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Game of Thrones - Alfie Allen Interview

When you auditioned for this, did you have any idea that this was going to turn into a lead role?
Alfie Allen: I didn’t, no. When I auditioned for it, [I thought it was] just great to be part of an HBO show… I hadn’t heard much about the books before I got the part. Once I got the part, I just delved into the books straight away and by the time we started shooting the pilot, I think I’d nearly finished the first book, so it was great. I just love being part of it and when I realized my part gets a lot bigger in the second series, it was definitely a positive. I was just happy that I got loads more meaty stuff to do in the second series.

Theon’s a bit similar to Kit Harington’s character, Jon Snow. He’s a guy who doesn’t really fit in anywhere. That must be really interesting to play. How did you approach that?
Alfie: You just kind of have to find out why — why he’s like that and why he has those sorts of feelings. And obviously there were researchers on the show who kind of helped me get my head around that, but it was, yeah — you’re the first person that’s actually said that, who said it’s kind of similar to Jon Snow — how he feels like he doesn’t belong, because I kind of realized that early on… Me and Kit sort of had chats about that… But I think Kit, his character, deals with it a bit better than I do – his dealing with not belonging. So it was cool being able to dive into that. I love dark stuff, the darker the better for me, to be honest.

Source: Full interview @ Access Hollywood