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Community - Wrap on season 4 + homages to cult sci-fi films coming

So this big French website, Allociné, has a regular thing every week called "Tueurs en séries" (= serials killers), in which they talk about TV-related news, show clips, interviews, etc. With Community premiering on French TV next Thursday on Numéro 23 (the channel premières the day before), they went to the set of the show and interviewed Ken Jeong, Yvette Nicole Brown, Danny Pudi and Joel McHale.

Watch the video below if...

- If you want to see how Yvette Nicole Brown, Danny Pudi, Ken Jeong and Joel McHale perceive their character (judgmental, representation of the de-evolution of Man, observer of social norms : who do these characteristics refer to ?).

- If you want to see Ken Jeong speaking French. By the way, why was he in his Napoléon costume (that he wore for his 25th birthday party in episode 3.21) : as a wink to the French journalist or has Chang taken over Greendale again ?

- If you want to know what are Danny Pudi's favorite films and what is his homework on the show.

- If you want to see Joel McHale worrying that French people won't get all the references (which sometimes he had to look up) in the show and making an interesting comparison between Community and Shaun of the Dead — which, Joel, was a flop in France when it was released on July 27, 2005, a year and a half after the UK premiere (April 7, 2004) ! But even though Shaun of the Dead sold only 122,148 tickets in France, according to Box Office Mojo, it was nonetheless the 5th market for the film with a gross of $812,500 (behind Germany and Australia with $1.1/1.2 million each, and the US & the UK with $12/13 million each).

- If you want to see terrible French subtitles (awkward / overly long phrasing + questionable technique of not using points to finish sentences).

- If you want to marvel at the French pronunciation of Southland (hint : it's "sauceland", which would be a great name for a cooking show) and How I Met Your Mother (hint : it's "hoe I met your mozeur", which can have a totally different meaning if you put a comma after 'hoe').

— And more importantly, if you want to learn about the themes from three episodes of the upcoming batch ! Joel McHale mentions one we already knew about (the Hunger Games-themed première) but he tells us about three new homages coming up. Hint : it's heavily sci-fi oriented and it's also downright awesome (one might even say orgasmic). The new showrunners sure are crowd-pleasers, and this is beyond exciting, so yes, it's worthy of threee exclamation points !!!

All this is right below — the part about Community is from 3:39 to 7:45 (2:38 for the bit about Sauceland) :

If you prefer, you can watch the video directly on Allociné's website.

Furthermore, they've finished shooting season 4 yesterday :

Is it me or isn't it Chevy Chase in the hallway behind Alison Brie ? That would be weird.

Only two more months until Community finally commences its Senior Year !

EDIT : Oh, crap, is the video blocked ? If so, can you tell me if it's even blocked in Europe ? In any case, I'll tell you the themes (it's not as fun as Joel McHale saying them, but at least you'll know) :

- A Matrix-themed episode.
- A Terminator-themed episode.
- An episode taking place in an alternate universe.

Cool. Cool, cool, cool (or should I say "Hot. Hot, hot, hot" for the latter).

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