bree Turner and more, The Scene: Monroe and Rosalee try to explain about Wesen babies
A Dahne:
Monroe and Rosalee try to explain about Wesen babies - It was another fun moment for the Grimm Gang and Hank spoke for all of us. Yes, nothing they said made sense to a layperson and yes, they did mean to pry.

HOMELAND, "Good Night", December 1, 2013, Actors: Damian Lewis and more
The Scene: Brody's truck hits a landmine and gets attacked (picked by Sharon Seymour)

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, "The Rehearsal Dinner", December 2, 2013, Actors: Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders and more, The Scene: Barney's surprise for Robin
Justyna Kubica:
The easiest choice I had to make this time! This is my most re-watched scene of the week. I've seen it probably a dozen times at this point. There are just so many different things I love about it. I can't believe I didn't see it coming, at all. My guess was that Robin has indeed prepared some kind of surprise for Barney, so it made me enjoy the moment even more when things went the other way around. Robin had such a great reaction by the way, very realistic, great job by Cobie Smulders! This was such a sweet gesture that made me remember (again) why I always enjoyed seeing Barney and Robin as a couple. These two work so well together. In their own, both crazy and wonderful way. Also, Ted dressed up as Liberace, trying the figure skating and then playing at the piano in the background was awesome. Not to mention James' change of clothes. Nice one! And I absolutely loved the song playing in the scene. Can't get it out of my head since I've heard it. To sum up, great scene! One of my favorite endings on the show.
Klutzy Girl: Barney surprises Robin with a Canadian-themed rehearsal dinner. That was adorable and I loved the look on her face. It was just an awesome scene all around with Alan Thicke singing and Ted falling.
Jamie Coudeville: I actually didn't see this coming and as unrealistic as it may have seemed I can't help but love it. 

LOST GIRL, "Turn to Stone", December 1, 2013, Actor: Anna Silk
The Scene: Bo finds Lauren's box with a necklace and a card (picked by Nana Lobo)

NIKITA, "Set-Up" December 6, 2013, Actor: Lyndsy Fonseca, The Scene: Alex's speech
Justyna Kubica:
Even though it was a Birkhoff-centric episode and I loved to hear his backstory (kudos to Aaron Stanford for his amazing work in this week's hour), I picked this scene with Alex, because it's just such a great character moment that speak volumes about her and how much she's changed over the years. The speech about being a survivor where Alex names the worst moments of her life takes a lot of strength. Probably more than I can imagine. And the fact that despite all the horror's in her past, she still manages to keep herself together and fight for her future is amazing. Very impressive I have to say. And Lyndsy Fonseca does a great job in this moment! Alex definitely is a survivor, through the strength of her character she gives hope to all the broken souls out there. And it's a very powerful thing to watch.

ONCE UPON A TIME, "Save Henry", December 1, 2013, Actors: Lana Parrilla, Robbie Kay and more
The Scenes: Baby Henry warms up to Regina & Regina takes Henry's heart back from Pan
: It's so hard to choose a scene from OUAT this week, the episode was incredibly good, but my heart goes to the moment in which Regina is with Henry in the kitchen and she can't make him stop crying until she begs him to give her a chance and he does; it's such an emotional scene that works mainly because Lana Parilla is so good at these kind of scenes, and makes me feel like the show hasn't really used her much this season. If OUAT continues this path, the show might be as good as it was on the first season.
Jamie Coudeville: Regina takes Henry's heart back from Pan. Regina stole the show this episode, but if I had to chose one scene it's this one. It was so badass.

SCANDAL, "YOLO", December 5, 2013, Actors: Katie Lowes, Guillermo Diaz, George Newbern
The Scene: Charlie helps Quinn after she's tortured by Huck & The intro scene
Virginia Fontana:
Charlie helps Quinn after she's tortured by Huck, and Charlie and Quinn sleep together. This was incredibly bizarre and disturbing, yet simultaneously funny and even cute in a very twisted way. Leave it to Scandal. I hated seeing Quinn hurt by Huck, and was glad that circumstances oddly had Charlie, of all people, usually the perpetrator of violence, show up to save her. His feelings for her seem genuine on some level, such as his reaction to her crying...this is a very dark, crazy relationship that makes for unique and fascinating scenes.
Diana Mack: Huck starts to torture Quinn. She's naked and just tie with adhesive tape on her arms. He grabs a tool and put her tooth off. She just screams loudly as the scene goes off with the title on screen. Very creepy.

SUPERNATURAL, "Holy Terror", December 3, 2013, Actors: Jensen Ackles, Osric Chau
The Scene: Kevin's death
Klutzy Girl:
Kevin's death scene. It was heartbreaking and shouldn't have happened, but it hurt just like it was supposed to. And Dean's reaction was just painful. I'm scared about what's next.

THE BLACKLIST, "Anslo Garrick (No. 16 – Conclusion)", December 2, 2013, Actors: James Spader, Megan Boone, The Scene: Red calls Liz
Geo N:
The scene at the end where Red was on the pay phone and made one last call to Liz. The moment when Liz asks if he is her father and he delays about 4 seconds before barely getting out the word "no" is awesome. The whole scene and afterwards when we lose sight of Red in a crowd of people is amazing. 
Diana Mack: The last scene on the phone, Red calls Liz. She asks about her father then asks "Are you my father?" he hesitates, then answers "No. Be careful with your husband." Also picked by Bradley Adams

THE MENTALIST, "My Blue Heaven", December 1, 2013, Actors: Simon Baker, Robin Tunney
The Scene: Lisbon reads Jane's letters & The reunion between Jane and Lisbon
Virginia Fontana:
Lisbon reads Jane's letters. This was incredibly poignant and heartwarming in its reveal of Lisbon's devotion to Jane. I can't wait to see what happens between them now that the Red John case is not there to prevent them getting together!
Diana Mack: The reunion scene between Jane and Lisbon. Simply sweet and genuine. He's happy to see her; they hug tightly then he said "I missed you" and she replies "I missed you too."

THE ORIGINALS, "Reigning Pain in New Orleans", December 3, 2013, Actors: Joseph Morgan, Charles Michael Davis, The Scene: Marcel and Klaus talk about Cami
Virginia Fontana:
Marcel tells Klaus that it's obvious Klaus cares about Cami. Even though I'm a diehard Klaroline fan, I actually really enjoy the Klaus/Cami relationship, which is kind of a strange, would-be friendship with tinges of romantic attraction, tarnished by Klaus' inability not to ruin every connection he has with another person. Marcel did a good job of succinctly making Klaus aware of the extent to which he does feel for Cami and wants to protect her. This also reminded us of how keenly Marcel understands Klaus due to their long history together.

THE TOMORROW PEOPLE, "Thanatos", December 4, 2013, Actors: Luke Mitchell, Jeffrey Pierce
The Scene: John shoots Roger
Bradley Adams:
John shoots Roger. I had expected it for the previous 25 minutes of the epiosde, but it was still shocking when it happened.

THE WALKING DEAD, "Too Far Gone", December 1, 2013, Actors: David Morrissey, Scott Wilson
The Scene: The Governer kills Hershel (picked by Sharon Seymour)

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