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2013 - Year End Stats - Most Popular Shows, Commentators and More

Update: 18th December Thanks to LittleDreamer for spotting a mistake in the Comments Stats which have now been fixed.

We'll as 2013 draws to a close it's time to look at all the various facts and figures for 2013 here at SpoilerTV. It's been our record breaking year as you can see from the above chart in that we have already smashed last years record of 61.4 Million Pageviews with a total of nearly 73 Million, and we still have over 2 weeks left of 2013!

In every metric/stat we have beaten 2012's stats.

Lets hope 2014 is as good, if not better, than 2013.

Popular Shows of 2013
Here is a full list of the most popular shows on SpoilerTV for 2013. These are based on Pageviews/comments/polls/facebook likes, tweets and G+1's

Here are the Top 25 Shows. We've also included their previous scores and ranks so you can see how shows have improved/declined.

Notable stats include Castle being by far the most popular show. The Mentalist being the most improved show of 2013 as well as big gains for Castle, OUAT, HIMYM, and NCIS. We also see 6 shows make the table for the first time. Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, Rookie Blue, Scandal, Lost Girl, NCIS: Los Angeles and New Girl. I wonder which of the new shows this year will make the charts for 2014?

Popular Articles of 2013

Here are the Top 5 most viewed Articles in 2013

Game of Thrones - Season 4 - Casting Rumors & Speculation | 246,229

SpoilerTV Cancellation Predictor Table 2013/14 | 154,365

The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2013 - The Final - Castle vs. Supernatural | 71,742

Full Ratings Tables 2012/13 | 69,283

The SpoilerTV 2013/14 Premiere Dates Calendar | 67, 321

Popular POLLS of 2013
Here are the Top 5 most viewed POLLS (not including competitions) in 2013

USD POLL : Which show do you consider the best series on The CW? | 29,358

USD POLL : Which of these is your Favourite CW show? | 23,611

USD POLL : Lost Girl viewers do you "Ship", if so what "Ship" do you represent? | 19,135

USD POLL : Which of these female law officers is your favorite? | 15,372

POLL - Which 8 of these CW shows would you add to the 2013-2014 schedule? | 14,928

Popular "What did you think of" POLLS of 2013
Here are the Top 5 most viewed in 2013

POLL : What did you think of The Vampire Diaries - The Originals? | 9,654

POLL : What did you think of The Mentalist - Red John? | 5,081

POLL : What did you think of the Fringe Series Finale? | 4,799

POLL : What did you think of Castle - Watershed? | 4,057

POLL : What did you think of Hawaii Five-0 - Season Finale? | 3,643

Most Popular Set Photos of 2013
Here are the Top 5 most viewed Set Photos in 2013

Castle - Season 6 - First Set Photos - 10th July 2013 **MAJOR SPOILERS** | 25,705

Sherlock - Season 3 - Set Photos and Video | 7,672

Once Upon a Time - Season 2 - Set Photos - 29th March 2013 - Beach Scenes | 6,723

Sons of Anarchy - Season 6 - Set Photos - 10th June | 4,975

Castle - Season 5 Finale - Set Photos - 24th April 2013 | 4,331

Most Popular Sneak Peeks of 2013
Here are the Top 5 most viewed Sneak Peek Articles in 2013

Castle - Episode 6.01 - Valkyrie - Sneak Peek | 9,063

Castle - Episode 5.22 - Still - Sneak Peek | 7,786

Castle - Episode 6.01 - Valkyrie - Sneak Peek 3 | 6,883

Castle - Season 6 - Promo/Sneak Peek (New Footage) | 6,800

Teen Wolf - Season 3B - Sneak Peek | 5,681

Most Popular Article Types 2013
Here are the most popular article types in 2013

Polls | 3.19 Million
Promos | 2.58 Million
Ratings | 1.14 Million
Casting News | 971,993
Sneak Peeks | 915,277
Promotional Photos | 739,126
Set Photos | 603,359
Reviews/Previews | 426,312
Movies | 422,768
Press Releases | 379,194
Interviews | 194.768

Most Popular Country Visitors 2013
Top 10 Countries who visited SpoilerTV in 2013.

Most Popular Browsers 2013
Top 5 Browsers used to access SpoilerTV in 2013

Chrome | 42.80%
Firefox | 27.34%
Safari | 12.44%
Internet Explorer | 10.42%
Android | 2.21%
Other | 4.79

Most Viewed Images
Here is a list of the shows with the most viewed images from our Image Gallery.

Once Upon a Time absolutely destroyed the opposition here. Arrow, The Mentalist and Supernatural were other big gainers in 2013.

Most Watched Videos
Here is a list of the most viewed videos that were played through our video player.

All we can say here is WOW! The Walking Dead left every other show in it's wake! Other notable gains were made by The Mentalist, HIMYM, Arrow and Revenge. Also appearing of the chart for the first time were Agents of SHIELD, Beauty and the Beast, Teen Wolf, NCIS:Los Angeles, The Originals, Rookie Blue, Lost Girl and Person of Interest.

Here are various stats on the comments here are SpoilerTV.

We've had over 13,300 different people leave comments on the site during 2013.

Comments Graph

Total Comments

We had over 5,000 more comments made on the site this year compared with 2012, and 300,000 more "Liked" comments.

Most Liked Users

Congrats to Bruce_F and Klutzy_Girl for being our most Liked commentators for 2013.

Most Active Users

Congrats to Dahne and Omabin for being our most active commentators for 2013.

Site Stats

Here are the stats up to 14th December 2013. As mentioned, we've already beaten 2012's stats for both the Main Site and the Image Gallery.

Main Site - Monthly Stats

Main Site - Yearly Stats

Image Gallery - Monthly Stats

Image Gallery - Yearly Stats

We hope you found this interesting and if you have any questions about the data please don't hesitate in asking.

Which of the stats, if any, surprised you the most?
Which shows do you predict will do well next year?

Sound off in the comments.