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Treme - Interview with Melissa Leo

How easy do you find it to talk about acting?
It's the only thing I know how to talk about. I'm not very bright, I don't read the newspaper so it is my favorite topic of conversation, I'm embarrassed to say.

It seems like what you do is so intuitive that it might be hard to verbalize.
There's times when you ask a certain something about acting and I might realize that I'm in sacred territory. There are things about acting that are better not spoken of except among [other actors] without a doubt. But I do understand what my job is and I really love my job. I especially love my job because I cannot do it alone. It must be realized through a collaboration. My understanding of film as the single collaborative art is just interesting to me.

Speaking of collaboration, you are often part of larger acting ensembles. Here you are front and center. Was that daunting?
It wasn't daunting at all. It's far more daunting to go show up on Rob Zemeckis' set and shoot two days with Denzel Washington, in which you have all of the dialogue, that's a daunting thing to walk into, because they're a machine that's up and running. The joy of playing the lead is that you get to play more. So you can go that much deeper, you have that much more understanding and ways of communicating in the complex and often frantic reality of shooting a movie.

Source: Full interview @ The Playlist