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Ratings News - 1st October 2013 *Full Tables Posted*

Today's Early Top 25 Market's - 18-49 Ratings

Below are the early 18-49 ratings from the Top 25 Markets

The Voice 4.9
The Blacklist 3.3
Sleepy Hollow 2.8
Two Broke Girls 2.4
DWTS 2.2
Castle 2.1
We Are Men 2.0
Mom 2.0
Bones 2.0
Hostages 1.4

Today's Early Overnight Ratings

This table shows the early overnight ratings. These ratings are normally adjusted later in the day when all the ratings have been consolidated to take into account any local preemptions and/or overruns. You can find all the final adjusted numbers in our Ratings Database. (See the About section below for details about ratings)

Early Ratings Analysis

The analysis below is based on the early household numbers and are NOT the same as the numbers that will be posted in the above table later. (See the About section below)

For more information on the Nielsen Ratings see this Wikipedia Entry.

NOTE: The opinions expressed here are NOT those of SpoilerTV but of the Author of this Article, Marc Berman.

Monday 9/30/13 Metered Markets
More Success for “The Blacklist” on NBC; CBS Has Sprung a Major Leak

Night 8 of the 2013-14 TV Season

ABC 8.6/13
NBC 8.5/13
Fox 5.0/ 8
CBS 4.8/ 7
CW 0.9/ 1


-Percent Change from the Year-Ago Evening – Monday 10/01/12:
Fox: +35, NBC: +18, CW: no change, ABC: – 2, CBS: -11


“Dancing With the Stars” (ABC), “The Voice” (NBC), “The Blacklist” (NBC)

-Honorable Mention:
“How I Met Your Mother” (CBS), “Sleepy Hollow” (Fox), “Castle” (ABC)

-Losing Steam:
“2 Broke Girls” (CBS)

-Losers (excluding repeats):
“We Are Men” (CBS), “iHeartradio Music Festival” (CW), “Hostages” (CBS)


-Ratings Breakdown:
ABC inched past NBC by one-tenth of a household rating point for overnight Monday dominance, but the home of “The Voice” will own the adult 18-49 demographic (and other key young categories). “Dancing With the Stars” on ABC won the 8-10 p.m. block, with a 9.3 rating/14 share. Comparably, that was just two percent below the 9.5/14 one year earlier (on 10/01/12). And competing “The Voice” scored an 8.9/13, which was 11 percent above the year-ago evening (8.0/12 on 10/01/12). Needless to say, “The Voice” will dominate the evening in the key demos and “Dancing With the Stars” is still a solid older-skewing option.

Leading out of “The Voice” was week two of drama “The Blacklist,” which dominated the 10 p.m. hour at a 7.7/13 (and 96 percent retention from its week-ago debut, 8.0/13 on Sept. 23, which translated into 12.58 million viewers and a 3.8 rating/10 share among adults 18-49 according to the live plus same day data). Comparably, “The Blacklist” beat the competition (“Castle” on ABC: 7.1/12; “Hostages” on CBS: 4.1/ 7) by 8 and 88 percent, respectively, in the overnights. And it outdelivered year-ago occupant “Revolution” (5.4/ 9 on 10/01/12) by a hefty 43 percent.

“Hostages,” meanwhile, declined by 20 percent from its already disappointing debut last Monday (5.1/ 9), which translated into 7.41 million viewers and a 1.8/ 5 among adults 18-49. And its 4.1 overnight household rating was 24 percent below year-ago time period occupant “Hawaii Five-O” (5.4/ 9 on 10/01/12). Sorry CBS – “Hostages” is a huge miss.

In series-premiere news, CBS sitcom “We Are Men” was off, but not necessarily running with a fourth-place 4.6/ 7 in the overnights at 8:30 p.m. Comparably, that dipped from lead-in “How I Met Your Mother” (5.7/ 9 at 8 p.m.) by 19 percent. And it was only a slight improvement from the debut of failed year-ago occupant “Partners” in the overnights (4.5/ 7 on 9/14/12). Given the ample promotion, “We Are Men” looks like another miss for CBS.

Also lacking on the Eye net was once formidable “2 Broke Girls” (#3t, 5.2/ 8 at 9 p.m.), which slipped by 15 percent from one year earlier (6.1/ 9 on 10/01/12), and week two of sitcom “Mom” (#4: 4.9/ 7 at 9:30 p.m.), which was down by 11 percent from its week-ago opener (5.5/ 8 on Sept. 23) and off by 16 percent from year-ago occupant “Mike & Molly” (5.8/ 8 on 10/01/12). The moral of this story: CBS has sprung a leak on Monday, and part of that erosion stems from the unexpected success of “Sleepy Hollow” on Fox.

In week three news, “Sleepy Hollow” finished third in the 9 p.m. hour with a respectable 5.2/ 8. Comparably, that was just nine percent below last week’s 5.7/ 8 (which translated into 8.59 million viewers and a 3.1/ 8 among adults 18-49), and it built from veteran lead-in “Bones” (#4: 4.8/ 7 at 8 p.m.) by eight percent. One year earlier, failed drama “The Mob Doctor” was off the charts at a 2.5/ 4 in the overnights. If “Sleepy Hollow” settles in now, Fox can chalk up a new hit. Three week overnight track for “Sleepy Hollow: 6.1/ 9 – 5.7/ 8 – 5.2/ 8.

Last, and very least, was night one of the “iHeartradio Music Festival” on The CW at a mere 0.9/ 1 in the overnights from 8-10 p.m.

Source: Nielsen Media Research data

Source: Marc Berman@tvmediainsights

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