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SpoilerTV Readers Cancellation/Renewal Predictions Table 2012/13 *31st May*

Update: 31st May With the recent Renewal of Hannibal, SpoilerTV get another prediction correct.

Update: 11th May A big update today with all the recent renewals/cancellations added. We now only have a few "unknowns" left. We have also added the success % to table below.

You're on course to beat last years 73% success rate as your success rate so far stands at 80%

Update: 10th Updated with all the recent renewals/cancellations.

Update: 8th May With the Renewal of Parks and Recreation, SpoilerTV Readers get another correct prediction.

Update: 19th April With Today's Glee renewal (see here), SpoilerTV gets another correct prediction.

Update: 10th April With Today's Cancellation of Cult, SpoilerTV Reader unfortunalty got a prediction wrong.

A few months ago we asked SpoilerTV readers to predict which shows would be cancelled and which would be renewed based on early reviews/promos etc

You can see how our readers did last year here. Lets see if we can beat last years 73% success rate.

We'll keep this chart updated so we can track progress and see how well you all did.

NOTE: Remember these were PREDICTIONS made BEFORE the current 2012/2013 TV Season and BEFORE ANY Episodes started airing.

(Click to Enlarge - Last Update 31st May 2013)