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2012 - Year End Stats - Most Popular Shows, Commentators and More

Update: 30th December We've recently passed the total page views for 2011! Thanks everyone.

We'll as 2012 draws to a close it's time to look at all the various facts and figures for 2012 here at SpoilerTV.

In every metric/stat we have beaten 2011's stats.

Lets hope 2013 is as good, if not better, than 2012.

Popular Shows of 2012
Here is a full list of the most popular shows on SpoilerTV for 2012. These are based on Pageviews/comments/polls/facebook likes, tweets and G+1's

Here are the Top 25 Shows. We've also included their 2011 score so you can see how shows have improved/declined.

Notable stats include Castle being by far the most popular show and jumped up from 6th last year. Also seeing shows like Once Upon a Time and The Walking Dead getting massive increases.

Popular Articles of 2012
Here are the Top 5 most viewed Articles in 2012

The SpoilerTV Cancellation Predictor Table 2011/12 *Final Table Posted* | 130,159 views
Game of Thrones - Season 3 - Casting: Roles, Rumors and Speculation | 102,450 views
The SpoilerTV TV Premiere Dates 2012/2013 Embeddable Calendar | 56,046 views
Suits - Season 2 - 2 Promos | 39,125 views
Supernatural - Season 8 - Press Release | 31,265 views

Popular POLLS of 2012
Here are the Top 5 most viewed POLLS (not including competitions) in 2012

POLL : Gossip Girl Fans - Chair or Dair? | 28,658 views
POLL : What have been the best Season Finales this Season? | 26,981 views
POLL : Which of these CW Shows do you want to see saved? | 16,242 views
Happy 25th anniversary, FOX (poll 1/3 : sci-fi / fantasy) | 12,390 views
POLL : Who will die in Grey's Anatomy Season Finale | 11,921 views

Popular "What did you think of" POLLS of 2012
Here are the Top 5 most viewed in 2012

POLL : What did you think of Grey's Anatomy - Flight? | 5,469 views
POLL : What did you think of Gossip Girl - The Return of the Ring? | 4,376 views
POLL : What did you think of Castle - Always? | 4,181 views
POLL : What did you think of the House Series Finale? | 3,670 views
POLL : What did you think of Supernatural - Survival of the Fittest? | 3,464 views

Most Popular Set Photos of 2012
Here are the Top 5 most viewed Set Photos in 2012

Castle - Season 5 - Set Photos - 10th September 2012 | 8,864 views
NCIS: Los Angeles - Season 4 - Set Photos - 10th July 2012 | 7,681 views
Castle - Season 5 - Set Photos - 9th August 2012 | 5,644 views
Once Upon a Time - Season 2 - Set Photos - 21st July 2012 | 3,769 views
Supernatural - Season 7 - Set Photos - 27th March 2012 | 3,515 views

Most Popular Sneak Peeks of 2012
Here are the Top 5 most viewed Sneak Peek Articles in 2012

Army Wives - Season 6 - Sneak Peek | 10,595 views
Castle - Episode 4.23 - Always - 5 Sneak Peeks | 5,054 views
Castle - Episode 4.20 - The Limey - 4 Sneak Peeks | 4,238 views
Homeland - Season 2 - 20 Minute Sneak Peek | 3,520 views
Downton Abbey - Season 3 - Sneak Peek | 3,054 views

Most Popular Article Types 2012
Here are the most popular article types in 2012

Promos | 4,349,661 views
Sneak Peek | 2,286,771 views
Promotional Photos | 2,032,554 views
Press Release | 1,766.097 views
Polls | 1,528,679 views
Set Photos | 726,406 views
Casting News | 670,035 views
Ratings News | 576,024 views
Movies | 178,988 views

Most Popular Country Visitors 2012
Top 10 Countries who visited SpoilerTV in 2012.

USA | 33.38%
UK | 8.43%
Canada | 7.44%
France | 5.93%
Germany | 4.70%
Australia | 3.38%
Brazil | 3.25%
Italy | 3.04%
Poland | 2.42%
Spain | 2.40%

Most Popular Browsers 2012
Top 5 Browsers used to Access SpoilerTV

Chrome | 40.71
Firefox | 30.11%
Internet Explorer | 12.54%
Safari | 12.44%
Android | 2.21%

Most Viewed Images
Here is a list of the shows with the most viewed images from our Image Gallery.

Most Watched Videos
Here is a list of the most viewed videos that were played through our video player. Surprising to note The Walking Dead so high up considering it has a very short season compared to other shows.

Here are various stats on the comments here are SpoilerTV.

We've had over 10,600 different people leave comments on the site in 2012.

Comments Graph

Total Comments

Most Liked Users

Most Active Users

Site Stats

Here are the stats up to 11th December 2012. We're on track to beat 2011's total stats.

Monthly Stats

Yearly Stats

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