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Lost Girl - Season 4 - Rachel Skarsten Interview

Thanks to Richard for the heads up.

McKenzie M: For starters, so glad to hear you’ll be back in Season 4. I know that the fans are extremely thrilled to see some more of Tamsin. At what point did you know that your character would continue into the next season?

Rachel Skarsten: I guess it was about half way through filming the first season that I sort of started to hear rumblings from the producers or some of the cast that I might be back, and Jay [Firestone] had spoken to me a little bit about some ideas that he had for the next season and Tamsin’s character, however I didn’t get my official offer to come back until we wrapped and the season had actually premiered on television.

MM: You brought a fresh dynamic to an already pretty solid show, do you and Tamsin have any similarities? Differences?

RS: Tamsin is way cooler than me. [Laughs] Like way, way cooler. So that would be a difference. I guess ultimately every character that you play, while they would like her to be so much cooler and more dynamic and much more dramatic and interesting, I think that there’s always a little bit of personification of certain characters fixed to your own. I love Tamsin’s humor. I think that we have the same sense of humor. Maybe I’ve given her a little bit of mine, and vice versa. And I think just coming from a past that, she’s obviously struggled with things and perhaps we share that a little bit and I think that that’s probably true to the human condition.

MM: Now that you’re a season into this character, have the fans warmed up to you? Is the response to your character generally positive or do you still get some negative feedback as well?

RS: You know, originally when the news sort of broke that there was going to be a new character, there was some negative feedback, and nothing terribly malicious. I know how it is when you love a show and you love all the characters on that show you’re hesitant to want a new character to come in just because it changes the dynamic of that show and maybe people were a little bit worried about that. They were also worried that if a new character came in that must mean that one of the original characters is going to be killed off so I got a couple of tweets where people wanted to not have Tamsin come on. When the show first premiered people didn’t really like her, which I anticipated because Jay Firestone had said to me “oh, people are just going to love to hate Tamsin. They’re gonna hate her as if they’re going to love to hate her.” So I was expecting that, however very quickly on into the season people just gave the warmest reception and I don’t think I’ve gotten a single negative tweet. Although now that I said that I’m going to get some.

Source: Full Interview @ nowhitenoise