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SpoilerTV Readers Cancellation/Renewal Predictions Table 2013/14

Update: 11th May Added all the recent CBS Renewals and Cancellations.

Update: 9th May After another large round of Renewals and Cancellations, we've updated the table below. SpoilerTV had 10 Correct and 2 incorrect predictions.

Update 2: 8th May With Today's CW Cancellations and Renewals, we have updated the table. 4 Correct and 2 Incorrect predictions by SpoilerTV Readers.

Update: 8th May With Yesterdays various FOX cancellations and the renewal of SVU, SpoilerTV readers got another 4 correct predictions.

Recently we asked SpoilerTV readers to predict which shows would be cancelled and which would be renewed based on early reviews/promos etc Those polls are now closed and we can reveal next seasons predictions.

You can see how our readers did last year here. Lets see if we can beat last years 80% success rate.

We'll keep this chart updated so we can track progress and see how well you all did.

NOTE: Remember these were PREDICTIONS made BEFORE the upcoming 2013/2014 TV Season and BEFORE ANY Episodes had aired.

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