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Community - SAG roundtable with the cast + Dan Harmon keynote

Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie and Jim Rash participated to a Screen Actors Guild roundtable a few days ago.

49 minutes in which they discuss how they got their SAG card, how they're affected by NBC's scheduling of the show, how the writers take things from the cast members' lives to incorporate in their characters, how the Dean evolved into this larger-than-life character, what was their audition for Community like and how was their worst / most humiliating audition. It's really fun to watch :

Gillian for the win at 22:17 ("You were just a Craigular Joe").

Furthermore, Dan Harmon made a speech in September, and it got on the Internet a few days ago. You should watch the whole keynote, seeing Dan Harmon rambling on the internet, the TV industry and the role of money is quite interesting and also very funny :

If you don't want to watch the whole thing, first : shame on you, and also you can find the bit about his exit from Community right below :

"I really want to put forth the fact that I was fired for money. My contract was up. My right hand man, writer Chris McKenna's contract was up at the same time as the executive producers beneath me, Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan's contracts were up. One of my best writers, Megan Ganz's contract was up. Sony was looking at a helluva negotiation for 13 final episodes that NBC was burying on Friday. Instead of either promoting or just killing, why not promote it? Why not just kill it? Money. And why for those final 13 episodes, why not renegotiate a deal with someone who doesn't have a contract, who created the show, who's indispensable? Money. It had nothing to do with anything else".

Among other things, Harmon talks about the opportunity of seeing people enjoying his 'failed' 1999 FOX comedy pilot Heat Vision and Jack, starring Jack Black and Owen Wilson (as a talking motorcycle). And you know what? You should enjoy it too : watch it know on Youtube. Trust me, it's excellent.

Community returns in two months.